Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nothing but a party for the Mothers!

Chanta: "Hey Diamond, I see your guest are arriving with all smiles."
Diamond: "Yes, I see my mother is already in the pool."
Chanta: "I already told Zac and Chad to set the food and drink stations up. I hope everything is to your liking."
Diamond: "Thanks, I'm going to greet everyone so I will see you later. Thanks for everything."
Chanta" No worries. If you need anything else I will be in the office. Enjoy."

Zac: "Chanta is cute. I wouldn't mind taking her out."
Chad: "Dude focus. Her mother and YOURS is here."
Zac: "I know, I'm just saying."

Chanta: "Hey fellas I don't know what the hold ups is on the tables. Brini needs to get it together. The guests are arriving."
Zac: "There here. Come on Chad let get it set up."
Chanta: "Don't forget the smoothie machine. Diamond was adamant about that. Her mother love them."
Chad. "Done."
Chanta: "Ok. I will be in the office if you guys need anything. Make sure the ladies don't have to wait on anything."


Diamond: "Hi everyone. Having fun?"
Cara: "Oh yes."
Akira and Rita: "Yes."
Diamond: "Good. The bar is open and whatever you have a taste for we should have it. Enjoy!"

Ann: "Here she is Dana. Diamond plan all this. From the layout to the food. She is just like her mother, loves to entertain."
Diamond: "Hi Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Scully. I hope your having a good time."
Rita: "We are. I see your  mother over there having a good time too. She has been in the pool ever since she got here."
Ann and Dana: "Heee, heee."
Diamond: "She really is a mermaid."

(In the background}
Chad: "Zac could you bring be a platter. Steaks are done."

Zac: "Look at you over there like your are Chef Ramsey."
Chad: "I do have it going on don't I? Thanks for bringing me a thermo. I am feeling every bit of the heat today and nothing beats the thirst like cold water."
Zac: "Don't think this tent helps. This machine give off a lot of heat. I see Chanta mother arrived. She sports the same tattoo too."
Chad: "Stop thinking about Chanta and go serve something."
Zac: "I thought we was cool, Man."
Chad: "We are, but give Chanta a rest."
Zac: "Oh like you did Diamond back in the day."
Chad: "Haa, haa. Ok, I feel ya."

Cara: "So Matoaka do you like it here in Dotsville."
Matoaka: "Yes very much and so does Chanta. She seems to fit right in and she loves working here at the county club. She likes to be in charge."
Cara: "I know I am the same way. I must admit I have slowed down this year. I'm lucky I get to travel a lot for work but I need to slow down too. So this is right on time."
Matoaka: "I am enjoying myself."
Cara: "Diamond would be glad. When we get done I will take you around and introduce you to everyone."
Matoaka: "Oh thanks, that would be nice."

Ashley: "Hi Akira, how have you been?
Akira: "I am doing great. How about you?"
Ashley: "Really good have fun."


Rachel: "Crystal you alright over there."
Michico: "She looks alright."

Meagan: "Now this is the life."
Crystal: "I hear you on that Meagan. This is great, everything at our fingertips."

Kayla: "Really Crystal. You been chillin' all day, not a peep. Hee, heee."
Barbie: "Must be the wine, hee, heee."
Brianna: "Or the sun. She has been quiet as a mouse. Hee, heee."
Madison: "Ok ladies, you know her plate is full. More than mine! Relax girl, relax. Haaa, haaa."

Star: "Omg gosh, Ava how have you been. I haven't seen you in ages."
Ava: "Doing good, made a career change so I am teaching now. Yes, had to get out of the corporate grind."
Star: "Well it agrees with. You look great. Let me grab some food so we can sit and eat."
Ava: "Sounds good."

Shawnya: "How's everything been going for you Grace?
Grace: "Really good. I have been stationary for awhile now and loving it."
Shawyna: "Is Vanessa back yet? I haven't heard Cara mention anything."
Grace: "She is still in Spain. I talked to her a few days ago and she has been enjoying herself."
Shawyna: "I hope she send pics soon. You know she takes fab pictures.
Grace: "The next time I talk to her I will let her know you were thinking of her."


Rita: "Vivian it has been so good to see you. You need to come visit more."
Vivian: "I know right. My foundation keeps me on the road like I'm the president."
Rita: "Promise me you will hop off Air Force One and visit more."
Vivian: "Yes, I will do that."

Zac: "Mrs. Cheong is there anything you need."
Akira: "Yes, more towels in the Cabana and tags for our bathing suits please."
Zac: "No problem I will take care of it right now."


Diamond: "Chad, please."
Chad: "Gimme some credit."
Diamond: "I planned everything, you just agreed."

