Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blaine's Babes

Ashley: "Hey Handsome, sorry we're late."
Blaine: "That's ok, just trying to get the rest of this stuff packed up."

Riley: "Hi Dad."
Riley: "No Sydney, don't touch."
Sydney: "no,no."

Ashley: "She has been in rare form today. Just everywhere, in everything."
Blaine: "Well lil' Miss Princess has things to discover."
Ashley: "I see, here take her. Let her rule over you."

Sydney: "Daddy, daddy"
Blaine: "See, told you."

Riley: "She's is a busy body today.  I hope your ready."
Ashley: "Don't worry Riley, your dad can multi-task as good as me.Watch him finish packing up his items and handle her too."

Riley: "There she goes, trying to get away."
Ashely: "Ok Honey, Miss Princess is getting ready. We are going to watch her rule:'
Sydney: "Down, down."
Blaine: "She'll sit still."

Blaine: "Ok Sweetie, your down. Sit still so Daddy can get his things."

Blaine: "See how easy that was. She knows she needs to sit still."
Ashley: "Oh yeah, Honey that was real easy. You know exactly how to keep her still."

Riley: "Oh Dad!! Sydney on the move. You want me to get her?"

Sydney: "bye, bye."
Ashley: "Let just finish up around here and say hello to everyone. I think it time for Sydney to take a nap."
Blaine: "I agree, she does need a nap. She is just too busy."
Riley: " Ok, I'm ready."


Blaine: "I'm glad you checked back. The rest of my family is here.  Please meet my wife Ashley and my daughters Sydney and  Riley.  Both Ashley and Sydney were eBay finds so I'm not sure who  Ashley was originally. I just know she is beautiful. Sydney was part of Mattel's Teacher Barbie set. She was one of the children that were included with the desk, talking chalkboard, chalk, eraser and a movable clock. My daughter Riley was the formal Barbie Sister Camp Out set by Mattel. It included a Tent, sleeping bag, campfire, folding chair, 2 cups and marshmallows on a stick. The tent can fit 3 more dolls. The is dressed in her original outfit with her pink sandals. She is not articulate. She does have one bent arm that holds her items.

So there you have it.  The most important women in my life. My sister says she will be stopping by so hopefully you will meet her  and my niece. Until then have a great weekend."



  1. So cute Brini,
    How about put the kids early in bed and have Ashley and Blaine get some rest, I'm sure they need :-)

    1. You are so right! Blaine was suppose to have some help from his sister Meagan. Stay tuned she coming up next.

  2. Lol! Cute! Sydney seems to be a hand full. Love your introductions to characters.

    1. Hey G.G!!, glad you stopped by. Sydney is just the start, wait to you meet her cousin Chelsea she is a riot!

  3. hello
    great pictures, and children's dolls look sweet,

    1. I'm glad you stopped. There are many more kids you will get a chance to meet and laught with. They are the funniest bunch in Dotsville.

  4. Hello from Spain: Riley is very cute. You have a nice collection of dolls. The dialogues are very real. We keep in touch.

    1. Hey Marta, how are you? Yes that Riley is very pretty and the tent that comes with her is soooo cute! Of course I wish she was articulated. Thanks for stopping by.