Sunday, August 28, 2016

Enjoy the movies

Nathaniel: "What in world are we going to do with all our time now that school has started."
Ann: "Do exactly what we are going now. Enjoying a good movie and life."
Nathaniel: "I know but I will miss Stacie and her crew. They are so funny."
Ann: "Do you want to get our snacks now or later? I feel like a ice cold beer."
Nathaniel: "It's not to crowded so we can go find our seats and I can come back."
Ann: "Are you sure? Once Southside With You starts I am not getting up."
Nathaniel: "We have plenty of time and you will be able to enjoy your beer, Honey"
Ann: "Then you better gets some M&M's too."
Nathaniel: "Remember our first date?"
Ann: "Yes I do, Player."
Nathaniel: "I wasn't player. I was so entranced by your smile."
Ann: "Yeah right, hee, hee. You liked alot of smiles back than."
Nathaniel: "Maybe so but your smile was the one that captured my heart."
Ann: "I have that affect on lots of people. What's are seat numbers?"
Nathaniel: "Seats 6 & 7 and yes I suppose you do. So get settled and I will go get the snacks."

Courage, determination, pride. That's what little girls are made of.
--Author Unknown--


  1. So nice to see the Dotsons again. I love this couple. Very cute story. I hope it was a great movie. I'm thinking about going soon.

  2. I almost missed this story. I love theaters where you have selected seats. It's so sweet Ann and Nathaniel are enjoying an evening together.