Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cara check in

Since my favorite girl, Cara has been out of town on business and she finally had a chance to check in with her beau and parents. She happy Curtis will be around to help her dad with the "extreme makeover" her mother has planned. She has tried to call her parents twice and can only imagine what they have been up to.

Still no answer. She figures she better order up something to eat.
Cara: "Hello, yes this is Miss. Dotson in room 2512 and I would like to place an order please."
Operator: "Yes, hello Miss. Dotson. What would you like?"
Cara: "Steak, medium rare with vegetables and herb garlic mash potatoes on the side, roll and ice cold Sprite."
Operator: "Ok, no problem. Would you like a dessert?"
Cara: "Sure, a beer sounds good".
Operator: "I'm sorry, did you say beer?"
Cara: "I'm sorry. I get my sense of humor from my dad, heehee. No thank you. I'll pass on the dessert."
Operator: "Oh ok. We will bring it right up."

Cara: "Hello Mother, I have been trying to call you?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Hello Dear, I see you've called. We're outside enjoying the weather and taking Beauty for a walk. I didn't hear the phone ring."
Beauty: "Woof, Woof."
Mr. Dotson: "Talk about Beauty, talk about it."
Mrs. Dotson: "Hush both of you. What's up?"
Mr. Dotson: "Tell Babygirl she better not be calling for some extra spending money either. I told her to stay away from the casinos and I meant all three. Especially MGM Grand. After eating all that delicious food, she'll end up feeding the slot machine. Unless she goes to Greektown Casino, they do have alot of penny machines. That I don't mind, it's ok to waste a dollar or two."
Mrs. Dotson: I know you heard your father."
Cara: "Yes Mom, I did. Anyway so everything been ok?"
Ms. Dotson: "Sure Honey. Diamond stop by and brought the twins the other day. Oh Cara, they're just as cute as the can be. Miquel is busy one and he loves him some Beauty. I never realize that Madeline had a mole on her top lip either. Hold on Honey, let me send you a pic."
Cara: "Wow! Look at them they're so big and looking like Crystal. I don't know how she does it with four kids. Where was Courtney?"
Mrs. Dotson: "With her dad. Crystal was meeting with the Jade to go over the restaurant decor. Hold on Honey, you father is saying something."

Mr. Dotson: "Honey, tell Babygirl to make it short. She is cutting into my time with my beautiful wife. Even Beauty is annoyed. Tell her Beauty."
Beauty: "woof, grrr."
Mr. Dotson: "Good, girl. I knew it was worth it to teach you to speak."
Mrs. Dotson: "You know Cara, I'm going to find a job for your father. He is a little out of hand now that we are living the life of leisure. Wait a minute, honey."
Mr. Dotson: "Sweetheart, if she need for any additional spending money for gambling activies I don't have nothing to give to her. Tell her the she is out of luck. Even if she wants a nickel, hehhee."
Mrs. Dotson: "What was I thinking, I'm going to go find ME a job. Here talk to you daughter."
Beauty" "woooof, woooof".
Cara: "Hello??, Hello??, I'm still on the phone."
Mrs. Dotson: "Hold on Beauty, it only going to be a few more minutes, yes, that a good girl."

