Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thank Goodness for Grandparents

Alan: "Hi Dad, just giving you a heads up. We will be leaving out in about 30 minutes."
Mr. Dotson: "Hey there. I was just wondering when you were leaving out."

Alan: "I wanted to take Tanner for a quick walk. I must tell you Tommy and Nikki are not the least bit tired. They are in top form. I hope your are ready."

Mr. Dotson: "Hmm, don't you worry about me, I got skills. I know what to do for them. Feed them, turn the TV to the Disney Channel and it a wrap. They will be out within an hour."

Tommy: "zoooooommmm."
Nikki: "weeeeeeeeeee."
Tanner: "woof, woof."

Alan: "Stop that Tommy. You don't want you sister to fall off and hurt herself. "
Tommy: "No Daddy no. I stop."
Tanner: "wooooof."

Mr. Dotson: "Hee, hee, relax Alan. Soon it will be just you and Madison. No kids, just enjoying the sound of the ocean."

Alan: "You got that right. I was hoping to leave Tanner but Madison wants to bring him along too. Since you got the kids no need to leave you with the dog too."

Mr. Dotson: "Smart women. I agree."

Tommy: "Daddy look. Just like Grandpa."
Nikki: "ya, ya Grandpa."

Alan: "Boy, these two together. Just busy."

Mr. Dotson: "I'm having second thought now Beauty. The way Alan sounds, they must be wired up."
Beauty: "WOOF."

Mr. Dotson: "I tell you, relax. Just take your time and be careful. I will see you when you get here. Be safe."

Alan: "Come on, let's see what taking Mommy so long."
Tommy: "Ok Daddy. I get Mommy."
Nikki: "mommiieeee, mommiee."

Alan: "Hey Honey, what in the world is taking you so long. I ready to drop these kids off and get going."

Madison: "You hear that Paris. Do you here your daddy rushing us."

Tommy: "Come on Tanner. Eat, Eat."
Nikki: "eat."
Tanner: "woof"
Nikki: "heee, hee."

Alan: "Tommy, do not open the refrigerator or you are going to get your hands popped."
Tommy: "Ok Daddy. Tanner no eat."
Nikki: "heee, hee. No eat."

Madison: "Let's go see what all the ruckus is about. I think your daddy is getting really anxious."

Madison: "What is all this I am hearing down here?"
Paris: "mmm, mmm, eeoo."
Alan: "If it not the most beautiful women I know. Got a minute."
Madison: "Hello, baby in hand."

Alan: "Mmmm."
Paris: "daa, daaaa."
Madison: "mmm"

Madison: "Here you take baby goo-goo while I go comb Nikki hair. We can be sitting on the beach by sundown."
Alan: "Deal!."

Alan: "Madison, I love you."
Madison: "Yes, I know. I just hope you have more kisses for me."
Alan: "Yes! Plenty."

Alan: "I just love that women Paris. Love her."

Madison was formally Mattel's AA Happy Family Neighborhood Midge and Nikki 1st Birthday set.
Her original outfit consisted of a fitted purple and pink stripped top, beige embellished capris and lavender shoes. Nikki wore a pink jumper embellished with a  applique and trimmed with a ruffle and pink shoes. The birthday gifts include a puppy who comes with toys, bed, food, water dish. The dog has a magnetic nose that allow him to pick up his toys. The is also a birthday hat, gift bag, blanket and birthday cake that completes the set.

Tanner was part of Mattel's Barbie Forever Barbie Doll with Tanner the dog. He is soft and fuzzy and his mouth open so he can be feed. His ears move and his tail moves. He came with a leash, dog biscuits, dog bones and chew toys. If you push the tail up you can feed him biscuits but he will need to go to the bathroom too. He came with a magnetic scooper and trash can so you will be able to clean up after him.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Cute story. It looks like Mr. Dotson is going to have his hands full.


    1. Hopefully he will be ready for them. As Alan says, two of them together are busy.

  2. Great to see a new story. I hope they are taking some protection with them. Mr. Dotson doesn't know what he's in for with three little ones. I hope his proposed plan of tv works.

    1. I hope so too! Sometimes the beach has certain effects on people. It's Mrs. Dotson we need to think about. You know she doesn't stick around the house. She always out and about being sociable.

  3. Hohohoho, I hope Mr. Dotson knows what he's getting himself into!! Maybe Beauty will help out a lot XD

    1. I think Beauty IS his help, lol He forgets his wife and her friend Rita love going out.

  4. I always like your stories.

    1. Thank you Emma. I'm sorry I have been missing in action. I just glad to have a new computer and the internet back in my life.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, you will love the next one.

  6. I cant blame Alan for being anxious to go to the beach! It's hot outside! LOL Cute story.

    1. Alan is just ready to get away period. He loves his kids but when he can get away without the kids, he does.

  7. Hello from Spain: I love this story so familiar and real. Babies are adorable. I like the baby girl with sunglasses. The last photo is very affectionate. Good to see you back to the blog. Keep in touch

  8. Thanks Marta, I have more kids that need to make and appearance so hopefully they will. I still have my teenager and college kids to share with you.

  9. Brini, my friend! Do you know of the fabulousness that is the youtube channell My Froggy Stuff? If you don't you will
    a) be glued to your computer screen for about a week stopping only to eat and go pee, and maybe take a nap, despite the risk of losing your job, running out of vital supplies, or seriously pissing off your family. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
    I emailed you a reply to your beautiful comment on my last post, since at the time I had lost internet connection on my laptop but not my computer.
    Take Care,

  10. Only family would watch that many little ones at one time! My older sister had 9 and I was the only one she could get to watch them as they went on vacation.

    I have Tommy and baby Chrissy but toddler Nikki is on my wish list! I love the story! Looks like everyone is on vacation!