Sunday, January 27, 2013

Relief finally.

Mr. Dotson: "Ok ladies let me put the bags in the car."
Mrs. Dotson: "You might want to but them in the trunk. We have to pick up Kelly and Elijah."

 Mr. Dotson: "Stacie you got you seat belt on?"
Stacie: "Yes, Grandpa I sure do."
Mrs. Dotson: "Here you mother calling now. Hey Kayla."

Kayla: "Hi Mom. Where are you?
Mrs. Dotson: "Leaving the mall. We ran into Raquelle and her kids and chatted for awhile"
Kayla: "Are you still dropping  Stacie off or do you want me to come and get her?"

Mr. Dotson: "We are dropping her off so sit tight."
Stacie: "What until you see my new purse Mom. It so pretty and it blue. Your favorite color!"
Mrs. Dotson: "You hear that don't you. This was a great date."

Mr. Dotson: "I'm glad you two had a nice time.
Stacie: "Very much Grandpa!
Mrs. Dotson: "See, just perfect. Now it Shawyna buzzing us.  Hello Dear."
Mr. Dotson: "Boy, I'm glad this date is over. Everyone trying to catch up with us. My wallet say it can't take anymore excursions."

Shawyna: "Hey Mom, where are you? I have kids packed up and ready to go."
Mr. Dotson: "We are dropping Stacie off first then we will be over to get the kids."
Mrs. Dotson: "We'll see you in a few. Bye."
Shawyna: "Ok, bye."

Stacie: "Grandma  you have to over to Aunt Shawyna house? I won't get to see baby Elijah and Kelly."
Mrs. Dotson: "Sorry Sweetie not today. Your headed  over to Ms. Rachel house where you mother is waiting for you."
Stacie: "I'm going to miss my cousins."

Mrs. Dotson: "You'll just see them another time."
Stacie: "I hope so. I had so much fun today too Grandma.


  1. hi Brini
    beautiful family photo
    I greet ;-)))

    1. I'm glad you enjoy the photos. I'm getting better at keeping them clear.

  2. Great story! I love the backgrounds

    1. Thanks so much. Sometime I can find some really nice one that help pull the story together.

  3. Hello from Spain, congratulations on creating a story so real. Nice pictur es. Keep in touch