Sunday, November 20, 2016

It about that time...

(Ann on Bluetooth)

Nathaniel: "Well hello. I have been trying to get in touch with you since you left this morning. Even Beauty didn't stir when you left."
Cara: "Hey Dad!"
Rita: "Hi Nathaniel."
Ann: "I must have my phone on silent. Beauty had a good run this morning, she's good. What's going on with you?"
Nathaniel: "A whole lot. Stacie called and wants you to pick her up. Rachel called wanting to know if there was anything else she needs to pick up for you. Alan was trying to get me to watch the kids. Shawyna called because she couldn't reach you. I'm just trying to finish my laundry."
Ann: "Oh no Boo, I'm too busy for ALL that! Including the laundry, hee, hee."
Cara: "I'm not watching NOOO body."
Rita: "You two are funny,  hee, hee."
Nathaniel: "What a minute! Is that Rita?!
Cara: "Hee, hee."
Rita: "No it Rhonda. Rita's sister from another mother."
Nathaniel: "No wonder you've been busy and unable hear your phone. When you two get together the credit card bills are going to start flow like water out of the faucet. I'm not even go to start with the deliveries. I think we might be Amazon overflow facility."
Rita: "I think I'm kinda feeling some kind of way after that comment."
Cara: "Wow, Dad you got a lot of nerve. Why does every Chili's in a 20 mile radius know you personally?"
Ann: "Yes Honey, why is that?
Nathaniel: "Naw Ann. You said you and Cara were going to do some light shopping and with Rita, with you two, there is no such thing."
Rita: "Wow, you are really starting to hurt my feelings."
Cara: "I think I'm feeling some kind of way too Dad."
Nathaniel: "If the truth...."
Ann (interrupting): "You have managed to hurt my good friend and my daughter's feelings. There is only way you can make this all better."
Nathaniel: 'Hee, hee. Sometimes people don't like the truth. Hahahaa, aaahhaaa."
Ann: "Neiman Marcus it is!"
Rita: "I'm down."
Cara: "Buh-bye!"
Ann: "Ladies, let go to Fleming's Steakhouse for lunch then Neiman. I really need to give my husband something to talk about."

(Ladies laughing)

Courage, Pride and Determination.  That's what little girls are made of.
(Author Unknown)

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  1. I see one more spot in the car. Save a seat for me!