Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diamond stops by.

I have plans to improve Mr. & Mrs. Dotson new home. They currently reside in a beautiful home and it is the Barbie Totally Real House by Mattel. It has three working sounds, a doorbell that chimes, sounds of the toilet flushing and running shower. Yes, it was another purchase I just had to have. The furniture is pretty cool too. The chair and ottoman convert to make a great bed, you have a table, tv, dining room table with two chairs and accessories for the bathroom and dishes for the kitchen. I visualize a total Ethan Allen look with a little bit vintage pieces mixed in. On that note, let's check on our favorite retirees.

Today was the day Mr. Dotson wanted to sit down and do his favorite thing--nothing! He is one of those folks that really enjoy being retired. On the other hand, Mrs. Dotson has things around the house that need to be done. The chairs need to be painted and re-upholstered, pictures need to be hung up, walls need to be painted before the new sink arrives (why there isn't one always confused me), all the things that will nake her house a home. Seem like the day started pretty good. Mr. Dotson catching a game on the t.v.
Mrs. Dotson: "Is that what you are going to do today?"
Mr. Dotson: "Pretty much, heehheeehhee?"
Mrs. Dotson: "I thought you were going to tackle the list."
Mrs. Dotson: "My darling beautiful wife, THIS is the list. Your delicious cake and football."
Mrs. Dotson: "I see, so the walls, pictures and chairs are going to have to wait, huh?"
Mr. Dotson: "No, Honey, not at all. It just not on MY list, hee, hee. It's not on Beauty list either, hee, hee. See."
Mrs. Dotson: "Oh brother!"
Mr. Dotson: "We have worked hard, honey. I have earned this day. It looks to me you're not working on your "list" either. Especially with your feet propped up, getting ready to read one of your magazine."
Mrs. Dotson: "Out of your own mouth, I have EARNED this day, hehehee. Beside the children are stopping by."
Mr. Dotson: "Children, what children??, Cara in Detroit, Nathan in Guam, LaShayna, Alan and Kayla are working or doing something with their families. I KNOW I don't have anymore kids."
Mrs. Dotson: "Oh good lawd!, what kind of sweet tea did you have? What did you add to the cake batter? You are a mess today. I told you Diamond was going to stop by. Did you forget?"
Mr. Dotson: "Oh than she won't be staying long. Didn't you say she just got her driver license. She's going to be high tailing it from now on. She probably gonna drive to the mail box just because, hee hee."
Mrs. Dotson: "No more cake for you."
Beauty: "Woof!, Woof!"
Mrs. Dotson: "Honey, the kids are here."
Mr. Dotson: "Here I come, I just wanted to finish off the cake, mmm delicious!"
Ms. Dotson: "Stay Beauty, good girl."
Diamond: "Hi Aunt Ann and Uncle Nate!, How are you?"
Beauty: "Woof!"
Mrs. Dotson: "Oh my, look at Miquel. That right honey come on in, come on it. Let me see you."
Beauty: "wooooff."
Miquel: "Doggie!, Doggie!, Woo!, woo!"
Mrs. Dotson: "I see he's the busy one."
Mr. Dotson: "Here Diamond let me take Maddie off your hands. Where are her shoes?" Hey Miss Madeline, I'm gonna going to tickle the toes until you laugh, oh yes I am."
Diamond: "They're in the car, she always kicks them off when she get in the car, Uncle Nate. It kinda funny to me."
Mrs. Dotson: "Come on in and sit down. Ms. Diamond with the driver license."
Diamond: "I know, right?. I remember when I wanted a chauffer now I get to chauffer my brother and sisters. I'm very careful about it too. I don't talk, text or blare the music."
Mr. Dotson: "Good, those are bad habit for a new driver especially when you have your siblings in the car."
Diamond: "Mmmm, do I smell cake. Aunt Ann did you make a cake?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Yes, I did as well as cookies for you to enjoy."
Mr. Dotson: "What she mean Diamond is she made the cake but it wasn't for you. Only the cookies are for you guys. You see the cake was on MY list take care of today."
Mrs. Dotson: "Nate, shame on you. Now you want to refer to the list. Don't listen to him, then again he is acting strange today, so you might want to take some cake and the cookies home."
Mr. Dotson: "Some?"
Diamond: "Oh Uncle Nate, you are so funny. Let me call my mom and let her know I arrived ok."
Mr. Dotson: "Sure, let me take Beauty out. When you get a chance Diamond make sure to introduce you and the twins to our new friends."
Diamond: "Ok Uncle Nate I will."
Miquel: "Dogggiiee!, Doooggiiiee."
Maddie: "Tee Aan, Tee Aan."
Mrs. Dotson: "Come her Maddie, come to Auntie Ann."
Mrs. Dotson: "Hi Madeline. Look at you, looking just like your twin over there. Your just as cute as you can be and he is equally handsome."
Maddie:"Hi!, Hi, Te Te unte. Tee Ann."
Mrs. Dotson: "I'm so glad to see you. Your so lucky to have a big sister that can take all of you guys to the park, the museum, the library. Hey, let's not forget Chuckie Cheese."
Diamond: "Hi everyone. When I arrived I was Mattel's Teen Nikki. My accessories included vinyl school bag, rub-on tattoos for children and stick on ones for me. Of course a hairbrush too. My name is now Diamond."
Maddie: "Hi, Hi."
Miquel: "Go, go, goop."
Diamond: "These two here are my baby sister and brother. As you can see they are fraternal twins. They were part of Mattel's Teacher Barbie Set. It included desk, chalkboard and a talking Barbie that praised the children with phrases like, "Good job", "Try again". They were named Miquel and Madeline and I'm so glad to be their big sister. I do have another sister who I'm sure you will meet soon. I'm sorry to say it time for us to head home. It was really nice to meet you."


