Sunday, August 14, 2016

School shopping and spending money

Cain: "Shar you do have most of your school items right?"
Shar: "Hmm, I don't know.  Let see."
Cain: "Your mother said you had everything."
Shar: "Did she say that? Oh Dad, noottttt rreeeaaalllllyyyy."
Rex: "Hey Cain! How you doing,"
Rita: "Goodness, could you be any louder. I know he heard you."
Ashley: "Hey Grandpa, I think everybody heard you."
Rex: "You two sound like some haters."
Rex: "Hey Buddy, how you doing?"
Rita: "Hi Cain. Excuse my husband."
Shar: "Hi Ashley, you look just like your mother."
Ashley: "Hi, Thank you, Hi Mr. Cain."
Cain: "That's ok.  I take it your school shopping too?"
Ashely:"We sure are. I'm going to go to all my favorite stores too."
Rita: "Yes. Ashley seems to have a long list."
Ashley: "It's not too long. Just the necessities."
Rex: "She can have whatever she wants."
Ashley: "Macy's it is!"
Rita: "Ahem"

Shar: "Ashley, you are one lucky girl! You can find alot of nice things in Macy's."
Cain: "Ohh, careful. This is our fourth trip! You might end up in trouble Rex."
Rex: "We have the list from her mother and I am sticking to it."
Ashley: "Grandpa, you said I can have whatever I want."
Rita: "He was talking to eat, hee, hee. You are not going wild in Macy's."
(Cain and Shar): "haaaaaa."
Ashley: "Grandma, I'm not hungry yet."
Rita: "I know sweetie."
Rex: "One that note, we better get going. It was good seeing you. Please say hi to your wife."
Cain: "Will do. It was good seeing you too. Tell your son and daugher-in-law I said hi as well."
Shar: "Bye."
Shar: "Hi Everyone. My name is Sharrell Evans but I go by Shar and this is my dad, Cain Evan. I was formally Mattel's HSM Sharpey doll. I have been in Dotsville for long time waiting on my parents to arrive. I arrived in my original outfit which you can see here and I was an $3.00 Ebay find. I am now loving my LIV articulated body so I have no complaints."

Cain: "Hello Everyone. As my daughter stated my name is now Cain Evan. I am Powerteam Elite Action figure and I arrived just a few days ago. I too was an $7.00 Ebay find. I am returning after a 18 month tour and I am so glad to be home in Dotsville."

Courage, determination, pride...that's what little girls are made of.
-- Author Unknown


  1. Great price on Cain, Brini! I enjoyed this story. It reminds me of going school shopping and getting at least seven different outfits so I wouldn't have to repeat wearing the same thing. The new clothes were mixed in with the clothes from the prior year. Things changed as I got older. In my senior year in high school I wore jeans to school every day, by choice. I had them in all colors. Yellow, cranberry, lime green, royal blue, purple are the colors I remember along with the traditional blue denim.

    1. I loved school shopping when we did go. We kinda had to get the basic then maybe something special. With seven kids in the house, something were passed down and other were re-fashioned. Thank goodness my mother had a sewing machine, then we had something unique to wear in rotation.

  2. Nice story to introduce Shar and her dad. Oh the days of school shopping. I don't have any specific memories like Debbie, but I always looked forward to going back to school.

    1. I loved hanging out with my mother the most and trying to make sure I had something cool to wear, which meant something practical in her eyes, lol.

  3. Such an interesting collection of dolls. At first, I had very strong feelings against action figure dolls. But over time as others have well incorporated them into their collections, I've gotten used to them because they add a touch of realism. Nice to see this character as an arm force's dad.

    1. I was like that too in the beginning and then I was tired or looking at the same male dolls for ladies. I like the variety of their features the most and each is unique in their own right.

  4. So glad to meet both of you and I'm looking forward to following your stories. I absolutely love the Power Elite Team; I have several of them but none at the sweet price you paid.

    1. Thank you! I late in adding them to Dotsville and that only because they are rare here in Charlotte. I mostly see the smaller versions. I think I score best when I'm not looking for them.

  5. It's nice to see Cain taking his daughter out to shop. It's quality time with dad. I know they're glad to be in Dotsville.