Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's my Anniversary!!

Cara: "Hi Everyone!!" I am so glad to be here."
Ms. Dotson: "Hi Everyone!"
Cara: "Also wanted to say congratulations to Roxanne Roxanne of Roxanne's Dolls. She won the Monster High Student Lounge that was showcased last week."
Cara; "Congratulations!"
Cara: "We will be showcasing a great prize for you to win in honor of Brini's 4th year anniversary."
Ms. Dotson: "Yes and I would like to say it is a great choice for the ladies in your life. It really is a great collections."
Cara: "Come on Mom, let's head over and show them what everyone has a chance to win."
Ms. Dotson: "I can see your friends smiling now Cara."
Ms. Dotson: "I must say we had alot of fun shopping this year, don't you think Cara?"
Cara: "Yes! Spending Daddy money is always fun."
Cara:"You will have a chance to win Funville's Sparkle Girlz Fashion Collection!! As you can see it contains shorts tops, evening dress, capris and all kinds of great accessories."
Mrs. Dotson: "Included is a beautiful evening gown too. It contains 28 pieces including shoes and purses for to you create up to 40 outfits! I must say the fashion choices are amazing to me."
Cara:"All you have to do is leave a comment below and you are entered. The winner will be announced on January 18th, 2015. So you have plenty of time!"
Mrs. Dotson: "The contest is open to everyone so all our international friend can enter too!! That's how Brini rolls. So good luck"
Cara: Good luck Everyone!!

Have a Great Week!


  1. Thanks again Brini, and Happy Anniversary! This is a fantastic giveaway that you're offering. I have this set, and love these pieces. There's something for just about everyone, from the teens to the fashion dolls to the action figures! Good luck to all of the entrants!

  2. Please enter me in the giveaway! Congrats on. Four years.

  3. Happy blogiversary, Brini! Would love to enter the giveaway. <3

  4. Happy anniversary Brini! I would love to enter the giveaway :-)!

  5. Hello from Spain: happy anniversary. Congratulations to Roxanne. A great gift. Count me in for this new giveaway. Great gifts. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  6. Happy Anniversary, Brini! Wow, 4 years is a long time. Count me in on the giveaway! Always look forward to more from the Dotsons!

  7. Happy Anniversary, I would like to play

  8. Oh heck, I don't even need to be entered, I just have to say "Happy Anniversary!" 4 years is awesome!!!

  9. Happy anniversary, Brini! I am not entering, just wanted to wish you a happy!


  10. Happy anniversary! I already have this wonderful set, so I'm not entering. It's a great giveaway, though.

  11. Happy anniversary and an awesome new year, Brini!

  12. Congratulations to Roxanne.

    Happy Anniversary, Brini! Wishing you many more.

    P.S. NOT entering - I won before - just wishing you both well.

  13. Happy anniversary! I already have that Sparkle Girlz set so I pleased that someone else will get to enjoy it thanks to your generosity.

  14. Hey there Brini!
    Seems like you have a lot of winners around here! I absolutely love my gift. I am going to post about it soon and...

  15. Happy anniversary, Brini! :) I would like to enter :) Have a nice weekend! :)

  16. 4 years- Congratulations! And please count me in for the giveaway. I have admired this set on a number of occasions but didn't buy.

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