  1. I love the Teen dolls. I think I have 2 or 3 of Diamond..LOL. I think I have that Teacher set around here somewhere.

    Great intro to the new kids :O)

    1. I was lucky to find all three kids for $2.00 on ebay. Now I get to have fun creating outfits for them.

  2. I love your families. Great introduction!

  3. I love your dialog. It's just really fresh and engaging. I got totally drawn into the story. My love for Mr. Dotson continues. He's so relaxed and cool.

    1. He is a combinationa of my uncles, dad and grandfather. Especially my late grandfather.

  4. The family is so cute, great introduction of them. Mr Dotson sounds like my husband, only he is not retired LOL. I am a fan and will be watching for more. Im hooked LOL.

    1. He going to be even funnier as the house changes. Oh my, the budget, the budget.

  5. Great Story, love the way Mr. and Mrs.Dotson interact with each other. Sounds like a typical husband and wife. Beauty is a great addition to the household.

    1. They are perfect together. They keep each other young.

  6. You sure know old people. You have Mr and Mrs. Dotson down pat. Beauty laid out on her bed was too cute. I too wondered where the sink was for that house. I finally added on to mine. The stove could be a little bigger too. Can't wait to see your Ethan Allen look.

    1. They are funny especially when Mr. Dotson has his mind set on one thing and his wife has her mind on something else. I'm going to end up making one too. As for the furniture, you know as soon as I find the inspiration room--you will be notified!

  7. I am on the top of the list of fans of Beauty! Great post!

    1. She is a great dog and she loves getting all the attention.

  8. Hello from spain: I love receiving the visit Mr&Ms Dotson. Fine detail of Mr. Dotson to enjoy doing nothing. I have the house of sounds and the furniture and use it a lot. I think it´s one of the best houses that made Mattel. Bring lots of detail. I have also Miquel but blond. I was glad to see him in your diorama. I think I have to take because I have saved. I love your scene.Keep in touch

    1. It really is a great house. When it first came out I knew it had to be the home for The Dotsons. They have had their days of running up and down stairs.

  9. I love the story and the family, there awesome!

  10. Very nice Story. Keep your good job !

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