Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sisters are the best..

Skipper: "Remember Todd, listen to the librarian and don't be a smart mouth."
Todd: "Oookaayy"
Ashley: "Can I smack him if he does?"
Skipper: "No you can not, hee. heee."
Calista: "Look Wendy, it's Skipper, Todd and Ashley."
Wendy: "Let's go say hi."
Todd: "Hey there's Calista."
Ashley: "Look her cousin Wendy is in town."
Skipper: "Come on, let go say hi."
Skipper: "Hi Calista. Hi Wendy."
Calista: "What's up everybody."
Wendy: "Hi Skipper, you babysitting?"
Todd: "Hecks no. Me and Ashley are here for a workshop."
Ashley: "Hey Peeps."
Wendy: "I had a lot of fun. Tell them Calista, how much fun we had."
Calista: "It really was. You will learn how to use your IPAD in so many different ways."
Ashley: "Did you two go?"
Todd: "How much fun?"
Skipper: "That means they will have a lot of fun too. I'm here to pick up some books."
Ashley: "We are going to go over now."
Skipper: "Ok, Have fun"
Todd: "Bye."
Calista: "You're going to love it."
Calista: "So your brother has a girlfriend now."
Wendy: "He's like 8, hee."
Skipper: "My brother surrounds himself with girls, hee,hee. You need to visit more Wendy, he's 10 now hee, hee."
Calista: "Hopefully she will be able to transfer here if her father let's her. Speaking of surrounding...What's up with Zac and you?
Wendy: "I hear he is C.U.T.E.!"
Skipper: "On that note, time to go."
Calista: "Don't leave now."
Wendy: "Yeah Skipper don't leave us hanging."
Skipper: "Nothing is going on with me and Zac."
Calista: "I don't believe her."
Wendy: "He really is cute. You need to take another look at him. Hee, hee."
Wandy: "I hope she's not made at us."
Calista: "She not, hee. hee. I just had to ask though."
Wendy: "Better you than me. Come on let's go get something to eat."
Skipper: "Hi Mr. Dotson. Hi Kelly."
Kelly: "Skipper."
Mr. Dotson: "Well how are you Skipper?"
Kelly: "heee, heee."
Skipper: "So good to see you Kelly. I'm good just being a big sister and chauffering my brother and Ashley around."
Mr. Dotson: "That's good. It always good to see kids in the library. There is so much to do."
Kelly: Hee, heee. Going bye bye."
Skipper: "Yes you are. You know Mr. Dotson I could always babysit for you or Mrs. Dotson sometimes. Please give Mrs. Walker my number. I really wouldn't mind watching Kelly and Elijah."
Kelly: "Grandpa."
Mr. Dotson: "I will be sure to pass that information along. I'm sure Shawnya would be happy to know."
Skipper: "I better go check on my brother and make sure he's behaving."
Mr. Dotson: "Tell Skipper bye."
Kelly: "Bye -bye."
Skipper: "bye- bye Sweetie."
Mr. Dotson: "I'll make sure to tell Stacie I saw you too. I told her to come hang out with me but she wanted to be stay with her mother."
Skipper: "Trust me them two are enough together, hee, hee."
Kelly: "bye -bye. bye-bye."
Mr. Dotson: "She heard you Munchkin."
Skipper: "Bye"



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! The library is like my second home.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I hope to build a "kid safe hangout" soon or a great backdrop to use.

  3. Very good story, Brini! I like how you're able to use the background. Is it all pc screen or are they in front of a tv?

    1. Thanks Muff. The are all PC screenshots. I really have to get creative with limited space.

  4. Love to see kids hanging out at the public library and the girls are all so very cute. I just added Calista to my wish list thanks to you!

    1. Calista is such a cutie. I don't know what I did with her glasses, I know they are in a zip lock bag somewhere. I need to find Todd some friend or convert some Stacie dolls.

  5. Que chulo Brini lo que daría yo por un Todd para mis niñas que tengan un compi, besosss

  6. I LOVE libraries, too. They are the best places to go. You did a great job placing your dolls against your computer. I was marveling at how your had placed them in the library.

    Skipper is a sweetheart; I like how she "handled her siblings and how she shrugged off the younger girls' teasing her about Zac.

    (Side query: you mentioned SG fashions in a comment about Mattel's Raven doll. It's probably something I should know, but I'm drawing a blank now. What are SG fashions? Thanking you in advance ;-)

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  8. Love the library theme. You did a great job and made everything look so realistic.