Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stacie making plans

(RRRRnnnnngggg, rrrriiiinnnnggg}

Mr. Dotson: "Honey, your phone is ringing. Honey."

Mrs. Dotson: "Yes I hear it but I prefer to listen to Thelonious Monk. I'm not going to answer it."
Mr. Dotson: "Your Majesty, your phone."
Mrs. Dotson: "I'm not sure who this is. Unless it about the furniture."
Stacie: "Hi Grandma, whatcha doing?
Mrs. Dotson: "Nothing Sweetie, how about you?

Stacie: "I'm going to ask my mother if I can come visit."
Mrs. Dotson: "Where are you?"
Stacie: "I'm at Mrs. Clark's house. Chris had to pick me up. Mommy said she had to finish up before she left her post. Something about a jumper and a dress."
Mrs. Dotson: "Oh I see. Is Mrs. Clark close by? Let me speak with her."
Stacie: "Ok, Grandma hold on. Mrs. Clark, Mrs.Clark."

click, click....
Mrs. Clark: "hmmm, llalalalaalll."

Stacie: "Excuse me Mrs. Clark. My grandma would like to speak with you. I called her because I want to go see her. My mommy always busy so I miss her. I pushed the speaker button so she can hear me too."

Mrs. Clark: "Thank you. Hello, yes, Mrs. Dotson how are you?"
Mrs. Dotson: "I'm just fine. Look here, I hope my granddaughter isn't any problem for you."
Mrs. Clark: Oh no. She is just an angel. She finished reading her book and had a bowl of ice cream. She's just fine."
Mrs. Dotson: "Oh ok. I just wanted to check and make sure everything is ok."
Mrs. Clark: "Oh yes, everything is great. She's been telling me about all the books she has been reading over the summer. Do you think Kayla would be upset if I took her shopping for a few school clothes?"
Mrs. Dotson: "I don't think she will mind. Unfortunately I don't know what she needs or if her mother picked some things up already."
Stacie: "Excuse Mrs Clark, please tell my grandmother I still would like to speak to her."
Mrs. Dotson: "What did she say?"
Mrs. Clark: "She reminded me that she still needs to speak with you."
Mrs. Dotson: "He, he."
Mrs. Clark: "I will speak with her mother."
Stacie: "Did I do something wrong?"

Mrs. Clark: "No, no, Sweetie. Here you go."

Stacie: "Grandma? I will be coming over and when my Mom gets her I will tell her it's ok and you are at home."

Mrs. Dotson: "Yes, honey. Please check with your mother first. She might have other plans. You know how busy she been."
Stacie: "Grandma, tell Grandpa I coming to visit him too! Grandma will you tell my mother it ok. I miss you so much and I want to see you. OK?
Mrs. Dotson: "Ok, I will let him know, he will be so excited. We both love you."


Stacie: "Ok Grandma, we both can call her. I'm gong to call her and then call you back, bye."

Mr. Dotson: "What's going on?  Is everything ok?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Yes, that was Stacy and she is planning on calling her mother and telling her she wants to come over."
Mr. Dotson: "Hm mm, I see. Intelligent, beautiful and headstrong. I wonder where she get that from?"
Mrs. Dotson: "I don't know, where do you think she gets it from?"
Mr. Dotson: "I'm not calling out any names."

Mrs. Dotson: "Here  your daughter calling now. Hello Kayla how are you."

Kayla: "I'm great. Stacie text me and told me you were home and she wanted to come over."
Mrs. Dotson: "She sure did But me and your father are not at home."
Mr. Dotson: "Hey Honey, When are you two coming by?
Kayla: "I'm not even sure. You know I have to been on guard for the next few weeks. I'll be part of the detail traveling with the Democratic National Convention. So it hard to say. Where are you guys anyway."
Mr. Dotson: "None of your business, dear. As long as you know where your child is you don't have to worry about were we are. You feel me?, hee hee"
Kayla: "Ya think I don't?, heee, hee"

Mrs. Dotson: "Well I hope to see you two soon. Especially before school starts. Mrs. Clark ask if it was ok to pick a few things up for Stacy and I didn't know if you had anything or even started."
Mr. Dotson: "Kay, let her buy it all!! Whatever she wants to get let her get it. Save the money or bring it over here."
Kayla: "Ok Dad, I hear you. I will keep that in mind.  I  haven't even started with school shopping I don't want her spending a lot on her, that would be to much. It's nice to know she wants to."
Mrs. Dotson: "I know honey. I was going to take her school shopping for a few things she had mentioned."
Mr. Dotson: "C'mon, spend Mrs. Clark money,spend it.. She even offering!"

Kayla: "Dad, you're a trip."
Mrs. Dotson: "He's a journey, girl. Sometime I wonder."
Mr. Dotson: "Wonder what? Look at me. See how fine I am."
Kayla: "Oh my,  yeah, Dad you sound like a heart breaker. Look I gotta go. I'll talk to you guys later and I will talk to Stacie later tonight. Her plans might have to wait."

Mrs. Dotson: "I don't know what she was talking about. If my granddaughter wants to come and visit she can come and visit."
Mr. Dotson: "Like I said  intelligent, beautiful and headstrong. I'm not calling any names."
Mrs. Dotson: "What? All I'm saying if Stacy want to come over then I will gladly go get her."
Mr. Dotson. "I didn't say anything, heee, heeee.

Mrs. Dotson: "Hmm, that mean I should make you wonder."
Mr. Dotson: "mmm....."


  1. Ahh, even romance in old age. Stacy is such a polite girl! *sighs* If only kids were that polite these days.

    1. The Dotson are young at heart and really love each other. Let's not talk about kids today! I can only blame their parents. Stacy is the first and oldest grandchild in this family so she has to set the standard for the rest of the kids.

  2. Mr. knows how to keep his money in his pocket! He is so funny! Such a cute post!

    1. YOu know the only thing he will spend it on is plants and flowers. That when he becomes a big spender.

  3. Aw, Stacy's a sweetheart. Hopefully she'll get to see her grandparents soon enough. As always, Mr. Dotson makes me laugh. :)

    1. Hopefully she will, as you can see she is very determined.

  4. The Dotson's are a cute couple and little Stacey is adorable. Great post, Brini!


    1. Thanks! I have Stacy sitting on my desk and I was thinking about you. I have myself surrounded by my beautiful dolls. Now only if I can bring myself to take "Miss. Garrett" out the box!

  5. Hello from Spain: i love your photos. Your post is very cute. I like very much Mr and Mrs Dotson. I hope that Stacy is with her grandparents soon. Children always love the grandparents ... Great job ... keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta glad you enjoyed it. You are so right about children and their grandparents. I sure miss mine.

  6. Hi, I'm Spanish.
    I just discovered your blog, I love your scenarios and your wrists. I'm glad I found you.

    1. Hello and welcome Mueblesparablythe! I'm so glad you stopped by and enjoyed my post. I caught up on your blog and joined as well. You are so talented!

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  8. Oh, wow, this is my first time to visit and I have to say, I love your story line. Stacy is a sweetheart and is adored by her grandparents. I like how Mr. and Mrs. Dotson aren't OLD fuddy duddy grandparents and truly enjoy each other. The banter is fun between all of them. I'll have to go back and read some more of your past stories to catch up. ~Debbie (Chic Barbie Designs)

  9. Mr. Dotson isn't just a trip, he's a stone cold trip as we used to say back in the day!