Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alan brings the chairs.

Mr. Dotson: "Hey there!"

Alan: "Hey Dad."
Paris:"DDDAAADAAA, DA, dd."
Ryan: "Grandpa!,  Grandpa it's me!"

Mr. Dotson: "Hey what's going on?  Hey there Bushkee."
Ryan: "Grandpa, Grandpa it's me!, it's me!"
Paris: "Dada, ddaaddd."
Mr. Dotson: "Where the rest of the crew?"
Alan: "Nikki is sick so Madison is home with her. So far these two haven't gotten the bug."
Mr. Dotson: "What a minute, sick? Little Princess Nikki is sick? You know on second thought, she can keep her germs to herself."
Alan: "Where's Mom and your prima dona Beauty?"
Mr. Dotson: "Your mother is out and about and Beauty is with Ashley."

Alan: "You have a show coming up? Wow, you got some nice flowers."
Mr. Dotson: "No, no son. She takes her to different retirement communities to help with exercise programs they have or started up. You know she has to earn her keep."
Alan: "Wow, the dog has a job!"
Mr. Dotson: "Yes son, she has to earn her keep, grooming privileges and all that."

Alan: "I like those pots too."
Mr. Dotson: "I really found some great ones from the flower shows I dropped by. There are so colorful and I figured I need to get some gardening done. You know I'm like Ms. Leo, when it comes to garden and  flower shows. I got to check them all out and everything else is a wrap! Put in on the shelf and I will get back to it, hee hee. Besides your mother told me to get it done.
Alan: "Let me guess, you get a red velvet cake or peach cobbler out the deal."
Mr. Dotson: "Uhhh, why did you stop by again?"
Alan: "Oh, don't change the subject now. I brought the chairs Mom ordered."

Ryan: "Grandpa I help you. I help you."
Alan: "Ryan get down! Grandpa will spank you!"
Ryan: "No!! No!! I don't want a spanking. No!"

Mr. Dotson: "I can see he keeps you busy. He's not hurting anything. It just flowers and dirt."
Alan: "Ryan come over here and look at the all the flowers over here. Look how bright they are. See how pretty they are?"
Paris: "mmm, ooo, ddaaa."
Ryan: "Grandpa, Grandpa I like these. Mommy like these too."
Ryan: "Grandpa, I make Mommy flowers. Ok Daddy? Mommy will like these flowers."

Alan: " Let me get the chairs. Here you go Paris. Go to Grandpa."
Paris: "daddaa, daaa."
Mr. Dotson: "Your daddy needs to bring you over when Grandma here. She has some kisses for you too."
Alan: "Is there any particular spot where you want me to put the chairs? When the table comes come in I will pick it up and bring it over."
Mr. Dotson: "Thank you son."

Alan: "Ryan go over there with your sister and Grandpa. You're getting to be too busy."
Ryan: "Ok. ok. Here I come Grandpa!"

Mr. Dotson: "Those are really nice chairs. I like the color of them too."
Alan: "Mom said she was inspired by one of her  friends. I think she said Marta who had such a nice Mickey Mouse room and the red just stood out. She said she really like it and these will make the front door look even better."
Mr. Dotson: "Good thing I picked up those two big planting pots then."

Mr. Dotson: "Hello everyone just wanted to say a quick hello and let you meet my son and grand kids. Look over there Paris. See our friends. Ryan say hello."
Ryan: "Hi, HI!"
Mr. Dotson: "Alan please introduce yourself to our friends."

Alan: Hello friends. My name is Alan. This is my son Ryan and one my daughters, Paris. Me and Ryan are part of Mattel's AA Happy Family set. We came with matching outfits, which were a white T shirt, blue and white plaid shirts and khaki shorts. The accessories included a blue and white stroller with yellow wheels as well as a netted pocket to place things in.  I  had a camera, phone, freebie, cup and radio. Everything needed for a day in the park. Paris was the formal Krissy "friend" of Mattel's Stroll n'Play Barbie set. It included a double stroller with detachable seats you can use as carriers. Both rock back and forth as well as removable bars that can be used as a play gym. There was a diaper bag, baby rattle and bottles included too.  It was so nice to meet you. When Nikki is feeling better I will make sure you meet her and my wife, Madison.

Ryan: "Bye, bye, BBBBYYYYEEEEEE!"
Paris: "daaa, da, ddaaaaa."


  1. Love it! Your photos and story are really cute!

    1. Thanks so much, I just love the Mattel's Happy Family series.

  2. Nice story! I love that you introduce your dolls.

    1. Thanks so much. I just love these series of dolls.

  3. Ryan's such a cutie! I love that Beauty has to go out and earn her keep. I wish my dog was well-behaved enough to do that. :)

    1. They really did a good job with these dolls. Each one has their own personality and they're just fun to play with.

  4. So good to see a story again. I missed Mr. Dotson. I like how you incorporated fellow bloggers. So cool! Great story.

    1. I inow, Mr. Dotson has been sitting on the shelf patiently waiting. He a star. Thank you and everyone for inspiring me to "play."

  5. I loved see Mr. Dotson in his overalls! He is quite the gardener. I will have to have him over. Those are great looking pots too. I could use some of thoses. I like that Beauty has a job! Go Beauty! We will have to see her at work. I work with seniors and pet therapy is important part of what I see there. Yeah, Renee and Etienne have those same chairs at the front of their house too! The table they have are doll house tables from the dollar store. I didn't even have to paint them.

    1. My dad was a gardner like you. Our backyard was home to gorgeous flowers from the Springhill catalogs. Thanks for the link.

  6. Hello from Spain: I love Ryan. He is very cute. I like the garden of his grandfather. The bank is very nice. The chairs have a very nice color. I love the Happy Family. An post very endearing. Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks Marta, I really love our Mickey Mouse room and how you used the red to pop the color. I just had to paint them red!

  7. Awww, I don't know why but I found this story very sweet! Something about Ryan just really stole the show. Mattel did a great job making him look like his dad.

  8. I agree, Mattel did a great job and to me this was one of there best series.