Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stopping by.

Beauty: "WOOF!!, WOOF!!
Cara: "Hey Mom look who I have with me."
Ann: "What is this? Hey there Bumpkin, whatcha you doing with Aunt Cara today. How in the world did you end you with him. Where's Kelly?"
Elijah: "mmm..mmm"
Cara: "I told Shawna that I was coming to kidnap the kids today but little Miss. Kelly wanted to stay with her Daddy. So she packed up Elijah so fast and hurried us out the door. Where Dad?"
Ann: "Don't speak him up! Him and Rex when to Lowe's or Home Depot. I tuned him out as soon as he walked out the door and set up my sewing machine."
Beauty: "wooooo, wwoooff."

Ann: "Ok Beauty, no need to be alarmed. Cara has done this before."
Beauty: "woof." 

Cara: Really Beauty? You got a lot of nerve with your noisy self!"
Ann: "On second thought Beauty maybe you should stay on guard. Sounds like Cara getting nervous."
Cara: "Anyhoo, I will be right back. I going to the car to get your fabric. Come on Beauty, be useful"
Ann: "Oh Sweetie, you didn't have to do that. I would of picked it up between now and Tuesday."
Cara: "What with the truck in the driveway? What  is Dad up to now."
Ann: "Not him, the city, They have been cutting trees down and inspecting the power lines."
Beauty: "Woooff, wwooowwooooff." 
Ann: "That doesn't look like everything I ordered. I should have at least 8 bolts of fabric."
Cara: "Only two came in and it not for your curtains."
Ann: "I wonder why it taking so long. I don't want to finish the kitchen walls with out my curtain."
Cara: "Does it really make a difference? Do the walls and call it a day."
Ann: "The curtain will determine if I want to tile or not. C'mon girl, you know how I do. I'm just ready to finish my kitchen. Oh well never loss sleep over something you can't control."
Cara: "These are gorgeous. What is this for? You been doing a lot of sewing lately. I hope I get a outfit or two."
Ann: "A gift for an old friend of mine. Do you remember Ms. Tressy."
Cara: "No, not really.
Ann: "Well she lives in Poland now and I want to send her something special. Remember, first me, then the grandkids, then everyone else!"
Cara: "Well Ms. Tressy is going to love this material. It so pretty. What else have you been sewing? Who is this pillow and blanket for?
Ann: "That's Kelly sleeping bag and pillow. I was finishing up when you walked in the door.  You know when I am by myself I create." 
Cara: "Well it is very cute. Why don't I let Beauty back in and we go to lunch. Anywhere you want to go, it my treat."
Ann: "Alright then, let wrap up Elijah and hit the road. Beauty can stay outside."
Have a great week everyone!"


  1. Hola, bonitas fotos, me gusta mucho la cuna moises del nene, y el perrito muy jugueton, bonita semana tambien para ti.

    1. Gracias! Yo voy a mandar un correo electrónico y que me haga saber si le gustaría que estos artículos.

  2. Hi Brini, I nominated you for the Liebster Award (I bent the rules a little bit :-), details are on my Liebster Award post). I'll return to read the story!

  3. Cute story. I bet Mrs. Dotson can get a ton done when Mr. Dotson isn't around. I love her little sewing machine. I can't wait to see what she does with the kitchen.

    1. Yes, she can. I was actually channeling you! I really do need to finish this house I just can't find the sink! I want to start on Rita's house so they can start hanging out there.

  4. Hello from Spain: lovely baby. I like the sewing machine. Nice blanket. I like this story of mother and daughter and baby .. We keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. We need to see Cara and all my little kiddie more. Every since I saw your post with all the kids together I knew I needed to do that more.

  5. Great story and accessories! The sewing machine looks very realistic :-).

    1. Thanks. It was part of a mix lot on Ebay that I won for $2.00!

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  7. Hi Brini - Its always a Treat to see your happy family enjoying each other so much. I Love Ann's haircut, its Perfect on her - and that little baby carrier is so Cute!

  8. Thanks, I love the Happy Family Grandparents! Although there clothing is limited, I'm glad Mattel produced them. They did a really good job on them too!