Saturday, December 31, 2016

Blog Giveaway - Reminders and Outtakes

Ken: "Ok Brad we need to get going and pick up lunch for everyone. Will you let Cara know so it's one less thing she will have to worry about."
Bria: "Oh, no problem, I will let her know."
Brad: "We better stop by and pick up some ice too."
Nathaniel: "Hey Cara, both Kat in New Orleans and Oly left you messages. Make sure you check them!"
Nikki: "kra!,  kra!"
Cara: "Will do!"
Jem: "Mommy, you look so pretty!"
Jade: "Here, give me Jem so she doesn't mess you up."
Cara: "She's ok. Ms. Glam  looks picture perfect all the time."
Tommy: "No Jem."
Bria: "Cara, Ken and Blaine went to pick up lunch for everybody."
Jade:"I rather be safe then sorry. Anyway it time to get on stage."
Nathaniel: "Tommy, get back over here."
Nikki: "hi jem, hi"
Jem: "Hi Nikki."
Bria: "Jem, she happy to see you. Come on and sit down as we watch the presentation. Your mommy and aunt are giving away a prize."

The winner will be announced tomorrow, January 1st, 2017


  1. Good luck everyone! Happy new year! Lovely photos and story as always!

  2. Fingers crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed, arms crossed!!

  3. Nice story. What are they having for lunch?

    Good luck to the entrants!