Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enjoying Friends and Family.

Rhett: "Hey Higgins, watch out for Ginger she will knock you down."
Henry: "Play nice Beauty. I see you Pal."

Alan: "Dad and Rhett did a good job revitalizing the park."
Cara: "They sure did. Look at all the happy faces."
     Ann: "Get him kids!, get him!
Nathaniel: "Whoa kids!"
Julian: "Hi Grandpa!"
Tommy: "My Grandpa!"
Dana: "Ian!! Watch out for Kelly!"
Rita: "It such a nice day."
Ian: "I see you Kelly."
Kelly: "Hee, heee. I'm going to slide."
Ian: "Then you will need my help to hold you."

Frannie: "Come on Dante, come on."
Michico: "Hi Nathan, I don't believe you have met my husband Eri yet? Honey this is Nathan, he and his family are here from Guam."
Eri: "Nice you to meet you and thank you for your service."
Nathan: "Hi Eri, thanks. Trust me there are hundreds of us protecting and serving our county."
Eri: "Yes, indeed."
Michico: "His sister Kayla is the service too."
Eri: "I must thank her as well."

Shawyna: "Hold on Miguel."
Miguel: "Going up!"
Chelsea: "No Miguel. Uncle Blaine Miguel is trying to get on."
Blaine: "He's trying to go for it Shawyna."
Shawyna: "He sure is. Hee, hee. Chelsea I'm going to hold him so he can see how the big kids do it ok?"
Chelsea: "Ok, Uncle Blaine can hold me too. I don't want to scare him too much because I'm a big girl."
Blaine: "Yes your are. So you will have to go slow."
Frannie: "Dante, I'm too big to play in there, come on."
Dante: "No Mommy."
Frannie: "No? Sounds like you need a nap."
Dante: "no, no nap Mommy."
Dominick: "Careful Emi. Sounds like Dante needs a nap Julian."
Justin: "I'm Justin! Push me higher!"
Dominick: Oh, my bag."
Justin: "That's ok. You can be noisy. Betcha he's mad because you are pushing me."
Dominick: "Wow, ok let's go with that."
Justin: "Ok, push me higher. I'm not a baby like Dante."
Riley: "Wow Courtney! You know how to jump rope."
Courtney: "Yes, my sister taught me."
Ally: "How fast can you go?
Courtney: "Stand back, give a girl some room."
Madison: "Brianna, your girls are so cute."
Brianna: "My girls are busy from the moment they get up to the moment they go to sleep.
Madison: "Boy, I can relate! I don't know what the world I was thinking having three kids."
Brianna: "As fine as Alan is, girl please. You know when we were little he used to throw dirt on me and Cara. I used to tell him God is going to get you. So it good he has three kids. Haa, haaa."
Madison: "They do keep him busy too, HA, HA, HAAA!"
Todd: "Good lawd! Hold on Kayla, let me go find your mommy. Skipper, you don't know anything about taking care of a baby."
Kayla: "mmm, mmmm. oo."
Skipper: "I know what I am doing dork! I'm holding her like I used to hold you! Go play somewhere."
Todd: Whatever!! Ms. Summer!, Ms.Summer!"
Ian:  "Michico, the food is ready."
Michico: "Thanks."
Eri: "You heard that. The food is ready."
Emi: "I'm ready to eat. I want some hors d'ourves."
Eri "Oookaaay?? How about some chips and a hot dog?"
Emi: "Grandma says hors d'ourves go with everything."
Eri: "Yes, Grandma. I will ask her to make sure. Let's go have hors d'ourves?"             
Ashley: "Dad, I'm ready to eat too."

Trichelle: "Ok boys, let check on your sister so we can go eat."
Justin: "Can I have steak?"
Julian: "Me too!, and some fries."
Trichelle: "Let see what they have first. I don't know what your dad cooked."
Both: "Ok, Mommy."
Ginger and Pal: "arrr, aaarrrr."

Skipper: "Here Ginger. Come on. Here your toy, come on."
Calista: "Ginger is a big dog. Come on Pal. Are your ready to go eat Skipper?
Skipper: "Almost. I'm going to wait a bit. It's going to be so crowded at the tables."
Calista: "I'm sure my brothers are first in line too. They could not wait to leave the parade."
Skipper: "The parade was cool."

Todd: "Hi Mr. Blake. Watcha doing?"
Blake: "Sitting here."
Riley: "Say Dad. I am hungry too. Can we get going now?"
Blaine: "Yes, we can. Go get Syndey shoes for me and we will head over."
Riley: "Gotcha."
Sydney: "Daddy I'm tired."

