Sunday, June 29, 2014

What's going on in Amarillo, Tx?

Did I have a good time?,  Yes. Did I enjoy roaming around?, Yes. Was there enough to do? That would be questionable, lol. I did enjoying the downtown area I was just expecting a bit more energy. I guess that the best word for this west Texas city. There were so many beautiful building downtown which are historic in their own right. Like this one below. This building is located across from the hotel it looks so cool at night. We stayed at the Downtown Courtyard at Marriott which is housed in the beautiful Fisk Building. So hats off off to Park, Hill, Smith and Cooper they did a great job restoring this building. You can click on their name and it will open up a link for you to see what a gorgeous job they did!
Most of their buildings in downtown  Amarillo have all their original signage so I know it had to be a happening place in it's heyday. I can just image what it had to be like and how much this place, it had to be  was one of the places to be!  As me and "Mr. President" (tell you about that term later), wondered around there were different life sizes horse statues scattered around and about. I learned that this is the home of the American Quarter Horse Association, something I didn't not know. When I was a Girl Scout I earned my horse riding badge, back then we got to pick the design so it was cool learning about this association.
Here is the picture as we walked across the street and begun our "self guided" tour. Doesn't it look like a real horse just grazing there?
It's located behind the big corporate fence so I couldn't get a better picture so I am not sure what the pictures represents I apologize for that. I did get the other statue...
Look at this one! This beauty shares the same real estate as the horse above so it could be about ranching and the aspect of the cattle drive. Not sure, all I see is filet mignon, prime rib, brisket, t-bone steaks, rib- eye steaks.  I see steak for days. Really good eating!
Not sure if this represent the Longhorn Bull but I say it does. My understanding is that nothing goes to waste and the mounts sell with starting prices of $2999.99 and up based on the length of those horns! Yes, there are collectors of many things grand.
Really, even at this angle I am seeing steak for days!
So across the street from my first two statues,  we found our first Quarter horse statue. This one pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe...
Here is the other side. As you can see the sun has not faded to much on this side. Unfortunate "Mr. President" forgot to take pics of the plaque so I don't know which corporation owns this one.
Around the corner we come across this one. Identified as Old Blue and rightful so. It reminds me of vintage blue and white china plates.
It really is gorgeous in person. Below is the plaque that accompanies this one.
I'm proud of "Mr. President", he remembered this time!
This statue greeted us as we crossed the street. I had to get a picture of this. I was delighted to see Merrill Lynch famous icon here in Amarillo and they did have a horse too!
How cute is this one?
It was covered in little kids hands, a winner hands down.
I really like this shot too. Showing the icon and the future greeting you at the entrance.
As we winded down our first day I needed to get a picture of this pretty horse. I could see myself riding this without hesitation! I love BMWs! I love walking around cities and doing my own tours. It doesn't cost much and it is always interesting. It was hot while I was there so we ventured out later in the evening we just had to deal with mosquitos now and then. Thanks goodness the hotel was just around the corner. 

We came across one of the most importance sites in Amarillo. The building is beautiful it just hard to imagine the price of establishing the county. 
As you can see "Mr. President" is engulfed in reading.He makes his living building buildings and such.  It nice to know I expose and open his mind sometimes. Especially with him being so busy. I love the architecture of the cities we visit and the history behind the buildings. I know he has a new found respect for the historic buildings we visit and he always makes sure there is a "tour" now. 

"Mr. President' wanted to look inside the building and he told me you can see the beautiful wood and the brass fixtures shining. This is a beautiful park to sit and relax in. The public library sit to the left of this building and is very small. There is also a tribute to the veterans who served for their country to the right. As we continued with our tour we landed in front of this statue.
This is located in front of Wells Fargo Bank, there was no plaque so I googled it. He is representing a fictional character from a poem written in 1888 by Ernest Thayer. Nope, never would of guess it. Here is the horse that sites in front of this corporation...
Iconic logo in place, no plaque needed. We know "together we will go far."
This was a quick picture due to the mosquitoes flying all over the place. As you can see by 'forced" smile I was not feeling this one to much, lol. Although I do love the the sunset of the skyline on this one.
The plaque was missing off this one as well...
This represent AIG and this one on of the cleanest horse of them all.  
Here is a better shot. All in all I enjoyed our tour! Once again it did not cost anything and this was one of the most exciting things going on in downtown. There are a few bars but that not really my scene. There was a taste fest going on but it was over at 8 pm so we missed out on that.

