Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Day at the Mall

Chad: "This really is a big mall, I'm trying to remember which wing Macy's is in. I know it seems like we are walking in circles."

Diamond: "It doesn't matter to me. I like walking and talking with you."

Chad: "I'm glad you said that. I was wonder if  you were getting upset."

Diamond: "Not at all, there's EB Games over there."
Chad: "We don't have to go in if you don't want to. I usually lose track of time in there."
Diamond: "We here, let go in. It's your favorite store."

Chad: "Every time I come in here I try out the Wii? Do you want to try."
Diamond: "It looks like a fun game too. I might try it."

Chad: "Wow!, she is good. She is racking up a lot of points."
Diamond: "You better get in line so you can go next."

Chad: "Hmm, maybe next time. I think we better head to the food court. We will both need to eat something if we try that game out."

Diamond: "Ok. What do you have a taste for? Burger and fries, pizza, wings?
Chad: "It doesn't matter, What ever you want.  It this way."

Meanwhile at the food court......

Mr. Dotson: "Ok Jr Baller, what would you like to eat?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Something good for you, that doesn't have a lot of salt in it."

Stacie: "May I have Subway. I want a sub sandwich."

Mr. Dotson: "Yes, that sound good to me.

Mrs. Dotson: "Then Subway it is. I sure could use an Italian sub with an ice cold coke."

Stacie: "Look Grandma it's Diamond with her boyfriend. Hey Diamond!"

Mr. Dotson: "How long has Diamond had a boyfriend? How long has this been going on."
Mrs. Dotson: "For awhile now, be nice."

Mr. Dotson: "What is this about a boyfriend?"
Diamond: "Hee, hee. About what?

Mrs. Dotson: "Don't pay him any mind."
Diamond: "Uncle Nate, he's nice and I like him AND we are on a date."
Mr. Dotson: "Spend all his money, honey. Spend it all."

Diamond: "Chad this is my uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Dotson and my cousin Stacie. This is Chad ."
Mrs. Dotson: "Nice to met you Chad."
Mr. Dotson: "Hello young man"
Chad: "Hello, nice to meet you both."

Stacie: "Hey Diamond, he's cute."

Diamond: "He's very smart too, hee, hee."

Mrs. Dotson: "Huh, what do you know about cute young lady."
Stacie: "hee, hee."

Stacie: "Smile everyone, I want to send my mother a pic.
Diamond: "Really?"
Mr. Dotson: "Yes, really! I got questions for her and that will be the proof."

Diamond: "We better get going, I'm starving."
Chad: "It was nice meeting everyone."

Mr. Dotson: "What's the hurry...."
Mrs. Dotson: "Honey, they are on a date. Let them go."

Stacie: "Hey Grandpa, this can be our date!"

Stacie: "Oops, sorry Grandma."

Mr. Dotson: "Seems like a cheap date to me. Taking a beautiful young lady out to the mall to walk around and maybe buy her something. I hope she plans on spending his money."

Mrs. Dotson: "You hear that Stacie. Since Grandpa has us out at the mall on a cheap date. Let's head to Niemen Marcus and spend ALL his money. I think you need a new purse. How about that."
Mr. Dotson: "UH....."

Stacie: "Ok Grandma. We can spend his money after lunch. I'm hungry."

Mr. Dotson: "Good Lawd, what have I done!?!!"

Diamond: "Hi Everyone  Please met Chad."
Chad: "Hi Everybody! My name is Chad. I am the original Disney High School Musical 2 Chad. I am wearing one of my original outfits which is a logo t-shirt, jeans and blue and white gym shoes and this single bead necklace. My other outfit consist of a solid orange t-shirt, striped blue and orange swim trunks and a pair of red sandals. As you can see I like being with Diamond. She smart, beautiful and funny. Everything a guy like me likes in a girl!

Diamond: "Hee, hee. We better get going. Have a great week everybody!"

Chad: "Nice meeting everyone. Have a great week!"


  1. Cute story, Brini. Stacie and Mr. Dotson are riots.

    I love the photos. Were the backgrounds computer generated?

    Congrats on adding Chad to your doll family.


    1. Stacie get to hang out with her grandparents a lot like my son did was he was little. Always doing something with them. The photos are actually computer backgrounds. Since I don't have a lot of space to build dio, I can make them work! I'm glad I found Chad too. I waited for him to go on sale and missed out. Low and behold he came back around on Ebay at a great price.

  2. Awww, what a nice outing for everyone. Great seeing my favorite couple, The Dotson's again.

    1. I'm going to try and keep everyone in rotation this time around. I have the all organize but now I need more time!

  3. I was already giggling at Mr. Dotson telling Diamond to spend all of Chad's money. But Mrs. Dotson cracked me up when she turned it around on him. :) Chad and Diamond seem really sweet together.

    1. I'm glad I found Chad too, he looks good with Diamond. She has some BFF too I need to introduce everyone too as well.

  4. Great photo story,I enjoyed it thoroughly!!! :D

    1. Hi Pam, I love taking the photos and then building the stories around them. It allows me to play.

  5. Hello from Spain: I like the photos in shopping center. Dotson's family seems a real family. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta. I love that backdrop too. It makes it look like a real mall. I need my families to get out more so you will being seeing me use a lot of them.

  6. Love all the pics, they all look very real, above all the poses of the dolls! And the young couple is sooo cute!

    1. Hi Rossetti. That the one thing I'm getting used to and that's the articulated bodies. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get them out side. Especially a great park scene where so much is going on.

  7. I like your style of telling a story :)

    1. Thanks Sergio! Glad you stopped by. My families are a lot of fun to check on so stop back by, you are always welcomed!

  8. Ha,ha! Mr. Dotson: "Good Lawd, what have I done!?!!". He should have thought about what he said! Now they are going to make his wallet lighter!

    1. He is even funnier in the next installment. Mrs. Dotson loves the high end stores.

  9. I like subway subs too, very cute and creative.Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. I was sitting here eating subway as I was typing my story. Now that bad huh, lol.