Sunday, June 26, 2016

The ladies in red

Ms. Emma is quite beautiful now that she is here. I love her classy look. Mattel's Little Red Dress Silktone now leave among her sisters here in Dotsville. She was renamed in honor of my late grandmother, Mrs. Emma McKiever. Not only do I love her look but the pillbox hat just pulls it all together for me.
Her classic black pumps tie her outfit together. I remember trying on my grandmother heels when I was younger before my feet got bigger, lol. I guess you can say I was perfecting my walk and loving heels to this day.
Her eye make is quite heavier than shown on her stock photo on the Barbie Collection website. Will I attempt to correct it?, hmm will see. There is a little more silver than expected, she almost looks as if she wearing a mask.Her lips are perfect just like the red lipstick my grandmother wore, never the less I love her just the same. 
Yah!! Misty arrived! I thought I would never get her. After two back order emails I was about to give up but low and behold she is here and she is a beauty! Nope she is not coming out the box, she arrived in perfect conditions so I'm hoping to keep her that way.  I mean I did the DBG 15 point inspection and I knew if the shipping box was in pretty good condition I hope she would be too. She was!!!

I like the way Mattel designed her and her costume. Her makeup is on point too, especially her eye make up. She has the cutest eye shadow embellishments with little sparkling accents that bring to mind of .....

Lauren Anderson, Dance Ballet, Became the first African American principal for a major dance company (Houston Ballet) in 1990.:
Lauren Anderson, Dance Ballet, Became the first African American principal for a major dance company (Houston Ballet) in 1990.

This my Lauren Anderson, she is Mattel's 50th Anniversary Alvin Ailey Dance theater doll. Would you believe I found her in BigLots back in 2009 for $20.00. You never know where dolls will turn up. 
Now I can say I have two beautiful ballerinas in my collection. Two beautiful AA dolls at that! I hope everyone who wished to add Misty to there collections was able too. I'm glad I did. Now hope Milly gets here soon.

Courage, determination, pride...that's what little girls are made of.
-- Author Unknown


  1. Both of these new dolls are very beautiful. I finally gave up on getting Misty Copeland from Mattel after all of the backorder notices, but I was able to get her on Amazon with free shipping and I used my Amazon bonus to bring her price down a little. Her box was in perfect condition. I did not cancel the Mattel order until after the Amazon girl arrived, so I didn't have to risk anything! I did take mine out of the box though. I keep very few of my dolls in their boxes -- they always seem to be saying to me -- "Please free me, please!"