Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happenings at the dog park.


Dominick: "Hey Alan!"
Dante: "'daddy, Pal."
Heath: "Come on boy. Let's go see Alan and Pal."

Alan: "Hey there. This way Pal. Hey Heath!"


Dominick: "Say hi to Pal Dante. She's glad to see you."
Dante: "Daddy, she's big."


Heath: "Hey Alan, how are you.? Goodness Pal is big."
Dante: "big dog Daddy."
Dominick: "All dogs are big to you. Both of them are big. They won't hurt you."
Alan: "Yes, she doesn't miss any meals. She likes her walks but she wants a treat afterwards. Hee, hee. What brings you fellas to the park?"
Dante: "come Pal."
Dominick: "Let me get her leash. Dante wanted to see dogs today so I figured I bring him then put him down for a nap."
Dante: "no nap, Daddy."
Heath: "Just getting a little exercise in to keep Blade from being restless."


Alan: "Hey there Blade. You looking like you are on guard. Heath he looks really fit and trim. Well Madison had a to do list for me and Pal wanted her walk as soon as I got up. So I cleaned the house and came on this way."
Dominick: "He is a beautiful dog Heath. Careful Dante."
Heath: "I feed him the best and make sure he gets plenty of exercise."
Alan: "He looks so well behave to."

Pal: "WOOF!, WOOF!
Blade: "Arrrr,"

Heath: "Hush Blade, she just a pup. Come on let's get going. I better get back to the station. I'll see you guys later. "
(Both):  "Take care."

Hello Everyone. My name is Heath Efron and this is my partner Blade. I am a Power Team Elite Police action figure and I am fully poseable! I am wearing my original police uniform which consist of black boots, dark blue uniform pants, blue shirt with top stitching on the two flap pockets, police emblem on both shirt sleeves, black tie and belt. My accessories include my hat, handcuffs, holster with gun, baton, radio, loud speaker and my guard dog whom I have name Blade. I am married to Hayden and I am the father of Zac Efron whom I believe you met. I have been here a while and was just taken out the box today. Wow, Brini needs to get it together!


Meagan: "Hey everyone!"
Sassy: "woof, woooof, woooof"
Marcus: "Wow, what a beautiful lab."

Meagan: "Oh my goodness. Is this Dante? He has gotten so big."
Dominick: "Yes, he is growing so fast."
Dante: "hi."
Meagan: "Hello Dante. How is Frannie?"
Dominick: "She is doing real good. Busy as usual. How's your family?"
Meagan: "Doing good. Chelsea is getting taller by the minute and my nieces, Riley and Sydney are doing good as well."
Dominick: "We better get going too. It time for Dante nap. It was good seeing you. Take care Marcus."

Hello! I am Dominick Scotts and you know my son Dante. I am married to Francesca. I am King Dominick from Mattel's Barbie Princess and the Pauper line and I am articulated. My ensemble included burgundy mandarin collect coat with turquoise, gold, and white applique design, cream and cold vest, white ascot and a plastic "ruby" broach, burgundy knickers, bronze vinyl boots, plastic crown. My extra outfit consisted of blue velvet knickers, white shirt with ruffle front and gold broach, blue and metallic vest that was attached. gold tiara and hexagon shaped hat box and lid and a light blue book. I was an Ebay find and now I reside it Dotsville. Well we gotta get going, so take care!

Meagan: "Alan this is Marcus and he wants to know all about Pal."
Marcus: "Stop Sassy. Your getting all tangles up."
Pal: '"wooooooo, wwoooof."


Alan: "Nice to meet you Marcus."
Marcus: "Same here. You have a nice dog."
Alan: "Pal is a whole story by herself. Meagan will have to bring you by the house and I can tell you all about her. I got to get going as well. I left the last load in the washing machine."

Meagan: "I think they like each other. Ok, we don't want to keep you. Tell Madison I said hello."
Alan: "Ok, take care. Don't forget to tell our friends about yourself Marcus."
Marcus: "What?"
Meagan: "Relax Hon. Everyone that relocates to Dotsville has to introduce themselves. Don't worry, they will like you."
Marcus: "Ok, that different."

