Sunday, March 10, 2013

Enjoying the flower show

Ann: "All the flowers are beautiful. I don't think it going to be easy for you for find  your girlfriend. It's really crowded today."
Nate: "This gets better every year. Just so you know, I have many girlfriends here. This is my spot and this is where I shine."
Ann: "Sure, sure. Hee, hee."

Ann: "Look how intense everyone looks. Seems like there are some great potted flowers over this way.
Nate: "There she is."
Ann: "Who?"

Mrs. Khan: "Mr. Dotson!, Mr. Dotson!. How you do. I have something special for you. Something special indeed."
Mr. Dotson: "Hi Mrs. Khan, this is my wife. Ann. She decided to hang out with me today."
Mrs. Khan: "Hello Mrs. Dotson, how are you. I have two plants you are going to love. I save them just for you."
Mr. Dotson: "I can't wait but don't get them now. We will be back to pick them up before we leave. Is that ok?
Mrs. Khan: "Yes, yes. No problem, you are going to love them. Just love them."
Mrs. Dotson: "Thank you so much. My garden would not be beautiful without your wonderful perennials."
Mr. Dotson: "Your garden?"

Nate: "Wow, look at the layout. Makes want to go home and redo the entrance to the carport. I really like the layout."
Ann: "It is real nice."

 Ann: "Look how they arrange these flowers Honey."

Nate: "Are you getting hungry? I'm getting hungry. You know how I lose track of time when I'm in my element."
Ann: "Yes, but there is so much more I want to see."
Nate: "We pretty much seen all the major retailers. I have seen my favorite vendors and picked up a few trade secrets but I'm hungry."
Ann: "Well let go get your plants and go eat. How about Longhorn today?"
Nate: "I'll just send her a text and have her assistant meet us at the door."

Nate: "I'm glad you decided to join me. I told  you it would be a lot of fun."
Ann: "Oh Honey I was coming anyway. I wanted to see all the new plants."
Nate': "Lets head toward the car so we can meet Archer. We've have walked breakfast off so it time to get something to eat."
Ann: "Ok babe, lead the way."

Archer: "Hi Mr. Dotson, here are the plants for Mrs. Khan. She sent you these two plants."
Mr. Dotson: "Thank you so much for bringing them to the car. Look at those gorgeous purple leaves!"

Archer: "I'm glad you like them. I also took care of your shipment as well."
Mr. Dotson: "You can put them in the back set for me. Please tell Mrs. Khan I said thank you."
Archer: "I sure will Mr. Dotson. We appreciate your business. You take care."

Have a great week everybody!



  1. Great story! Hope you are enjoying the flower show as much as the Dotsons.

    1. It is a tribute to Ms. Leo. She always goes to the flower show in Philly. My father loved "playing the dirt" as he would say. So I make sure Mr. Dotson loves the show as much as Ms. Leo does.

  2. Very creative use of your computer screen. Your photos seem real. Im sure it will get more realistic as time goes by. It is my dream to own a very large screen for making huge back drops for my stories.

    1. You and me both, especially with all your royal families! I can see the churches, summer homes, trips abroad. You would never run out of stories. I'm checking for my invitation now.

  3. I agree with The Duke. The way you use your monitor as a background is quite neat. Glad that fun was had by all at the flower show.

    1. The background help me so much. If I had the room I would have a whole town make out of boxes and paper!

  4. Nicely done! So creative and always a joy to see those Dotsons.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I just got caught up on all you posting and I swear I do not know where you get all the energy!!

  5. How did everyone know that was a monitor? Am I the dense one here? AHAHAHA. I thought Brini was really at a show and posed her dolls. ahaha. ok well I guess that says how realistic everything looked. I love the Dotsons keep em coming!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! I do wish I was there.

  6. Very cool! I love how your pics look so realistic like your dolls are really there! Very creative indeed. Keep up the great work.

    1. I so wish I had the space to create my scenes without over crowding the dining room. I can see the whole layout of Dotsville now. Thank you for encouraging me to create. I'm going to work on making food too!

  7. Hello from Spain: Great job. I like seeing the Dotsons enjoy the flower show. The flowers are very nice. I like very much because it is very real. Keep in touch

  8. Great story! I happy that I inspired you. I know I wish a had a large space to layout my doll town in too! You do really well with what you have. It is a lovely post!