Monday, September 1, 2014

Isabella Mayte Castinero

Scarlet: "Hi Everyone this is Isabella. She is originally from Spain."
Isabella: "Hola!"
Cecile: "Yes, we love her."
Scarlet: "She was a gift from Marta and she arrived last week. Brini tailored a wardrobe for Barbie Mother and sent it to her so she would have some fashions to wear. Just look how good Barbie's Mother looks here."
Cecile: "I hope I am on the list."
Isabella: "Me encanta mi nuevo hogar. Soy feliz aquí."
Cecile: "What are you saying Isabella.?"
Scarlet: "She says, "I love my new home. I am happy here." Get with the program Cecile. You should watch Dora the Explorer with me. That's how I learned to speak Spanish and you can too."
Cecile: "Yeah, about that...."
Isabella: "It is ok Sisters, I will speak English. Hee heeee."
Cecile: "Thank you."
Scarlet: "Don't mind her. We are all unique here. I'm glad your journey was safe. Let's finish telling everyone about you."
Isabella: "I am a Nenuco doll by Famosa. They are the leading brand for Baby Dolls in Spain. I am 16 inches in height. I am wearing a floral printed dress with sheer sleeves and collar. Both are trimmed in the same fabric of my dress. I have a mock lace hem attached to my dress which is trimmed in pink and accented with a pink floral bow. My bonnet I am wearing is pink and is trimmed in white lace. I am wearing white undies and pink shoes. Like Scarlet when you lay me down my eyes will close. When I arrived to America I was christened Isabella Mayte Castineiras by both Brini and her son. Perfecto!"
Isabella: "Who is this?"
Cecile: "Good Lawd! We need to explain the rules. We can do whatever we want in the Dotsville zone NOT the living zone. Oh my!, she going to cause us to go back in our boxes! You better get her Scarlet."
Scarlet: "DON'T TOUCH THAT! Chris will flip ALL OUT if we touch his stuff."
Isabella: "Sólo estoy comprobando las cosas aquí. No quiero decir nada malo. Lo siento. Voy a permanecer fuera de la zona de estar."
Cecile: " I don't know what you said but yeah, that sounds good!"
Scarlet: "Gracia. Come on let get back to the doll safe zone. I think I need a nap after this."
Isabella:  (Talking to herself) " Voy a enseñar a mis hermanas para relajarse. Hay un montón de muñecos aquí y quiero llegar a conocer a todos, somos una familia."

"I will teach my sisters to relax. There are a lot of dolls here and I want to get to know them all, we are family."
Cecile: "Huh, Isabella we need to talk."
Scarlet:: "I will explain the rules after our nap. Let's tell our friend good bye for now."
Isabella: "Sí, hermanas."

The Girls: "Glad you stopped by!"


THANK YOU Marta! As you can see she fits right in and Scarlet has a new BFF!


  1. Hello from Spain: I'm happy to see your Isabella Mayte. She is very happy in America. She has new friends. She also likes Dora the Explorer. I'm happy to see her at home. Thank you very much. Fabulous photos. Keep in touch

    1. Yes, she is very happy and these three are so cute together.

  2. LOL, I think that Isabella is about to cause some trouble over there.

    Congrats on getting her.

    1. Thanks Muff, It was a wonderful surprise. I think Isabella personality is a little too spicy for Scarlet and Cecile.

  3. Congratulations on your new doll. It was very sweet of Marta to send Isabella to you. She and Scarlet look like sisters from a different mother or perhaps different father (?!).



    1. Thank you. I was so surprise when she arrived. I was expecting a card or something, lol.

  4. So cute. Scarlet is such a great big sister. That was nice of Marta to send Isabella to you. Isabella better be careful or Chris might ship all the dolls back to Spain.

    1. It was really nice of her. I wasn't even expecting a doll so that what makes it so great. It took a good while for Chris to get used to Scarlet because she is the biggest doll I have in my collection so she always moved around in apartment so he had to get used to that, he just didn't want the dolls to take over. So we work it out.

  5. Oh How SweeT! Love the Baby Dolls and Lovely Isabella, They all look so Beautiful Together - EnJoY! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  6. Thank you. I think Isabella is like TiGGy she like to keep busy and explore.