Monday, February 20, 2017

Yes, My Friends...

Tomorrow, the winner of my Birthday giveaway will be announce! One lucky follower will win a few prizes....well BUNDLE!! Yes, that what it turned into, lol. Stay tuned.

I loved playing with Barbies - that's why I didn't stop!- Brad Goreski

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birthday Giveaway!! -- Enter to Win!!!!

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Yes, indeed. It is one of my favorite times of the year! Yesterday my birthday present arrived and it was the beautiful Mattel AA Silkstone Chic City Suit. She a cutie too, I do wish she had some jewelry so I will have it add a "broach" to her suit. Her name hasn't came to me yet, but it will.
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Anyhoo, let's talk about the giveaway. I like good surprises so yes, again this will be a good surprise. Yes it a doll, yes there are accessories and yes there will be something for you too! 
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The giveaway starts today and will be open until February 21, 2017. Anyone and everyone can enter, including my international friends and of course I pay for the shipping!!!
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I like to do it B-I-G!! You just never know what you will win. So go ahead and enter!! It's a great day, it my birthday!!

I loved playing with Barbies - that's why I didn't stop! - Brad Goreski