Sunday, October 6, 2013

Out and about.

Ann: "Rita I'm so glad you called me. You know we need to get together more often.
Paris: "mmmm,...dddaaa."
Rita: "I agree."

Ann: "First thing first, let's check the clearance aisle.

Ann: "I'm glad it's not that crowded today."
Rita: "I know, doesn't seem it will take to long to check on some cabinets."

Rita: "Wait, here is your favorite isle. I told Rex if he needed to know anything about paint to ask you. Especially for the kitchen."
Ann: "With you that would be simple. Your favorite colors are black and white."
Rta:  "I know right. Hee,  hee.  That is an endless conversation between me and Rex."
Ann: "I can't  help it I will pick up a brush in a minute."
Rita: "Rex painted the walls in the kitchen gray so I thought I would go with white cabinets and black marble counter tops."
Ann: "That would are nice!  Then all you would have to do is select a few bright colors to make it pop."
Rita: "Yes, I could do that. Hee, hee. It such a great base for me. I did promise him the new furniture will not be black." 
Paris: "mmaaaa, mmaaa,, dddddaaa."

Rita: "I think Paris knows I like black.  Ann, she is just as cute as she can be. Where are the other two?"
Ann: "If I told you, you wouldn't believe it. They are at home with my husband and they are still sleep. This one right here takes mini naps. She doesn't like to sleep to long."

Rita: "I think she sense we were going to be about and about. Hee, Heee."

Ann: "Yes, Baby Goo Goo likes to keeps up with me! Whenever I am around, all eyes are on me."
Rita: "I don't see anything that grabs me. So we might as well head out."
Ann: Do you want to head over to Ethan Allen while we are out this way or do you want to grab some lunch?"
Rita: "Let head over to Ethan Allen, With a new kitchen I could always use a new dining room set.
Ann: "Yes, we can look into that too!"

Have a great week everybody.



  1. I love the way you place scenery and place your dolls. Paris is so precious!

    1. Thanks, I wish a had the room to create different scenes.

  2. They are at one of my favorite places! So nice to see them out and about. Paris was smiling and profiling. She was working that camera.

    1. I'm trying to be like you and give all my dolls some camera time!! I just wished I had the room.

  3. Que bonitas fotos, tan reales, me gusto como has colocado las dolls, yo tambien tengo tu nena. Hasta pronto.

    1. Thanks! I think Mattel did a good job on the Krissy lines. They are so cute you just have to take pictures of them.

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like your photos. The baby is adorable. Great meeting. Keep in touch

    1. She is a cutie. I'm trying to give all my kids some camera time in Dotsville.

  5. Muy bonitas las fotos, parecen que están allí de verdad !!! me encanta el bebé !!

  6. Thanks! I have to get the ladies out and about. I will be showcasing more children soon.

  7. These are great photos and a very cute story!