Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Cara:" Hi Everyone. I know it has been awhile since you've seen me but I haven't been up to much, Just working. I wanted you to meet my BFF Brianna. I was hoping she would stop by today and she brought the twins too. Say hello Briana to all my wonderful friends."

Brianna: "Hi Everyone! I want to apologize first for not getting here sooner. I run a public relations firm who represents Vanessa and her modeling friends. I was formally AA Working Woman Barbie.  My outfit consisted of a long sleeve gray color jacket with small buttons down the front, a matching tight fitting gray skirt that reverses to a red shimmering flared one. So it gives me an all-in-one Office to Party Look! I also have a pair of gray that match my grey suit but I have a pair of red ones too that match my going out look. My accessories includes a pair of Faux Pearl Button earrings  and matching necklace, black Tote Purse,  a black Cell Phone, a black Coffee Mug, a gray pretend laptop computer and a pretend "Magazine" called Working Woman. I also came with a computer CD-ROM that works with your Computer that helps you design your own stationary, personalize your own magazine, play lots of activities. I can talk without the cd too. I have button on my back the let's me say a few cool phrases. Like I have email, I love going to work." Oops, see there the marketing side of me coming out! I'm going on an on."

Cara: "Tell me about it, yadda, yadda, yadda, lol! So anyway here are few pics from the visit."


Brianna: "Anyway, as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by my goddaughter Stacy. She has grown so much! I remember when she was born and I said I wanted my own little girl."

Cara: "Yeah, now you have two! I was so happy they were up too. They were so excited to see all these new faces. Even my brother couldn't help but fall in love with them. All Kelly was saying was two bbaabbiee, twwooo babies."

Brianna: "Even Kayla was asking me how in the world did I carry around 8lb little girls. Your sister-in-law said she was too tired to carry around a 9lb baby. I told her it was by the grace of God. Hee, Hee, the Lord knows he was with me for the whole 9 months."

Cara: "Here is one of my favorites my dad took. I think Stacy was just glad you were there."
Brianna: "She really was, she was stuck to me asking me when was I going to pick her up so she could tell her mother."

Cara: "Sound just like her too. Always making plans like her grandmother!"

Cara: "Here is the picture of my brother Nathan and his wife Summer. I am holding my newest niece Krissy. My brother was formally Mattel's Star and Strips AA Marine Corps Ken. Dressed in the his "Dress Blues" uniform. He was shinning like a new penny. I can't recall who Summer used to be I just know she is now my sister-in-law. Krissy is the original Mattel Barbie Swing -N- Play AA Krissy that came with all the accessories a new baby needs.  They promised they would be back soon so I hope so"
Brianna: "I'm glad I stopped by, even if my husband was too busy. Your family and friends are my family and friends too."
Cara and Brianna: "Take time to remember all those who are missed today. Have a great week!"


  1. Happy Memorial Day, Brini!

    I like Brianna's short hairdo.

    I always appreciate knowing the origin of older playscale dolls. Thanks for sharing that information as well as info regarding their original clothes.


  2. Yeah, I like the cut too! It is so hard to cut a dolls hair and have it look good. You did a great job. I like the story too.
    Happy Memorial Day, Brini!

  3. I am a fan of short haircuts and this one is fabulous. She looks great. I enjoyed all the wonderful pictures. I have the Caucasian Working Woman Barbie. I don't think I ever knew she could talk. I just wanted her suit and the CD. Unfortunately, the CD didn't work in my Vista computer. Thanks for the information.

  4. hey

    beautiful pictures
    Today we celebrate the June 1 Children's Day so I wish you all the best