Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finally made it.


Crystal: "lt took you entirely to long to get here."
Cara: "Tell me about it."
Stacie: "Hi Cousin Crystal, where everybody at."
Crystal: :Hey Stac, some are here some are gone."

Diamond: "Hey Couz, what's up?
Stacie: "Me! I sent you a text you but you didn't respond back."
Diamond: "Oh, sorry. I was helping Courtney. She always takes so long to get ready. She is such a Prima Donna."
Stacie: "Hee, hee. what's that?"

Crystal: "What is this I'm hearing?"
Cara: "I know my niece is over talking about someone being picky. As much as you boss your Grandpa around."

Stacie: "I don't do that Aunt Cara. I just make requests. Grandpa loves doing things for and with me."

Diamond: "Notice how she says, "doing for and with me". Sounds bossy to me."
Stacie: "Hee, hee. I'm not. I love my grandpa."
Diamond: "Hmm, everyone is texting me today."

Courtney: "Mommy!. Mommy!

Crystal: "Yeesss."

Cara: "Well look at you. You are just as cute as you can be! Come give me a hug."

Diamond: "Watch out, don't wrinkle Queen Courtney clothes. She will have a fit."
Crystal: "Diamond!"
Stacie: "Hi Courtney, I hear you are the Queen, hee, hee."
Courtney: "Hi Stacie I miss you."
Stacie: "Cousin Crystal where are the twins?"
Cara: "Yes, were are they?"

Diamond: "Excuse me for a moment, Hi Chad."

Crystal: "Alex took them to the mall to get new shoes."
Cara: 'Who is this Chad? How long as Diamond been talking to him."

Stacie: "Is he cute?"
Crystal: "Your cousin thinks so."

Cara: "Uh, Missy. What do you know about cute?"

Diamond: "Mom is it ok if I go with Chad to the mall."
Crystal: "How are you going to ditch your cousins for your boyfriend?"
Diamond: "I'm just be gone for a little while. Gosh Mom, put my business all out there."

Crystal: "Did you forget the rule? Your business is my business."
Cara: "Yeah, your mother runs this house, hee, hee."
Diamond: "I'm just going for the ride, you know, to keep him company."
Cara: "It ok with me if she want to ditch us."
Diamond: "Girl, that's Miss Busy Body! She is always on the move. Chad is a nice young man. He's polite and he is crazy about Diamond."

Courtney: "Mommy Diamond is ready to go."
Cara: "Girl, let her go. It's fine."
Crystal: "You two just got here. Diamond helped cook a great dinner for us to enjoy."
Cara: "We will enjoying it too!. We love good food. Don't we Stacie?"
Stacie: "Sure do! Hey, let "The Queen" decide, hee. hee."
Diamond: "Thanks Stacie, thanks."
Crystal: "Good ideal, hee, hee."

Crystal: "Sweetie, do you want your sister to leave and hang out with her friend at the mall. Stacie and Cara finally made it over here. You think she should leave?"

Diamond: "Remember who spoils you the most."
Diamond: "Don't try and con her, he he, hehee."
Courtney: "BYE!!"
Stacie: "Well, The Queen" has spoken. Hee, hee."
Cara: "Yes she has, hee, hee."
Diamond: "On that note, I'M OUT!, BYE."
Cara: "That means we can have Courtney all to ourselves."
Courtney: "YEA, YEA!!!!
Crystal: "My own baby sold me out. My little baby, hee, hee."
Cara: "She really did! HA HA, HHAA. Let's introduce Courtney to our friends and go in and eat that great food you cooked."
Crystal: "Yes. let's do that."
Crystal: 'Hello Everyone. This is my daughter Courtney. She is the original S.I.S. Little Friends doll Courtney. She IN NOT articulate. She is wearing her original outfit that consist of pink and yellow dropped hem skirt accented with a bow, pink and yellow layer top, white socks with a yellow stripe at the top, pink and white shoes and pink earrings. Her accessories included a yellow plastic "backpack", cardboard cutouts of school supply and a blow horn. She is the big sister to two adorable twins. Perhaps that where she gets her "Queen" complex. Don't let her fool you, she loves her big sister Diamond a lot! I hope you get to met my husband soon."

Courtney: "I love everyone, Mommy!"
Crystal: "I know you do, honey."
Cara: 'Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and I hope to see you soon."
Stacie: "Have a great week everyone!"

**Sorry for the blurry pictures. I'm using my son's camera and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.**



  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on these pictures. Courtney is very cute. Stacie I like. The dialogues are very real ... I enjoy your stories. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta she has the sweet face and her eyes make her look sooo innocent. Stacie is going to get even funnier now that she has Allison and soon Todd will be moving to Dotsville.

  2. Lovely story! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Eliana. I try to make them funny but as if you were standing right there with them.

  3. LOL, "I'm not bossy. I'm just making a request." I need to put that on a T-shirt!

    1. Muff, Stacie is only going to get funnier!

  4. Hi Brini,I love your stories,I agree with Marta,dialogues are indeed very real,it was a good read for my daughter and me!! :):):)Keep in touch!

    1. Hi Pam, I'm so glad you enjoyed my stories!! I love knowing that you and your daughter read my blog together!! There are more great post coming!

  5. Be the viewers of my good luck to visit me, please have a cute block
    I love you kiss

    1. Thanks for stopping by and yes I will love to stop by your blog.

  6. This is a cute story. It is so hard to keep teens around for family time. There are always friends to hang with. I saw the lable for HSM Chad but I didn't see him. Hopefully he will be in the next story.