Sunday, October 9, 2016

Barbie and the girls.

Barbie: "Ok girls. Now that you are well feed, let's head over Toys R Us."
Ashley: "We can check the doll isle."
Stacie: "Sounds good to me."
Barbie: "Ok you two, you know the rules. Absolutely no running around in the store."
Ashley and Stacie: "We won't."
Barbie: "You are to stay in my sight at all time AND stay together."
Ashley and Stacie: "We will."
Barbie: "Ok, let's go in."
Ashley: "Let's see what they have new. I'm sure there are tons of new dolls."
Stacie: "Hopefully they will have some cool accessories. My dolls need a new house."
Ashley: "Look at all the new Lego sets."
Stacie: "They are on sale too."
Ashley: "I hope I get a few sets for Christmas."
Ashley: "Mommy, we are here to shop right? I mean we are not just looking."
Barbie: "Let see what on sale and just maybe we will pick something up."
Stacie: "Ms. Barbie, my mommy gave me some money so I might need to buy something."
Barbie: "I see, you might need to buy something.?
Ashley: "Mommy, you never know what our dolls needs."
Stacie: "Ms. Barbie, it will be ok right?
Barbie: "Hold that thought. Your mother is calling now."
Barbie: "Stacie she said you can by a few things...."
Stacie: "Come on Ashley , let's go."
Ashley: "I'm ready."

"Courage, determination, pride. That's what little girls are made of."
-Author Unknown-


  1. Cute little story! I act like the little girls when I go to TRU. I get all excited when I see some new items that I "need" for my dolls.

    1. I have been doing really good staying away but I do think it time to stop in.

  2. Hi ! I just discover your blog and yous nice story ! Waw ! I like it !!!

    1. Thank you and check back later too. I am preparing for my annual Christmas giveaway that starts in November.

  3. I want to go to TRU now. I want to buy a few things like Stacie can.

  4. So cute. The doll section of Toys R Us is usually a little girl's (and big girl-doll collectors') favorite area of the store.


    1. Now that my son is grown I do miss going in there. We would have to go to all his favorite isle and then he didn't mind being in the doll isle.

  5. Gosh, this makes me think back to when I was a little girl and how this time of the year was my favorite. Trips to the (then) toy sections of the department stores were always a fun experience.

    1. I agree, don't forget to the sales paper either. I would hold on to then so I knew exactly what I wanted to look at next.

  6. The girls are so cute. Sigh. Nice to remember when I went down the doll and action figure aisles. The pink aisle for dolls; the green aisle for action figures.

  7. Oh yeah, I remember those colors isle too.