Cara: "Hey ladies, this is Matoaka, Chanta's mother. I want to make sure she meets everyone. Her and her family are new to Dotsville."
Meagan: "Hi, I'm Meagan. My mother is Dana Scully. She was over there with Rita and Mrs. Dotson."
Kayla: I'm Kayla. One of Kara sisters. Our other sister is in the pool."
Ashely: "I am Ashley. Kayla sister in law and Dana is my mother in law."
Raquelle: "I'm Raquel and my sister Michico is over at the pool. Our mother is Akira."
Matoaka; "It's nice meeting everyone."

Rachel: "What you had enough Ms. Mermaid."
Crystal: Yes, Diamond wants everyone to be dressed by 6pm for dinner."
Rachel: "Well I better get showered and changed. It takes a minute to do this hair?"
Crystal: "Ok, I will catch up with you later."

Ann: "Ok ladies, remember Diamond wants everyone to be ready by 6pm for dinner."
Michico: "I wonder what else good she has planned?"
Dana: "Yes, I'm just waiting to get in the shower. This really has been a great day."
Hayden: "I have had so much fun today. It has been so good seeing everyone too."
Barbie: "It sure has. Just think we have been socializing all day."
Ann: "Yes, we have, heee, hee."

Later in the Day....

From all the mothers in Dotsville to all the mothers everywhere,


Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hello from Spain: awesome pool. Is it Mattel? I had not seen before and that pool is fabulous. Great outdoor scene. Very real. Your Barbies are wearing nice swimsuits. You have much different models. Happy Mother's Day. In my country we celebrate Mother's Day on the first Sunday of May. The party was last Sunday. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta. The pool is by Mattel and it is from the Barbie Malibu line it came out in 1979. It has some water damage but I love it. I can't believe I have swimsuits for all of them. I only had to make three! One for HF Rita, Cara and Akira. I wanted to set up outside on the patio but the pollen wouldn't let me. The groups shot is now my screen saver, it was my favorite.

  2. No wonder the population is growing in Dotsville - what fun happenings for the Moms and their families. Chad and Zac can bring me a smoothie.

    1. Yes, the mother had a great time! I didn't even realize I had a smoothie machine until I was setting up!

  3. What a great party. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow... there are lots of mom's in Dotsville. Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wish! Hope yours was happy as well.


    1. Thank you. I hope all was good for you.

  5. Wow!! I love the swimming pool party ^^
    I hope they have spent a good time, they seem very happy ;)

    1. Yes, the ladies in Dotsville enjoy the fabulous life.

  6. Whoaaaa! I can just hear the chatter, laughing and fun! You had everything covered! Happy belated Mom's Day to all! Hope everyone had as much fun as these ladies!

    1. Thank you I hope you had a great one as well. Yes, the ladies had a great time.

  7. Talk about party central! Loved seeing all the bits and details in the background.

    1. Omg, I was thinking about you the whole time I was setting the pool up! It has some water damage so I want to make the structures over but still collapse them. Thanks so you I look at boxes different, lol. I picked up some clear transparent at the dollar store so all I need to is get some paper and it will be on!

  8. Wooowww!!! Fantastic pool party!!!! Yessss!!!!
    I love pictures! I want to be at that party!

    1. Thanks it was the party of all party. The ladies had fun.

  9. Loved the Chef Ramsey mention haha... This makes me miss my Barbies so much. They're back home. I have so many (probably not as many as you do) and I have a few pools too. One of my pools even has a big water slide! I used to build a city with a grocery store, bowling, school, hair salon, everything so that I could play a full normal life day. I still have all my things. I never want to throw them away!


    1. Glad you stopped by. Don't throw anything away, trust me!! This is just the stuff I have here with me, my mother attic has the rest of my stuff. This apartment is already busting at the seams, lol. I never thought I would "play" with them again until I discovered how many people DO play and create for their dolls, so it been on ever since.

  10. Hola Brini.
    Te quedo un diorama hermoso.
    Me encantaron las fotos con tanto color.
    Hermosa historia, pir cierto, me encantan tus dolls.

    1. Gracias! Me divertí mucho jugando con ellos. Me cansé después de cambiar toda su ropa, lol. Espero que hayan tenido un día de madres bonito.

  11. Great pool party! I love that inground pool. Nice to see all the wonderful accessories. It's great seeing so many Dotsville mothers. Happy belated Mother's Day.

    1. Thanks, it really is a great pool. I plan on making two more umbrella tables and get the jacuzzi going.

  12. I missed this post! I like the setup. I like posts where you get to use a lot of different dolls! The final shot with them all together is the best! It is late but Happy Mother's Day:-)

  13. Wow a Mothers Day PooL Party - How CooL is This! What a Great idea - Looks like everyone had a relaxing fun time :)

  14. Fabulous. You put in a lot of hard work on this and it shows.