Sunday, August 9, 2015

Winding the day down.

Alan: "Hi Mom. Where's Dad?
Ann: "He is out and about with Rex. Why? What's shaking?"
Alan: "I was just checking to make sure you guys were home before I brought the kids over.
Ann; "Who?? The what? Kids, who's kids."
Alan: "Your grandkids."
Ann: "Weeelll. Your father should be there by the time you get there. I'm not home right now but I not far from the house."
Alan: "Where are you?"
Ann: "Not your business."
Vanessa: "Hi Alan!"
Ann: "Really Vanessa. Did you even have to give him a clue. I do have a life. I have my own interest you know."
Vanessa: "Hee, Hee"
Alan: "Mom!, I heard that!"
Ann: "Good, now you know."
Vanessa: "Did you just hang up on him, heee, hee"
Ann: "oops."
Vanessa: "I hope I didn't take up to much of your time today."
Ann: "Don't even go there. You are welcome to stop by anytime. Alan and Madison will be alright. Shawyne is their back up push come to shove. After all me and my husband have a life, hee hee."
Vanessa: "I just don't want him mad at me when he sees me. Hee, hee. Here I am out and about with you, taking up your time."
Ann: "Trust me it's ok. We're most likely going to have the kids all week."
Vanessa: "Oh my, you and Mr. Dotson will be busy."
Ann: "Ahhh yes. I guess we better head on back. I am so glad it was a beautiful day and you spent it with me."
Vanessa: "Yes, God is good."

Have a great week Everyone!


  1. I just loved how Mrs. Dotson put Alan in his place! Grandparents do have lives too, although I know Ann just loves her grand babies, she deserves some time to herself.

  2. Love your pictures as always. Yes, grandparents have lives too. :-)


  3. Great to see you! Mrs. Dobson enjoys life!

  4. LOL for Ann hanging up on Alan, and her "oops"! Great post!

  5. Ann is better than me. Alan would not be dropping off his kids without planning ahead of time. People start taking advantage and whatnot. Chances are Mr. Dotson probably agreed to babysit without informing his wife.

  6. Hello from Spain: I really like this story. The grandparents have their own life. Mrs. Dobson is very elegant. Fabulous hat. Nice photos. Keep in touch

  7. LOL, Mrs. Dotson is such a hoot!

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