Sunday, September 25, 2016

Preparations pending

Cara: "Ok, remember why we are here. We can do a look over in some of the stores before we head to Macy's."
Crystal: "Surely you not talking to me? I don 't plan on straying."
Shawyna: "Really Crystal? Are you throwing shade?"
Crystal: "Yup!"
Cara: "I didn't mention any names. I said WE."
Shawyna: "What exactly does Mom want us to pick up?"
Crystal: "Aunt Ann told me to check all the clearance sections first and then the sales."
Shawyna: "Sounds about right."
Cara: "She said to look for really cute items. She just said to  make sure it relates to the theme."
Crystal: "What is the theme for this year's Christmas giveaway?"
Shawyna: "Yeah, what is it? She was still tossing around themes the last time I talked to her."
Cara: "Come to think of it, she didn't say. She just said to select the best and stay within budget. Anyway we have Dad's charge card so it doesn't matter."
Crystal: "Oh, I need to stop in the bookstore. I want to see if Highlights have any new magazines outs for the twins. I'll meet you two at Macy's."
Cara: "Take your time."
Shawyna: "What about Courtney?"
Crystal: "She wants a cupcake."
Cara: "Gotta love her. She so easy to please."
Shawyna: "So I'm going to head over to the DIY section"
Cara: "What?!? DIY section?"
Shawyna: "Yes, Chica. You are not the only one that's creative."
Cara: "Really, is that your final answer."
Crystal: "Ooo, what are you going to make?"

2 hours later....
Cara: "You just had to go in Nordstrom."
Crystal: "Yeah Cousin, your busted."
Shawnya: "Hey, your look over and my look over and just different. The shoe department is my weakness. I feel in love with so many pairs, it was hard to look away, not touch them... ."
Cara: "Well you can do that on your own time."
Crystal: "Oh check it out."
Shawyna: "The Pumpkin Spice coffee is back?
Crystal: "No, Banana Republi has 50% off."
Crystal: "Sorry Cara, I HAVE to go in there."
Cara: "See what you started."
Shawyna: "Me?? Remember it just a "look over."

"Courage, determination, pride. That's what little girls are made of."
--Arthor Unknown--


  1. Wow, pre-shopping for Christmas! What a good idea! Sounds like you will be doing another of your fantastic Christmas giveaways. I am going to do a post Christmas one again this year and I have already started to collect some items for it too!

    1. I am usually done my now. I've been tossing around a few them title so I need to narrow it down.

  2. Nice to see the cousins shopping. Did they get what Shawyna's mom wanted?

    1. No sorry, it wasn't on sale yet. I was thinking about my cousin and how much we used to hang out and the malls. Seems like so long ago. Now that we have internet and Paypal, I'm good, lol.

  3. Aaahhh... shopping with cousins - always fun!

    1. We used to coordinate our bus schedules so we could be on the same bus ( I had to take a connector) or we would arrive at the same time.

  4. Good thing they are starting early. At this rate they will be lucky to find Christmas gifts in time. Lol.

    1. Yes, especially with their father credit card. Hopefully they stay under budget.

  5. I love the ballerina, she's got a new body! Great job!

  6. Shopping with cousins is good but going out for drinks with cousins is better! LOL! Happy hunting!

  7. There is nothing wrong with a look over. It's buy and bring home that's the issue.

    1. I know that right!, lol. That's what get me every time. Although I have been working on my yarn and fabric stash, I can't help but to replenish.