Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Blog Giveway #2

Amber: "Hi Everyone! Welcome back for another chance to win something fabulous for your dollies. My co-host will be in shortly with the item so I will take the time to share with you the rules."
You can only enter one time.
You will need to leave a comment stating you would like to participate.
Any and Everyone can enter.
Winner will be selected at random.
The winner will be announced via blog and notify by email.
You will have one week to respond.
Your item will be shipped out immediately and the postage will be covered by Brini!

Reese: "I got this, I got this. Trust me Amber I know what I'm doing. Just keep looking gorgeous."
Amber: "Goodness Reese, are you sure? Be careful and please don't damage the item."
 Reese: "Alright, it's all set up. Let's tell everyone what's being offered."
Amber: Sure, would you like for me to fix you bow tie."
Reese: "Naw, I'm good. I need to catch my breath. Thanks of asking."
Amber: "This week you have a chance to win Barbie's Daybed by Mattel. The perfect piece to add to your home. It comes with everything you see on the box and best of all it can serve as additional seating. Especially with guests coming over or love ones visiting during the holiday season."
Reese: "Good luck to everyone!"
Amber: "Have a happy and joyous holiday season. Good Luck!"

Have a great week Everyone!


  1. Another lovely item :-). I would love to participate again. Reese and Amber both look fabulous! Have a great week too Brini!

  2. Always love the interaction between your dolls. It looks like they are enjoying these give-a-ways as much as you are! This daybed is very versatile. I would love to participate in this number 2 giveaway!

  3. I love Your dollies and how they make the show :) I would like to participate, too! :)

  4. I too love seeing your dolls with these posts! The give-away is a bonus! Please enter me too!

  5. Hello from Spain: another great giveaway. I would like to participate as well . Great couple. We keep in touch

  6. What a wonderful giveaway!! <3 I'm in! ^_^

    1. Yes, you are! You have been entered!

  7. Love the bed...Enter me please

  8. I'd like to participate too, please. Thank you.

  9. I hope I am not too late to join too. I am so in :)

    1. You are never to late! You have been entered. Good luck!