Sunday, May 4, 2014

Enjoying the day....

Alan: "Well hello,  you look very relaxed."
Madison: "Yes, I am. Hey there Pal."
Madison: "Did you enjoy your walk Buddy?"
Alan: "Yes, he did."
 Madison: "Aah I miss walking you too. You're such a big baby."
Alan: "Where are the kids?"
Madison: "Sleep."
Alan: "Move Pal."
Madison: "Oh my. How many people saw you in that dirty shirt?
Alan: "Not many."
Madison: "Really? How many? You know you do have clean shirts in the house."
Alan: "Yes, I know and I did wash a majority of those shirts before I left. It is no big deal. Really, it's was dudes and their dogs."
Madison: "Babe, really? I would hate to....."
Alan: "Did you say the kids are sleep?"
Madison: "Yes all..."
Alan: "Lose the visor Maddie."
Madison: "?"
Alan: "Napping or sound asleep?"
Madison: "Knocked out."
Alan: "Perfect."
Madison: "What in the world???  Put me down before the neighbors think your crazy."
Alan: "I AM. For my wife. Maddie get rid of the visor please."
Madison: "It just a visor, what the big deal?
Alan: "It the beginning. Get rid of the visor and I"ll get rid of my shirt and perhaps other things."
Madison: "Done!"

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Someone is feeling frisky! Loved these photos. The lighting was so nice and bright!

    1. Yes, I don't know what the deal is with Alan, lol. The sun was so bright Sunday morning I just had to get up in play.

  2. Jaja qus divertidas imagenes cuanto amorrr.besosss

    1. Alan es siempre sobre el amor! Eso explica los tres niños, LOL!

  3. Seems like the doggy walk got him all hot and bothered. Isn't this the family with a ton of kids? lol. They better be careful. Nice seeing a post from you.

    1. Yes, talk about a happy family, lol. I'm so glad your feeling better too.

  4. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. this couple is very beautiful. There is much love. I like this house. Keep in touch.

    1. Hey Marta. Hope all is well. This is one of my favorite houses. I wish I could have all my houses her with me but I can work with the three I got. I love how you utilize yours. As for Alan it always about love, hence the three kids.

  5. Replies
    1. I don't know what to say about these two. I love your blogs but how do you do it?? I started sewing for my dolls again so I can relate to the patterns and the adjustments. Thanks for stopping by and you are always welcome!

  6. Hola, que bonita pareja, es divertida esta historia.
    Bonita semana para ti.

  7. The light just poured in there ;-)

    Madison's comment about the dirty shirt made me smile. Why is it the wife's fault if the husband dirtied his shirt after she cleaned it? LOL. Dirt happens.

    Happy ending though.

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    1. Hello, I´ve just discovered your blog, would you like to follow each other?
      I love your pictures, they´re very nice. I always prefer love stories =)
      See you soon ;)

  9. Oh I Love how you draw us into such beautifully happy and intimate scenes - They are such a Beautiful couple together, and its really amazing how you capture their connection to each other - Truly Loving Couple - Beautiful :)