Sunday, October 28, 2012

A dollar short


Ashley: "Meagan just pulled up."
Blaine: "The doors are locked now."

 Meagan: "Hey Blaine!"
Chelsea: "Uncle Blaine!, Uncle Blaine."

Ashley: "What a surprise. It's so good to see you Chelsea. Hey Meg."

Meagan: "Look at  you Riley, your are just as cute as you can be"
Blaine: "Of course she is Sis, she looks just like her father."
Riley: "hee, hee thanks."

Blaine: "So you show up after I look the doors?"
Meagan: "Of course! Ramon got called in so I had to go get Chelsea."
Ashley: "You need to tell him to slow down. He's working to hard."
Meagan: "I know. I've tried to tell him. You know Chelsea really wanted to hang out with him today and I wanted my good ol' brother to do my hair."
Blaine: "Good luck with that! The deal was you would help me wind down the shop and then I would do your hair."

Meagan: "I know, I know. It just wasn't feasible at the time."
Blaine: "Well me doing your hair is not feasible at this time either.
Sydney: "no, no Daddy say no."

Ashley: "Well, lets take the kids and hit the outlet mall. We can window shop, have lunch, walk it off and tire the kids out. All in one swoop."
Blaine: "I think Ashley has had enough. She getting tired."

Ashley: "She is looking a little tired. She doesn't want to leave you."

Blaine: "You guys can go ahead. I'll head home and put Sydney down for her nap."
Meagan: "Well Ashley,  I'm up for it if you are. Blaine we will see  you later"
Ashley: "Sounds like a plan."

Ashley: "Don't worry, Honey we won't be gone long."
Meagan: "You know, you still need to do my hair."
Blaine:" Meagan, on your way out, please say hello to our friends."
Ashley: "Yes, Meagan, do say hi. Let me go get the girls."
Meagan: "I will, I will. Blaine please do my hair when we get back. Pllleeeaasssee."
Sydney: "no, no."
Blaine: "You heard your niece. See ya."

Ashley: "Riley, Riley! Where are you two?"

Riley: "See Chelsea the store is all closed up. Everything is packed up.!"

Chelsea: "I'm really happy. I like being a big cousin."
Riley: "A what?"
Chelsea: "A big cousin like you. Your my big cousin so I'm Sydney big cousin."
Riley: "Hee, hee. Your right, you are a big cousin now. C'mon Moms calling."

 Riley: "Here we come Mom!

Sydney: "no, no."
Ashley: "Bye Sweetie"
Blaine: "Hey don't forget to save a kiss for me."

Ashley: "But of course:"

Meagan: "Hello can we get going now?"
Blaine: "Shh, she's sleep."
Ashley: "Yes, I'm ready."

Riley: "Aunt Meagan, Mom make sure to kiss all of us. She kisses Dad a lot."
Meagan: "Obviously!"

Chelsea: "Aunt Ashley I'm ready to go."

Meagan: "I everyone. I'm Blaine's sister Meagan. That little cutie you see with Riley is my daughter Chelsea. I am part of Mattel's Barbie  Mermaid Tale 2, there are a total of 6 dolls. I was wearing a purple two piece bathing suit that included purple sunglasses. My hair is waist length with purple streaks. I am NOT articulated and I have large feet. I understand that in Dotsville  that you are subject to body swaps so I'm ok with that! My daughter Chelsea was part of  Barbie's Sisters Hula Dance set. She is wearing her original bathing suit. She also has a green hula skirt that includes a plastic yellow headband, brown plastic coconut "bathing top". No shoes are included with the doll. Her arms can be posed as if she is doing the hulu dance. I love her so. Hopefully I will see you soon and perhaps you will meet my fiancé Ramon.

Have a great week!!



  1. They all make such a cute family together! Meagan looks smashing! I'm tempted to pick her up now.

    1. Hey Verona! She was a deal at Khols for $7.19 so she had to be relocated to Dotsville. Sorry about the picture being fuzzy, I'm still trying to work out the antics on my son camara. She really is pretty and with the streak of purple in her hair she had to be a part of Dotsville.

  2. What a sweet family! Chelsea is such a cutie pie, so proud to be a big cousin. :)

    1. Thanks Alura! I was glad that when I saw the set at Khols. It was the only one so far so I lucked up. You will meet Alura soon too. She goes my "Skipper".

  3. Hello from Spain: Meagan is very pretty and youthful. I love her face so cheerful. All are a nice family. You have a very cute doll collection. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta, I will be catching up with you families later today. I just love Meagan features! I know she is a mermaid but her big, flat feet won't fit any shoes, and you and I know these ladies are trendy fashionista.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to meet my families so you can see how everyone interacts. If I can only work in Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie Doll!!