Sunday, February 3, 2013

Then there were three!

Mr. Dotson: "Tell me Shawna is all this necessary?
Mrs. Dotson: "Of course Dear."
Shawna: "Whatever do you mean Dad. This is the norm?"

Shawna: "I do this everyday.  It so normal to me to make sure I have everything needed."
Mr. Dotson: "Ok Supermom."

Mrs. Dotson: "It really isn't that much."
Shawna: "Let really get you going. Let me go get the kids."

Kelly: "HI GRANDPA!"
Dante: "Hi Grandpa and Grandma!"

Mr.  Dotson: "Hold up, hold up, hold up. How did we end up with an extra kid?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Let me move things around and make some room. Honey does it matter? It's is only for a short while."

Mr.. Dotson: "Did she forget what today is!? It's Super Bowl Sunday. Not stick the kids with Mom and Dad. So yes, it does matter."
Mrs. Dotson: "Hey Sweeties! Look at Dante. He's getting so big. No, it doesn't matter, hee hee."
Mr.  Dotson: "Hello, it's Super Bowl Sunday are you with me? Ok so it matter to me."

Shawna: "Mom he might be too heavy for you to pick up. He's solid as a brick."
Mrs. Dotson:  "Hi Dante, Look at you. You are getting so big! Let's get you buckled in."
Dante: "heee, hee."
Kelly: "I love you Grandpa."
Mr. Dotson: "I love you too. Shawna just a reminder it is Super bowl Sunday. You need to get come get your crew at 5pm! Let get you in the car Kelly."

Mr. Dotson: "Remember 5pm. It is Super Bowl Sunday and I want to watch the game and enjoy my snacks like all the other grandparents out there."
Shawna: "Yes Dad I know I will be there by 5pm"
s. Dotson: "In lament terms. He doesn't want to watch the kids. He want to plop down on the couch an eat. Not snack."
Mr. Dotson: "Pretty much. I was trying to be nice. There are children in the car, hee hee."
Shawna: "Bye kids."

 Kelly: "Goodbye Mommy. Bye."
Dante: "Bye. Lets go fast Grandpa."

Mrs. Dotson: "Doesn't he sound so cute! It nice to have them for a few hours today."
Mr. Dotson: "Just remember, only for a few hours. I'm going to need a nap before the came even starts."
Mrs. Dotson: "As Kelly said. I love you Grandpa."
Dante "Zoom, zoom Grandpa. Go fast!"
Kelly: "hee, hee."

Shawna: "Hi Everyone. It's really good to see you today. Which ever team you are cheering for I hope they win. Have a great week!".


  1. Oh, Mr. Dotson...cracking me up as always. :) I hope that he gets to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday the way he wants to!

    1. As can see, he loves football. He really is all about eating.

  2. Mr. Dotson is serious about his game, grandkids or not. He has 50 more minutes. I know he's on pins and needles wondering if she is really going to show up on time. I hope for her sake, she does.

    1. Yes, he likes to enjoy his number one sport without any interruptions. Typical man.

  3. Shawna is cute what doll is she?

    1. Shawna is Avon Representative Barbie. There were three that came out in 1998. She wore a yellow and black suit, black stocking, black shoes and carried a yellow Avon bag. I is now on a Fashionista Nikki body.

  4. Hello from Spain, i like Shawna. She is different. I hay not seen before. I love kelly. She is very cute. Nice pics. Point well taken. I know súper Bowl is very celebrated in USA. Keep in touch

    1. She is the Avon Representative Barbie. She is now on a Fashionista Nikki body.

  5. Boy, oh boy, Super Bowl is always a TV and snack day!nice story :-)

    1. Tell me about it, we snack all day long over here!

  6. Hello from Portugal! Nice to meet your blog!

    1. Hi Emma, I'm glad you found me!! You are always welcome here!

  7. I repeatedly shown this to my daughter.She enjoyed a lot.