Sunday, June 23, 2013

Soooo Glad to be back!!

All right everyone, please share in my happy dance!!! I have missed everyone so much! I can't even imagine how my poor dolls feel. We have been without a  computer for like forever, although it been maybe 10 days. Yes, 10 days tooo long. My son computer decided one day to crash and that was that. I can live without cable, ice cream and Oreo cookies but not the internet. You talk about someone having an attitude, yeah I know, I got a lot of nerves right?. Since there has been no playtime I have been sewing, no not for my dolls...yet, but for me. My job keeps me so busy that when I get home I'm to tired to do anything else. Then when I aggravated my hamstring that was pretty much a wrap. I made sure to do my stretches but to  move things around and get my playtime one, was not happening. So when ol' blue box crashed, well I had somewhere to set up my sewing machine and get that therapy on. I'm sure you guessed it. Yes, I have 2 project that still need to be completed but at least I have my dolls camera ready and the story started for their return. Yes, I am making progress!
I spent this afternoon organizing piles of stuff that have taken over a corner of the dining room. I'm telling you, it has been rough!!  I'm so glad to be back and so is Mr. Dotson. He's next up, posed and ready for the camera. So I am off.
Have a great week and yes, The Dotson are returning!!!


  1. Welcome back, Brini.

    Being without Internet is almost like being stranded on a deserted island and 10 days would seem like an eternity.


  2. Welcome back. I don't think we realize how reliant we are on the internet until it's gone. I'm excited to see my favorite family, the Dotson's, again.

  3. OK, not you're making me think I should buy that computer before this one goes. Computers don't last as long as they use to! Glad your back! Woo Hoo the Dotson's.