Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hanging with friends.


Stacie: "Thanks Grandma for my new purse. Thanks Grandpa for lunch."
Mrs. Dotson: "Your very welcome, Sweetie. You know Grandpa loves us to death."

Mr. Dotson: "The jury still out on that. Let's get going, we got everything right?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Yes we have all the bags."

Stacie: "Look Grandma there is my friend Todd and his sister Skipper.

Mr. Dotson: "I wonder who they are with. Is their mother back in town?"
Stacie: "Yes, Grandpa she is but Skipper loves hanging out at the mall."
Mrs. Dotson: "I'm sure there Dad is somewhere around here."

Todd: "Hey Stacie. Hi Grandma and Grandpa?
Skipper: "You mean Mr. and Mrs. Dotson. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Dotson."

Mr. Dotson: "That's ok Skipper he can call me Grandpa too."

Todd: "That's what Stacie calls him. She thinks she my boss."
Skipper: "I am when you are with me."
Stacie: "hee, hee."
Mr. Dotson: "Ms. Boss has spoken."

Mrs. Dotson: Hello you two and how have you been?
Mr. Dotson: "Especially with you two hanging out at the mall."
Skipper: "My mother is here too. She over there in Macy's. We were just going to sit out here until she comes out."
Mrs. Dotson: "How is your mother doing?
Stacie: "Grandpa can we go sit down over there?"
Grandpa "Yes I can see you."

Raquelle:  "Hi Everybody!"

Mrs. Dotson: "Hey there, I just asked about you. I thought the kids were here with you husband."
Skipper: "Hey you two, not so fast."

Raquelle:  "I'm glad to be back home too. It seems like I was gone even long this time. The grand opening of the hotel went wonderful but I miss my family. I really do miss my kids."
Mrs. Dotson: "We remember those days working for Mattel. Always on the go."
Mr. Dotson: "Yes they always wanted their products to be the trend setter everyone else had to catch up with. We racked up a lot of miles. My wife alone being a graphic artist."
Raquelle: "I can imagine."
Mrs. Dotson: Well all the traveling has not affected you one bit. You are looking good."
Mr. Dotson: "I say, yes indeed, yes indeed."

Mrs. Dotson: "Really?!?
Mr. Dotson: "Uhhh.."

Skipper: "Excuse me Mom. can we get some ice cream?"

Todd: "Yes, can we Mom?"

Stacie: "Grandma can we get some too?"

Mrs. Dotson: "Sure Sweetie. Remember we are still on our "date".

Mr. Dotson: "I thought it was over after we left Nieman"s?
Mrs. Dotson: "Oh no Honey, not at all. Not at all."

Raquelle: "I'm sorry, I hope we aren't intruding on your date?"

Mrs. Dotson: "No, not at all."
Raquelle: "We can split the bill, it's no problem."
Mrs. Dotson: "Absolutely NOT! My husband is showing Stacie how a good date goes. He believes in spending money on his dates.  I fill you in on it later."

Mr. Dotson: "Hello Friends, I think I'm in the Twilight Zone. I keep seeing money flying out of my pocket. There are more people on this date then when it started!"

Raquelle: "That very nice of you two. I think the kids are already ordering."
Mrs. Dotson: "I feel like a Hot Fudge Sunday. How about it?"
Raquelle: "Mmmm."

Mrs. Dotson: "Honey what's wrong? You look flushed."
Mr. Dotson: I'm going to need a part-time job after this date."
Mrs. Dotson: "Hee, hee. I don't know about you but this is a great date!"

Stacie: "Say hi to my friend before you leave. So they know who everyone is."
Todd: "I'm your friend!"

Skipper: "Duh Peanut!, that's not what she means."

Raquelle. "Ok you two. I will do the honors. Hi Everyone! As you can see my two kids just love each other to death. My name is Raquelle. and I am one of Mattel's Fashionista Dolls. My original outfit consist of black satin pants with a silver side panels, a pink fitted top with ruffled sleeves, top stitched and edged in black. I silver glammed shoes, silver bib necklace. I carried a black and white purse that looks like keys on the piano. I have dark hair with pink streaks and I am articulated. I was an Ebay find so I'm glad to be here in Dotsville with my family. Speaking of which. This is my daughter Skipper and my son Todd.

Skipper and Todd: "HI EVERYBODY!"

Skipper: "My name is Skipper and I was part of the Mattel's Skipper and Chelsea set. I am wearing light blue top with plaid strips and black stars with knee length pants that shimmer. Pink gladiator sandals to match the pink streaks in my hair. I also came with a orange and yellow lei was well as a grass skirt. Like my mother I am articulated as well. I also come with a violin that I love to play."

Todd: "My turn. Move over. Hi I'm Stacie friend Todd. I am Mattel's original Party n' Play Todd. I was marketed as the Twin brother of Stacie. As you can see Skipper is my sister. I come with a soccer ball which I love. I'm wearing my original stonewashed jeans, black sneakers, teal and blue shirt, jacket and hat. I also have a teal and white soccer uniform that is trimmed in black. Yeah, that pretty much it about me.

Raquelle: "Have a great week everybody!!



  1. I am loving your pictures, Brini!

    Poor Mr. Dotson. He has gotten in way over his head on this shopping/date.


    1. Thanks so much. I agree with Mrs. Dotson this is a great date! He never said there was a limit right?

  2. I giggled at Skipper correcting Todd. And Mrs. Dotson is definitely owning this date--gotta love her and Mr. Dotson. :)

    1. You know how big sister can be, she is very responsible when it comes to her brothers because he is going to be full of energy. Mrs. Dotson pretty much runs Mr. Dotson at times.

  3. Mr Dotson is too funny. Didn't he know that saying yes to a small date leaves the door open for big date.

    1. I'm sure he knows now, lol. I'm sure Mrs. Dotson will smooth things over when the credit card bill comes in.

  4. Cute story! I love the humor of Mr. Dotson! He is my favorite. Your picture are great too!

    1. Mr. Dotson doesn't realize it yet but he will be seeing more of Todd and Skipper. Especially with him being one of Stacie friends.

  5. Love the new family. Cute twist with the Mattel reference. Poor Mr. Dotson. He's in a twilight zone for sure and Mrs. Dotson is eating it up.

    1. Yes, that Raquelle is a pretty doll and I think Skipper and Todd fit with her well. Now I just have to locate her husband.

  6. Hello from Spain: Stacie is lucky. Her grandparents adore her. I I have to Raquelle. She is very pretty. I love your new family. I really like the story. Keep in touch

    1. Stacie loves being with her grandparents and they love having her around. Now let see how they are going to love her friends. I was lucky to find Raquelle and so glad she here in Dotsville too.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Queen Quinn and I'm glad you enjoyed the story and you took the time to stopped by.