Hi Everyone, I am Marcus Tate and this is my dog Sassy.  I am Mattel's Beach Ryan doll. I am a basic doll that comes with swim trunks and sunglasses. I am NOT articulated but I was lucky that there was an extra body around that was or else I would still be sitting on Target shelf! Sassy is from Mattel's Happy Family line. She is the original dog that came with great accessories. She has a dog bone, dog dish and a cardboard house and a magnetic nose that "grabs" Nikki blanket. If you push her bow back her tongue will stick out. Really cute, I must say. We have been living in Dotsville for awhile now and we like it here. As you can see I am now dating Meagan and I like it here. Hope to see you again soon.


Meagan: "See, I told you that wasn't bad was it?"
Marcus: "No Babe, not at all."
Sassy: "woof, woof, wwooofff."

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Nice new neighbors! Looks like they're having great weather.

    I did not know that the King Dominick from Mattel's Barbie Princess and the Pauper line was articulated. Cool that you did not have to rebody him.

    Good to see Mr. Efron, Sr. Isn't it fun to debox a doll that's been boxed or some time? Like a new present ....

    1. I didn't know about the articulation either so I was thrilled about it. I am trying to get better about deboxing the dolls when the arrive. I do experience that "new present" sensation! My space is so limited and I just hate taking things down and putting them back up. Same for my sewing machine. When I move I will have a room that let's me close the door and create so I can continue to be patience. I the only dolls I might leave in the box will be my silkies.

  2. Hi Brini, the new residents are all very interesting. I like the policeman and his dog, they both look very realistic!

    1. I really lucked up when I found the policeman. When I was growing up we had a German shepherd name Baron so he was an easy purchase! I challenge myself to show all my families this year, so you know that a task in itself!

  3. Great new residents in Dotsville! I like the idea of them being in a dog park. My dog loves going to them!

    1. Whenever the weather is nice I want to showcase more of the kids in Dotsville and their pets so a park is so fitting and it doesn't take much of anything to create the scene!

  4. Hola, que bellas imagenes al aire libre, que guapo es Marcus, seguro la pasaran muy bien los nuevos residentes.
    Hasta pronto.

    1. Muchas gracias. Me gusta mucho esta Ryan. Él una muñeca básica pero tiene grandes características. Estoy contento de haber tenido un cuerpo para él. Lo encontré un destino en el aclaramiento de lo que fue una compra fácil.

  5. What a Wonderful day they all had together in the dog park, meeting new friends and enjoying their pups together - I Love your pictures and stories so much and always learn something new too - Thank you So Very Much for another Great visit! ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hoping my dollies will have a lot of fun this year like Tiggy!

  6. looks like dogs had a great fun! At the beginning I had a problem to learn the names of them, but now is fine :) Policeman and K9 are awesome, I'm not really fond of poice in a real life, but in photostory they look very cool.
    I really like how you made photos in park, looks very realistic!

    1. Thanks! I don't care for the police either but I need at least on in Dotsville! Now that the weather is nice, the dogs need to get out more.

  7. I love the dog park. You know I'm a big fan of dogs I really like the policeman. And the small handcuffs sound very interesting. I would buy him just for the handcuffs. Lots of new people moving to Dotsville.

    1. You know I have you to thank for the dogs post! His accessories are really nice and I am so glad that a found him at Big Lots! on Clearance.

  8. It's like a party at the park! All the doggies are very cute. And Dante is adorable! A whole bunch of pretty people at the park!

    1. Dante was part of the Mattel Dr. Ken set that I lucked un and found on Ebay. We need more little boys in Dotsville.

  9. Hola Brini, me parecen unas escenas preciosas, aunque de la historia no me he enterado mucho, jejejeje

  10. Great way to introduce new characters and their pets. I got a dog like that with a GI Joe. I there wil be new plots!