Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mr. Dotson check in

(music playing)
Shawyna: "Hello Dad, how are you?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Hi Honey, everything ok? It's such a nice day. Did my new sink get delivered yet?"

Mr Dotson: "Well hello to the two most beautiful women I know. Especially my wife. I see you are having a great day and that good. Hope you know there is a budget to maintain, my sweetheart. Yes, the sink is here and the plumber should be on his way to connect everything by the time you get home. I do like it now that it is here."

Kelly: "Grandpa, hi. Hi Grandpa. Hi. Where's boottteeee, bbootteeee?"

Mr. Dotson: "Hold on SweetTart. Beauty say hi. Say hi to Kelly and Elijah."
Beauty: "WOOF!, WOOF!, Woof!, wooo."
Mr. Dotson: "Good girl Beauty, ok now get down. Down, go, go run."

Mr. Dotson: "Beauty, hey don't get crazy. Running all wild."
Beauty: "woooof, wooof, wooo."

Shawyna: "Dad, do you always talk to Beauty like she is a person?"
Mr. Dotson: "What??? You don't know? Tell her Beauty, tell her."
Beauty: "wwwwooooffff, woooooffff."
Mrs. Dotson: "Yes, Shawyna and she understands too. Honey, where are you and Beauty and why are letting her run wild? I thought you would be playing in the garden? This is your day remember?"
Kelly: "Mommy let's go to grandpa house!"
Shawyna: "Shh, Kelly. Let Grandma talk to Grandpa. Shhhh."

Mr. Dotson: "Beauty! Get back here! Beauty! Sorry Honey, for yelling in your ear. We are at the park. I figured I let her strech her legs for a minute before the plumber arrives. She didn't like the delivermen so I had to lock her in the bedroom. She was making all kind of noise."
Mrs. Dotson: "I see, then you won't be too long. I do believe we are going to be out all day. I'm sure you find something to eat."
Mr. Dotson: "If that what I gotta do then I will. You be careful and don't be out to late. You know your got precious cargo with you."
Mrs. Dotson: "Hmm, I do don't I. I love you."
Shawyna: "Bye Dad!"
Kelly: "See yaaaa Grandpa, Grandpa. bbbyyyyeeee!!"
Shawyna: "Kelly????"
Kelly: "heee, heeee, heee."
Elijah: "uauua auaua."

Shawyna: "Ok so what's the real plan?"
Mrs. Dotson: "Honey you already know, hee, hee. We will grab some lunch and then go see what's going on with Cara."

Mr. Dotson: "Ok it just me and you Beauty. Are you hungry?"
Beauty: "WOOF!!, WOOF!!"
Mr. Dotson: "Good so am I. I think Applebee's delivers. Let's get going."

Hello everyone and please to meet you. My name is Shawyna Walker. I was formally Avon Representative Barbie and wore a yellow suit trimmed in black with a black skirt. I wore black stocking, black and yellow heels. I arrived with a yellow Avon bag delivering your favorite cosmetics. I was an Avon exclusive. I would like for you to meet my daughter Kelly. She was part of Mattel's Barbie's Holiday Singing Sisters. All the sister wore holiday outfits in green and silver. She wore a green drees with a silver overlay, green hair bow, stocking and silver shoes. She was one of three that stand on the stairs and sing "Deck the Halls". This handsome fellow is my new son Elijah. He was an Ebay find and was part of Mattel's Happy Family series. Not sure which series but he is part of my family now. You will meet my husband as well but at a later date. Take care until the next time!


  1. Yay a new story. You are sooo crazy. Mr Dotson and Beauty need a reality show. I always loved that Avon Barbie. I never bought her though. At the time I wasn't buying anymore dolls. Hard to believe I know. I wonder if the White Holiday Sisters sang too. I just recently deboxed for a dress. Never paid attention to the dolls.

    Loved it as usual. Can't wait for the next one.

    1. Great story. I love the Avon Barbie! Will have to put her on my list to look for.

    2. Thanks Frannie! I hope you find her too! The suit is just to cute. I was so glad to find the newborn baby on eBay for cheap, he was a great find.

    3. Avon Barbie was a must have for me Vanessa. That was a time back in the day when I could find AA Barbie in abundance. I just had to get the singing sister! I could not believe Kmart had them too and that was a time I was buying on AA dolls! Hard to imagine you stopped buying dolls? You have such a great collection and so diverse.

  2. I get so invested in your stories that when I read, "music playing," I turned up my speakers 'cause I expected music, lol. As usual, Mr. Dotson and Beauty stole the show.

    1. Hey Muff, for some reason I thinking of a dvd player in the car and a Disney movie playing. Then I remembered I didn't make one yet to hang over the seat for the kids! So little time!

  3. Mr. Dotson is hilarious! Loved your story.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl! As you can see Mrs. Dotson is just hanging out with her daughter and grandchildren. Mr. Dotson thinks he is in charge.

  4. Very nice trip! Congratulations nice photos.

    1. Hi Mark and thank you. I wanted to just take a few quick pics since the weather was nice outside. I need to work on my boutique because I just love yours!

    2. Welcome
      Probably interested in this doll is my second blog. :)
      I love dolls AA. : D

  5. Mr. Dotson is always so entertaining. I love it. :)

    1. Thank you Allura! I only get to play on the weekend so I hope to keep them fun and entertaining.

  6. Hello from Spain: I like the pictures of the family in the car. Shawyna Walker is a doll very beautiful. Shelly is always adorable. Mr. Dotson is always very pleasant and positive. I like the family you created. Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks Marta, there is another sister and brother you will meet as well. I think you will enjoy all too. I want to create fun scenes like you!

  7. I love how Mr. Dotson talks to Beauty and my favorite photo is the one where he looks down and Beauty looks up to bark at him. Cute.

    Interesting to see how different collectors use the same dolls. I have that Avon Barbie, but mine is a peer of my Happy Family Grandpa. Funny and good fun to view another take on these dolls ;-)

    1. Thanks D7ana. When I got my Avon Barbie she was easy to take out the box but hard to change into a different outfits. I just loved the way her suit fit her. She such a beauty and I wanted to display her alot so she just had to be Cara sister. I don't know what Mr. Dotson would do whith out Beauty! We had a gorgeous german shapard growing up and we all loved that dog, so those two have to interact alot.