Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing Little Miss Amorie.

I lucked up and found this little cutie in Target waiting to come home with me. Ms. Leo had shared her mini collection dolls that she had purchased here and I thought just maybe I will be able to find one or two. Well, she found me.
See her precious face? She was the last cutie on the shelf so it was only right that she would relocated to Dotsville.
Her name is Amorie. She is a Moxie Girlz Friends line of mini dolls. She wearing her original outfit and yellow shoes. She stands 5 inches tall and sports two curly ponytails. If minis are the new black then she is definitely one to have in your collection. She is now Mattel SIS Grace's daughter who is Mattel Happy Family Madison's niece.
Emi: "Amorie, do you see any fish?"
Amorie: "No, do you?"
Grace: "Girls, you two are to close."
Amorie:"Mommy, do you see in fish?"
Emi: "Ms. Grace my cousin said there were fish in there and I don't see them."
Grace: "There might be a few but you two are two close you might fall in."
Amorie: "Sorry Mommy, we'll be careful."
Grace: "I know you two will. I'm going to go visit with Ava. Don't worry I can see you from the bench."
Emi: "Look there Julian."
Amorie: "Who?"
Emi: "I don't see his brother. Maybe he can see the fish."
Justin: "Hi Emi, who is that?"
Emi: "She my friend. Where's your brother?"
Justin: "Playing I guess. Did you know there are fishes in here."
Justin: "Have you seen them?"
Emi: "No, do you? Ms. Grace doesn't want us to get close so you better get back"
Justin: "What if I put grass in there. They might think it food."
Emi: "I don't know but you better get back."
Grace: "Your boys are so cute."
Ava: "Thanks, look at him. J STOP THAT!
Justin: "OK!!
Grace: "How in the world do you know which one that is?"
Ava: "Easy.  Justin is my explorer while Julian is the engineer. See he's over there measuring the distance between the climbing pole and the bench. He's all about measuring now, my little mathematician."
Grace: "Ha, haaa. I see."
Emi: "Don't you want to say hi."
Justin: "Hi."
Amoire: "Hi, I'm Amorie."
Justin: "Ok, bye."
Amorie: "You went up the slide wrong. Why did you climb on the bench?"
Julian: "Who are you?
Amorie: "I told you my name."
Julian: "No you didn't."
Amoire: "Yes I did. You can ask Emi."
Amorie: "I asked Justin why he went up the slide wrong and told me he didn't know my name."
Emi: "That wasn't him. You told his brother."
Amoire: "What?"
Emi: "See there are two of them. Hee, hee."
Amorie: "There are two of them?"
Emi: "Hee, hee. Yes, they are twins."
Justin: "Amoire you were talking to my brother not me. Haahaa. See. Hahahaa"
Julian: "Told you."
Justin: "This is my brother Julian."
Julian: "Hi and Bye."
Justin: "See ya!"
Amoire: "Ok then I like them both!  Hee, hee."
Emi: "You can't even tell them apart yet, hee, hee."
Amoire: "Doesn't matter, they are the same,  hee, hee."
Grace: "It was good seeing you Ava. I better get the girls and head home. They were up all night playing."
Ava: "It was good seeing you too. I'm going to give the boys another 30 minutes. Now that school has started they think they won't be able to come to the park that much."
Grace: "We should get together next week. I miss seeing you."
Ava: "I will give you call. Take care girls."

Amoire: "Bye Ms. Ava."
Emi: "Bye Ms. Ava."
Grace: "Girls, come on. Time to go."

She's fitting in quite nicely.



  1. I fell for this cutie too. Cute story!

    1. Thanks. I was surprised to see her on the shelf. There were only two left and she was just hanging there holding on, waiting for me to see her.

  2. Congrats Brini! I have her too and one other.


    1. Thank you. I glad to have her. I guess with Christmas coming up I will be able to find some new goodies.

  3. She's adorable! I love seeing these new mini dolls in action.

    1. Thanks. They really are cute dolls and I'm going to try and showcase them more.

  4. This was an adorable story. I like the succinctness of the boys. They are very hi and bye, lol.

    1. Thank you. My son's co worker has twins and when I was invited to their family fun day at the park. Everyone would ask, "Which one are you?" and the girls would tell them, well I guess it was getting tiresome. I heard one of them say "I told you my name." I thought that was so funny. Then the other one said, "That wasn't me, that was Madison, put the beer down." I almost fell on the bench I was laughing so hard. I sent them cupcakes on Monday and they sent a video to my son saying thanks and what looks like they are doing high fives.

  5. Cute story! Love the park setting.

    1. Thanks Phyllis. I'm glad I was able to find her. I hoping to change out the cardboard grass for some scenic grass soon. The hobby shopped moved so it's not easy to get to anymore.

  6. Lovely story :-), the twins are adorable and so is your new little doll. The conversations with the twins is so funny: hi-bye :-D.

    1. Thanks. I agree the SIS dolls were a good line. The Moxie Girlz are really cute unfortunately there were only two at the store and I wanted to see the other ones Ms. Leo had showcase. I would love to add some boys.

  7. This is a very cute story! Amorie is a cutie. I hope to get one like here.

    1. Thanks. I am heading to Joanne tomorrow. If Target has more on the shelf I will pick one up for you. Ms. Leo was right, she is so cute in person.

    2. Brini you are so sweet! Please don't go to any trouble on my account. I haven't even checked my local Targets yet.

  8. Amorie is adorable, and so are the twins. Love the park.

    1. Thanks. I'm trying to showcase my kiddies like you! Amorie is really cute in person. I can see her as Paulette daughter too.

  9. I love the twins. All of your kids are adorable! The park is pretty cool place to hang out. :-)

    1. The twins have funny personalities but so do most of the kids when they are together. They do say the funniest things. Now that I seen your restaurant I need to work on the clubhouse since this all part of the county club.

  10. Hello from Spain: your new doll is lovely. I really like your photos in the garden. It seems very real. Your doing a great job. I also like to see your collection of Shellys. Children always play .. We keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. I do live the garden I hope to switch out the grass soon to some realistic glass. I need a much bigger piece. I love how my Shellys collection has come along, the mini dolls are really cute.

  11. Cute story and kids! I enjoyed reading it thoroughly as if I was there in the park with them!! :D

  12. Amorie has beautiful big eyes! I love that she was waiting for you at the store. When it's meant to be yours it will be yours! LOL! The children are all so cute playing together!

    1. I also bought two...loved the curly ponytails. Cute story.

    2. Cinderella Momments - She really was the last one dangling on the shelf! So not sure if people are buying them up of Target is moving things around for Christmas.

      simsgrl - Lucky you. It very rare I can find nice doll stuff. Thank goodness the holidays are coming up. I might be able to find some other items.

  13. Oh What a Wonderful Story and Little Amorie is such a Happy little Treasure! Your stories really are such inspiring role models for people. I wish more people realized what a remarkable art form dolls are for conveying so very much in so many ways - Keep up the Beautiful Work and Congratulations on Lovely Amorie so Lucky to be joining your Wonderful Family ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. Thank you so much. Every time I read about TiGGY I always think about my little minis having fun too. I have a few young ladies on Instragram that read my blog so I always want to keep it family oriented and fun. Not to much adult content because they deal with enough already. I strive to keep in entertaining and fun place to stop by.

  14. Such cute dolls & I love how you support the cute pictures with
    a story. Amazing work! & would you like to follow each other
    on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & keep in


    1. Thanks for stopping by and you are always welcomed! I would love to follow you as well.

  15. Julian doubled? Well, Julian and Justin - utterly cute. The girls are cute, too. Thanks for letting the kids show off today ;-)