Sunday, November 29, 2015

Announcing the Annual Christmas - Giveway #1

India: "Hello Everyone. We are here to announce the first of four giveaways sponsored by Brini's Doll Domain."
Reese: "This year the whole Dotsville community moved so this year theme is about furnishing your home!"
Reese: "I must say India, you look stunning."
India: "Thank you Reese. You look very handsome yourself."
Reese: "I shall return with today's presentation. Please explain the rules India."
India: "Brini likes to keep the rules simple and here they are.."

You can only enter one time.
You will need to leave a comment stating you would like to participate.
Any and Everyone can enter.
Winner will be selected at random.
The winner will be announced via blog and notify by email.
You will have one week to respond.
You item will be shipped out immediately and the postage will be covered by Brini!

Reese: "I think the winner will love this set. It's something your dollies would love to have in their home. I have this set myself. It's brand new and come with everything listed one the box. The first purchase Brini made for her new home was a new washer and dryer so she wanted to share the love with the doll community and make sure your dollies had a new set too. It's Barbie Laundry Time set by Mattel."
Image result for barbie laundry set
Reese: "Of course the dolls are not included..but you never know, lol!"
Reese: "Remember any and everyone can enter."
India: "Yes, the contest is open to everyone. It's the start of the holiday season so enjoy your family and friends and don't forget to enter."
Reese: "Good luck everyone!"
India: "Take care. Bye!"

Have a great week Everyone!


  1. Hello Brini! It is a great celebration and kind offer! I would like to participate :) Thank You very much!

  2. Hello Brini! I too would like to enter! It is so wonderful that you do this every year. Good luck to everyone and thanks for doing this!

    1. Your entry has been submitted. I really do enjoy this time of the year.

  3. Hi Brini, I would like to enter. Great way to start the Holiday season

    1. I have submitted your entry. Good luck.

  4. Count me in, Brini! I've contemplated this set many times.I love the furnishing the home clever! The giveaways on my blog will start this Saturday. I hope you'll enter.

  5. Hi Brini, the theme of your giveaway is a perfect choice, with your own move :-). Thank you for organizing this wonderful giveaway, I would like to participate, with much pleasure! Good luck to everybody!

  6. Hey hey, Brini! Thanks so much for this generous giveaway! I would love to participate even if I'm not really lucky with giveaways LOL! But I know it's gonna be fun, like your previous giveaways, so here I am! Yay!

    1. Your name has been tossed in the hat!

  7. Hello from Spain: Count on me.. You are lovely. This giveaway is awesome. I love this couple. They are very glamurous. keep in touch

  8. Ooh! I'd like to participate too, if it's not too late!