Mr. Dotson: "Hello my darling daughter and what do you want?"
Cara: "Oh Daddy. I heard you say I'm cutting in on our time with Mom."
Mr. Dotson: "Well, Babygirl you are! I have to split my time between your mother and Beauty, hee hee."
Cara: "Alrighty then. I disagree with Mom. I think YOU need to find a job, hee, hee"
Mr. Dotson: "Hmmm, that would be a terrible thing. Why should I deprive your mother of looking at my handsome face everyday? It would make her sooo unhappy, heee, heee. You know my #1 lady would go crazy."
Mrs. Dotson: "No Nate, you have it twisted, Baby look again. RRRR, I'm a Cougar!."
Mr. Dotson: "Babygirl, Babygirl, did you hear that? She losing her mind already. Are you going to be in seminars all day, you know networking? If so find my a good carpenter and some good old fashioned working folks I can hire to finish your mother list. I know you brother will be helping out too. He already picked up the new porch chairs.
Cara: "That's good. I hear they have a great fabric warehouse here so I'm going to check and see what kind of fabric they have. Mom said wants to sew her own drapes."
Mr. Dotson: "Oh good, that will really help her out."
Cara: "Hold on Dad. My lunch is here. I don't have anymore seminars so I'm going to go sightsee and see what going on in Detroit. Hold on Dad. One momment please. Hello."
Attendent: "Hello, Miss. Dotson. I hope everything is to your liking.
The dessert is compliment of Mr. Hawthorne. He says it is your favorite."
Cara: "Mmm, everything smell wonderful! Trust me the dessert will not go to waste, hehheee."
Attendent: "Bon Appetit, Madam."
Cara: "Dad, I just wanted to check in and see how you and Mom were doing. I'm going to enjoy my lunch and the view before I head out. Oh, Daddy this is such a beautiful hotel. It's located on the riverfront so I see the city as well as Canada. It's really nice."
Mr. Dotson: "Girl anything free is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L, hee, hee. Send some pics when you get a chance. Be safe and have a good time. Bye."
Cara: "Love you both, bye."

Mrs. Dotson: "Well for someone who didn't have much to say, you sure monopolize the conversation."
Mr. Dotson:"Look, my love. It's a beautiful day and I just want to spend it with you."
Beauty: "woof"
Mrs. Dotson: "No Beauty, don't hate."

Mr. Dotson: 'Ok let's get going so we can enjoy our day."
Mrs. Dotson: "Yes, lets. I want to order us a pizza and enjoy Superbowl XLVI."
Mr. Dotson: "That's why you are my #1 lady."
Beauty: "WOOF!!"


  1. Mrs. Dotson is looking hot in that outfit!

    1. Thanks, he really does. I think blue is his color.

  2. Great story, love your backgrounds. Can't wait for the next installment!

    1. Thanks!. I agree. It time for the rest of the Happy Family to appear.

  3. Tried posting a comment last night... obviously it did not publish. I enjoyed the story and especially the playfulness between Cara's parents. You can tell they are still enjoy each other's company after so many years. Your pictures (backgrounds, screen captures, outside shots) were great!


    1. Thank you. My parents and grandparents were very loving and happy with each other so I want them to reflect that.

  4. Love the story and of course Beauty. Loved the way you work the background pictures. Mr. Dotson has my fathers sense of humor. I got to love him too. Mr.Dotson top is very cute. Did you make it?

    1. Thanks Ms. Leo. I figured since it was a nice day The Dotsons should get out and take Beauty for a walk. Unfortunately I did not make the sweater on Mr. Dotson but I do hope to create some items soon.

  5. Hi from Spain: congratulations. I loved the entry. The photos of the hotel room are ideal. The window with fastastic views. I like the dialog when she resquering food. What a great photo of the bartender´s parents walk out side is a real? I love the cothes of the father and Cara red jacket. I want move soon... Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. I have so much doll stuff packed and tucked away, I figured the screen shots were easier. All the doll clothes were in a bag I just found in the closet, I know isn't that funny.

  6. Hilarious! Mr. Dotson is so real to me. What is it with some older people that get to talking and they just can't stop. Very well put together!

  7. Brini, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog so I thought I would pay you a visit in kind. You have a marvelous gift for story development and it really keeps me wanting more. I love the closeness of the family and the good values. It was really creative to input a picture of a waiter and the food at the table. You have a lot of great pieces to make your scenes look complete. I scrolled down a few stories too and I just love the interaction with Beauty too as well as the little children. I look forward to more!

  8. Talk about creative juices! You really had me laughing. What a fun family, Beauty too!

  9. Wow! Very nice and creative! I loved it. I agree with all the comments and your blog keeps me wanting more. The way you incorporate real pics in the blog is really clever! Great job:)