I did hang out at the mall waste time as "Mr. President" had to go back and handle something at the job site. I basically did a lot of window shopping. Yes, I am a frugal traveler, lol. Of all the dolls to run into I saw both of these two in Spencer's. Chuckie and The Bride of Chuckie dolls!! Yes, I left them right there. Once again there are collectors out there but I am not one for these two. Well not now anyway. They would be perfect for Halloween. I AM  a lover of dolls and they are dolls. I copied and paste the pictures off the Internet since I took a picture with my iPod at the time. They do look just like this too, lol. 

If you look at them long enough you will want to RUN!!! I did score some "Barbie" specs in JC Penny's so that was cool. All in all I enjoyed myself. I also wanted to make sure to snap a picture of the statue of late astronaut Rick Husband and his plague. When you look up it like he is reaching for the stars and the ceiling twinkles too!

Of course I made a bucket list for the next time:
1. Explore and seek out the black history contributions to the city.
    (What I like to do when I travel.)
2. Go to the Quarter Horse Museum.
     ( I do love horses.)
3. Find a fabric store, even if it is a chain.
     (You can never have to much fabric!)
4. Check out some antiques stores.
    (Treasure hunting is always fun.)
5. Go to Wonderland Amusement Park.
    (Didn't know until I was leaving! Admission is under under $20 bucks.)
6. Check out Cadillac Ranch.
    (You can never get enough art when you are creative.)
7. Eat at the Big Texan Steak Ranch
    (Not sure about the 72 oz steak challenge.)

Well just to list a few!

With much love everyone, Have a great week!!


  1. It looks like you and Mr. President had a wonderful time in Amarillo, Texas. Was this a trip for pleasure or strictly business?

    I love the fact that you indulged in a self-guided tour. Those are often the best kind. The colorful livestock and other statures you encountered are quite interesting.


    1. Amarillo is full of hidden treasures and the horse statues are all over the city! This trip was both pleasure and business. When the "President" schedule allows, I get to visit and we get to hangout with each other. Unfortunately Amarillo is the "problem" spot, for some reason this is his project from hell this year. I like low maintenance activities, where it doesn't cost much but the time spent together is priceless. I haven't made it to Dallas or San Antonio yet so I guess those projects are going good. I can't wait to go back now and really experience the city and uncover the black history I know it will blow my mind!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the pictures. Nice trip. Horses are very original in the street. A great city. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks! I love the uniqueness of the horses. They have them all over the city but we mostly stayed downtown and walked around. Now that I am back I can start on your HF Grandma wardrobe and sew a little something for me too!

  3. Hola, me encanta haberte conocido, bonitas fotos.

    1. Thank you! It was a good trip.

  4. WOW! Those horses are cool! You look great! Glad you had a great time. Texas is one of those states I have yet to visit. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The horses are amazing in person and I found out they are all over the city! Thank you for the compliment too. I tried to make sure I stayed cool and comfortable because TX is a hot all over! There downtown is by no means a hustle and bustle which is understandable, it not like our beloved Chicago where there is so much to do. I really wished I could of made it to the library and met talked with the librarian, they are usually full of information. When we were growing up my parent always made sure we knew where the library was at so we could research "our" contributions to the the cities we lived in. Funny, how that a part of me when I travel.

  5. Great tour! I felt like I was right there with you... in the comfort of air conditioning and with no mosquitoes! The two of you looked like you had a great time. It's so thoughtful of you to take photos and explain everything. Wonderland sounds very interesting too. You'll have to go check that out for us! :) Love the last photo!!!

  6. Hmmm ... I guess you like horses, then? LOL.

    Thanks for sharing your Texas trip. I have never been there. Interesting to see how it looks and the Black history sites.

    1. It is a interesting place to visit, especially for us big city girls, lol. It not like Philly, DC, Chicago or my hometown Detroit but it's interesting. I know the black history treasures will blow my mine! The library will be the very first stop too. Yes, I do get a chance to dig my spurs in sometimes, lol!