Saturday, December 3, 2016


Vanessa: "Hi Everyone, we are back to remind you that the drawing for the blog giveaway will be tomorrow."
Sebastian: "I want to thank everyone in advance for their entries too."
Brooklyn: "I agree and good luck everyone."
Vanessa: "Speaking in luck, here comes Cara."
Cara: "You two did GREAT! Brooklyn you are truly stunning on camera and Sebastian your confidence just shines through."
Vanessa: "I told you two it would be easy."
Cara; "Ahhhh,...Sae. I thnk it's time to get out the outfit, don't you think? I mean your rocking it like it's yours."
Vanessa: "Well I do make everything look good. But ok, ok, I am going to go change. Besides your my ride."
Cara: "I'm so glad you two still wanted to host the first giveaway. Brooklyn, I  know your still new to the community and I didn't want you to feel like you are being put on the spot. I just wanted you to know we are all happy to have you in Dotsville."
Sebastian: "Hey, I'm still new. What about me Cara, ha haa."
Sebastian: "Brook makes me feel brand new."
Brooklyn; "Do I really?"
Cara: "Really Bash, I've being knowing you since you and your brother were little."
Brooklyn: "Cara, thank you for everything. I was a little nervous but with Vanessa help the jitters went way."
Cara: "Your so welcome. I got get going now. We need to get the stage cleared and prepare for next giveaway."
Sebastian: "See, you were worried for nothing."
Brooklyn: "Whaattt?? I wasn't worried, I was nervous. You were the one worried about presenting and looking good."
Sebastian: "True dat, true dat. We do look good together and yes, I agree with Cara. We did great."
Brooklyn: "We did do great.  Now I can breathe."

Do you hear what I hear?


  1. I see a romance, clear as day. Sebastian was very forward. I saw him with his arm around Brooklyn. So cute.

    1. Congratulations Jaye!! You're our first winner!! I hope you like everything.

  2. I like the way Sebastian looked back and forth at each woman during the conversation. He is really attentive!

    1. He is such a charmer. He looks really good in that suit too. I was worried about that pink on him but he made it work.

  3. Sebastian and Brooklyn are a cute couple!


    1. They just naturally belong together.