Sunday, January 24, 2016

Introducing Lauren and Lacie!

Scarlett: "Hi Everyone. I was told I had to do this so I have to do it."
Brini: " I can hear you Scarlett."
Scarlett: "ooohhhh. Well my sister is here and her name is Lauren."
 Lauren: "Hello Friends. I have actually been here for awhile, stuck in my box."
Scarlett: "Well now your out and getting all the attention."
Lauren: "You mean, loovvveeee. Don't hate!"
Isabella: "No te olvides de mí, hermana."
Scarlett: "English Ms. Castineiras. You are not in even in this conversation. Where are you clothes anyway?"
Lauren: "Isabella, where are you clothes?"
Isabella: "I don't know, I'm just naked. Yaaayyyyy!"
Lauren: "Hee, hee, hee. Isabella you are so funny."
Isabella: "I will be getting a new dress soon."
Scarlett: "So you are walking around naked?"
Isabella: "Si!"
Scarlett: "I'm so over you two."
Isabella: "I'm so excited, I'm getting a new outfit!"
Lauren: "Scarlett, I have something for you."
Lauren: "I'm glad we are sisters."
Isabella: "Oh she pretty Scarlett. Muy bonito!"
Scarlett: "She looks like me! She's gorgeous."
Scarlett: "Thank you so much Lauren. I glad we are sisters. I love you."
Lauren: "I love you and Isabella too. When I saw her I knew I wanted to get her for you."
Isabella: "Me encanta todo el mundo también."
Lauren: "So Friends, I am a My Life 18 in doll. I am the School Girl version and I am wearing my original school girl outfit as well as glasses. They can be easily removed but I look so cute in them.  I got Brini attention right off the bat and when I ended up in her shopping cart I know I was headed to Dotsville to be loved out the box. I hope to see everyone soon!"

Brini: "I am so into this 18in doll! She is so cute in person and her little school girl outfit is very well made. The pleated plaid skirt and layered shirt are two separate pieces. I purchased her back in November for under $30.00 at Walnart. She is the second version of this doll, the previous one has been retired. I could never find her here in Charlotte so I missed out. Both dolls shared the same description stating they like science, math and art so I hope young girls pick up on this! If you want to learn more about her and other dolls in this line, you can find it here. Since the battery was running down on my camera I snapped a few more photos of her and Lacie.
 Here's a close up of her face. Love her makeup!
 This is how she looks without her glasses. Look at those eyes. See her cute smile?
Little Lacie was found during one of my insomnia nights and scanning Ebay. She is a 9in Zapf Creation doll and she is wearing her original outit, san shoes(which I will need to make or knit her some booties).
Here's a close up of her cute as a button face. I have so much love for this vintage brand. She's the perfect size to sit on Scarlett lap or my desk. Her name came about when she arrived and the first thing I saw was her lace collar, and it suits her well. She is about 9 inches in length, nice soft cloth body and really cute brown eyes. Although I tried to keep the strands out of her face, her hair is thick and nicely rooted. I'm glad she here in Dotsville!

Courage, determination, pride...that's what little girls are made of.
-- Author Unknown


  1. Congratulations, Brini on the arrival of Lauren and Lacie. Scarlett did a great job introducing. The photo with all the girls giving love was so cute.

    Lauren is the doll the little boy chose in the Walmart commercial that I wrote about here.

    A woman on Facebook posted a video on my page of her mother recreated this commercial. She said her mother purchased two of the My Life As dolls. I am not sure the commercial will be visible but here's the link just in case.

    Lacie is so cute!


    1. When I actually saw this doll in person at Walmart, I knew she was coming home with that day. I put items back on the shelf so fast it wasn't even funny. I love Ms. Clark video of her mother. That was probably my reaction when I saw Lauren, lol.

  2. Hello from Spain: fabulous dolls. Lauren and Lacie are lovely. I see the doll I sent you. I see she is happy in a lovely home. .. We keep in touch

    1. I love my little Isabella. Every time I play with her, I think of you and how thoughtful it was for you to send her to me. She makes Scarlett's life fun and now she has Lauren and Lacie too.

  3. Oh my goodness, Brini... I fell in love as soon as I saw the top photo. And then my heart strings were tugged all the way through this post!!!

    1. Thank you. Scarlett is a Zapf Creation Doll and back in there hey day, as my grandmother would say, was producing a lot of ethnic dolls for the US. All there dolls have such cute, life like features as you can see in Lacie. I hope to find a little boy that would like to live here.

  4. Congrats! That 18in was one of the ones I was constantly saying no to. If I ever find her for a price I can't refuse, she will be coming to live here. Very cute post. Poor Scarlett. She didn't seem very happy for the company. Glad she was able to come around. Nothing like a good bribe to facilitate things.

    1. Especially when it involves a doll. I just couldn't pass her up and she wouldn't let me either. I like your 18in cutie too! I didn't understand the craze for the American Girl size dolls, but I do now.

    2. Especially when it involves a doll. I just couldn't pass her up and she wouldn't let me either. I like your 18in cutie too! I didn't understand the craze for the American Girl size dolls, but I do now.

  5. Que lindas pare crianças de verdade
    Meu canal:

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I love your style! Very fashionable and fun.

  6. Very cute!

    I've sworn off buying any new 18" dolls for the year, but posts like this are making me question that decision... ;)

    1. I really was minding my own business in Walmart and there she was ready to go home. Yes, I but back the Tide pods and the Downy sheets, lol. I had limited cash on my that day!

  7. What a lovely doll family! I love them all, they are so very cute!!! My Life is lovely, her face is adorable, and I love her glasses :-). Great and funny conversation too!

    1. I'm so happy I didn't pass her up. She is such a great addition to my doll family. Poor Scarlet is usually displayed but she been sitting in a corner, leaned over in the chair, just looking neglected. I can't wait to sew some outfits for her.

  8. Brini,I love the dolls,especially school girl Lauren.

    1. Hi Betty, I have been keeping up with your post at work and I see your are still doing great things. I love seeing your dolls too. Thanks so much for stopping by.