Saturday, December 17, 2016


Bria: "Girl, what were you thinking with these dresses. This thing is short!"
Cara: "It is not, that just in your mind."
Bria: "Here comes Chandra with her fine husband."
Chandra: "Hey ladies. I must say, I am a little nervous."
Enrique: "I would say more than a little nervous."
Bria: "Just wait until you step on stage and have to stand under the hot lights."
Cara: "Really? Your  not really helping there."
Bria: "Hey, I'm just know, experience."
Cara: "Go change.  I'm sure I don't need you right now."
Chandra: "So I understand, we are suppose to stand on or by this mark."
Cara: "Your are going to stand on it so our participants can see most of the package."
Enrique: "I know this might be a dumb question but how will we know when to step back from the mark."
Cara: "Just take two steps back when you show them the package and then return to the mark."

After the presentation
Cara: "See, I told you it was easy. You two look very natural. Thanks so much."
Chandra: "Thank you. Please tell everyone we said hello and Merry Christmas."
Enrique; "It was our pleasure and if you need us next year, hey let us know."
Enrigue: "Honey, did I tell you how sexy you look tonight?"
Chandra: (Blushing): "Oohhh, I can see it in your eyes. Your looking quite handsome yourself."
Enrique: "I know the lucky winner is going to be so happy."
Chandra: "Indeed."

The winner will be announced tomorrow, December 18th.

Santa baby


  1. I really do like them as a couple.

    1. Sometimes the dolls tell me who they want to be with and it seems to just work. All the dolls in the SIS line were just gorgeous.

  2. Haha, loving that you do dialogue for your outtakes! Very cool!

    1. Thanks. Don't you ever just look at your dolls and wonder what in the world would they be saying to each other. With Cara and be being BFF, I kinda base their relationship on Oprah and Gail's. I miss seeing them together on her talk show sharing their antics.

  3. I'm loving this couple. Bria and Cara together crack me up. I agree with Phyllis, I like seeing what happens behind the scene.

    1. Thanks Jaye. When I do have time to play, I'm always interrupted by the resident photographer (son) who says they should be here or sitting this way and such, getting on my nerves. Mind you all in my mix, lol. So it only makes sense to share behind the scene dolly style. Oh my mother loves your blog I showed her your gifts.

  4. I can watch this guy all day. You would think I didn't have him in my doll stash the way I drool over him on all the blogs. I need to get my guy back in the mix.

    1. He is a handsome something, something, lol. I'm glad I was able to get him to because the Big Lots has been playing me lately.

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