Sunday, March 9, 2014


**Sorry for the pics being blurry, I had to use my Ipod.**

Alan: "Honey, are you ready yet?"

Madison: "Yes, just putting on my shoes."

Cara: "You two look great!"

Alan: "Yes, we do look good."
Madison: "Thanks. I wasn't sure about the dress."
Alan: "They dress is smokin' hot!"

Kayla: "Wow Madison! You are looking good. That dress fits you perfectly."
Madison: "I was hoping it would, hhee, hee."

Stacie: "Aunt Madison, that is a really cute dress. Ashley come look at my Aunt!"


Kayla: "To late, places everyone."

Ken: "I hope Ashley not sleep. If she is, we can pick her up tomorrow."
Barbie: "She just might be. You dropped her off so early this morning."
Ken: "It was nice of Madison to ask over to babysit. By the way you look gorgeous today."
Alan: "COME ON IN!"

Everyone: "SURPRISE!!!

Barbie: "Oh my gosh!!
Everyone: "Happy Birthday Barbie!"
Ken: "Happy Birthday Honey."

Ashely: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! Are you surprise?"

Barbie: "Yes, Sweetie, I am!"
Ken: "She wanted to do something special for you."
Barbie: "And she did too."

Barbie: "thank you."

Cara: "You didn't think I was too busy to see you, did you Birthday girl! Happy Birthday Barbie."
Barbie: "Thank you so much. You are soo good to me! We have been friends since we were Ashley and Stacie age! I love you so much."

Ken: "Thanks Alan for having us over. You made my wife one happy lady!"
Alan: Stop all that, we're all family. There is nothing I would not do for you guys."
Ken: "Dinner was excellent and the limo was just too much. I must pay you back."
Alan: "Nonsense! Nothing is ever to much for Barbie, Hee, hee."
Ken: "So true, she does have everything!"

Kayla: "Happy Birthday Barbie. You know you a another sister for me to love."
Barbie: "You guys are going to make me cry!"
Kayla: "You are rocking that pink dress!"
Ashley: "Mommy looks so pretty Daddy."
Ken: "She does. You did a good job on her party too." 

Madison: "Happy Birthday Barbie. You look stunning!"
Barbie: "Thank you and so do you."
Stacie: "I'm ready for some cake. Mrs. Barbie are you?
Alan: "After you and everyone else has had dinner. Come on Barbie and Ken let's get going, me and Madison have one more surprise for you."

Happy Birthday Barbie and thank you to the late Ruth Handler. Whoever thought a little doll would inspire little girls and boys to dream big! To all those who play, dream, imitate, buy, sell, give away, pass down, toss out, rescue, repair, restore, sew, paint, knit, crochet, draw, sketch, design, engineer, build, work, encourage, write, blog, hate or love can not say this doll has not change their lives in some form or fashion.  I love my dolls, her fashions and accessories! I am a Barbie girl!


  1. Replies
    1. She had a good time. I was going to make so mini hors d'oeuvre but could not find my paint brushes.

  2. Nice tribute to the doll that has influenced children and adults globally for 55 years.


    1. She really has. My mother used her to teach me out to sew, knit, organize my toys as well as keep a clean house.

  3. What a sweet tribute! Happy Birthday Barbie! You've certainly left a mark on my life. Which doll is Madison? She's pretty and so is her dress.

    1. She has enriched so many peoples lives. Madison is Mattel's AA Happy Family Neighborhood dolls. She came with Nikki and her first birthday accessories. I think I got the dress of Ebay. Between her and Crystal with all the kids, I have to remind everyone they are sexy mommas!

  4. What a sweet post, happy birthday Barbie!!! May all us Barbie girls keep having fun with our favourite doll :-)!

    1. I agree, I have had so much fun playing with my dolls. My son laughs at me! He says I'm always so quiet and everything is set up and I just be having a good time by myself.

  5. So sweet! What a great surprise!

    1. I thought she would like that. You know when you have everything you have to think out the box.

  6. Hola Brini, meencanto lo que escribiste al final, estoy contigo.
    Fue una bonita historia.
    Un beso.

    1. .Es tan cierto, Barbie ha tocado tantas vidas de la gente y me hace triste pensar que algunas personas piensan que es objeto de controversia. Ella inspira a aprender una habilidad!

  7. What a great post for Barbie's Birthday!

    1. What women doesn't like surprises! She got some great gifts too!

  8. Hello from Spain: Happy Birthday, Barbie! You are always wonderful. I am also a Barbie girl. Lovely birthday. Keep in touch

    1. Ashley did such a great job on the party, not to much but enough. I have been doing a lot of sewing so I will be sending you some dollie goodies soon.

  9. Happy Birthday Barbie! Everyone looks so beautiful or handsome. Yummy cake! And I love those ruffle edge plates.

    1. Thanks, the plates came with the house and they are adorable.

  10. Oh Wow what a Great Barbie Birthday Tribute! Everyone looks so Wonderful - That dress Is Smokin Hot and Ken and Alan have Very Snazzy suits too - Congratulations on such a Great Celebration! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  11. Barbie will be stopping by next week to show you her special gift Mrs. Dotson made for her.