Dana: "I can smell the food from here."
Dominick: "Goodness, you should of warned me about Trichelle twins. I made the mistake of calling Justin Julian. He corrected me real quick. Then told me I was noisy."
Frannie: "HAAA, HAAA. I can imagine. They are so funny. You should here them with their cousin Courtney. She is the same way! Very honest. So were you being noisy?"
Dante: "I'm ready to eat Mommy."
Dominick: "I just said Dante sounded like he needed a nap when he told you no. It was on after that."
Frannie: "Ok, honey we are going to go. I agree with Justin you were being noisy. HAHAA, HAAA."
Kayla: "mmm, nmmm."
Nathan: "Someone sounds sleepy."
Nathaniel: "Leave her with me and you guys take Kelly and go get your food. She'll probably be sleep before you guys get back."

Ann: "I already got Baby Goo sleep, so I'm good."

Kelly: "By Grandpa."    
Alec: "Blake I see your girls are knocked out while mine are all over me."
Blake: "Don't worry this is the mid morning nap. They will be back up in about 2 hours."
Maddy: "Sleepy."
Miguel. "Go Daddy."
Michico: "Hi Everyone. I would like for you to meet my husband, Eri."
Eri: "Hello everyone, I am Eri Timothy Kano. There is really not much to tell you. Um, you already know my wife and my daughter Emi as well as my in-laws. I was an a ebay find and was marketing by Sea International, Mastek Figure. I want to thank Tim Kano for sending me to Dotsville and I'm thankful for being out the box."

Have a great week everybody!


  1. What fun! Everyone was getting along and enjoying themselves. You did a great job on the children's backyard set-up! No wonder they are having so much fun. lol

    1. Thanks! Let me tell you about that playground. I burnt my hand twice, couldn't find a ruler for the slide to save my life! Which believe me to believe you have the greatest patience in the world to work in mini scale! All in all it was fun to make.

  2. What a great post! It was neat to scroll through the light box and look at the big sized photos so I could see all the awesome details.

    1. Thanks Muff, you know I channeled you when I was making my see saw. Lord knows why I had those wooden shapes around, lol. I didn't have any boxes around the house but I do now. I need to stack up on paper and where I can store them in this apartment.

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful photos of this playground. I like to see every detail. The kids had so much fun. You have a large collection of dolls. I see your grandmother. Very lovely. Thank you very much for your nice and kind comment on my blog. You're always very kind to me. Thank you very much for your efforts. At the end and I have a happy grandmother at my home. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta and your welcome. I don't know why Mattel didn't make more clothes for the HF Grandmother line, they shouldn't have to wear the same outfits the came in. I working on clothes for my Skipper so I can cut some outfits out for your grandmother.

  4. Thanks for sharing a post that has so many details AND was photographed outside. Dotsville folk have a lot of fun ;-)

    1. Your welcome. There is always something going on in "The D"!

  5. I agree with everyone! Lots of details cute face and lovely children! What action figure is Eri? Is he on his original body? I can tell you made alot of things for this post! I love Courtney jumping. It is nice to see you combining the old with the new. Get the most out of you dio and take more photos!!

    1. Thanks to you and your bucket it list I will be getting more "Froggy" with a lot of things. I just don't have the money to spend on a lot of doll things so I am using what I have on hand and it has been fun. As for Eri, he's packaging was very plain. It showed the company name and MASTEK on the side. He is on his original body and he is wearing his original shorts, he didn't have any accessories at all, not even shoes.

  6. Looks like everyone is having a great Memorial Day. It's always nice to spend it with family. Love all the park items you made. My favorite part was Courtney and her 'give me some room" jump roping. I like your Eri figure.

    1. It was time for my little kiddies to be seen. You always share yours so I needed to share mine. It really is a trip keeping up with them and their clothes. Good thing, everything was all together. As for my kids I want them to have distinctive personalities. Especially my SIS kids, they are the newest kids so they will be more like today's kids, when the say something it always so funny because it so innocent. Riley will be the no nonsense one and both Stacies and Todd will be the wild cards as you can see in Todd already. Eri was an impulse buy off of eBay and with him being on a articulated body helps.

  7. Nice pictures!! I love the playground, it´s fantastic! It seems that everybody is having a good day :)

    1. Thank you so much. I do like the way the playground came together.

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  8. Hola Brini, que excelente la estan pasando.
    Me gustaron mucho tus fotos, que bien van todos al parque.
    Me encanta tu coleccion de barbies y amigos, fantastica.
    Cuidate, hasta pronto.

    1. Muchas gracias. Yo quería asegurarme de que usted experimenta todos los acontecimientos en el parque. y ver todo el kiddie en acción.

  9. Wow, this is such a nice community! Great job on the set up, Brins! I especially liked the kids in the wooden slide - did you make it? So cool :)

    1. Yes I did make the play scape for the kids as well as the see saw. Now that the summer is here the kids need to get out and play.

  10. hey brini,
    i love the jungle gym,kids play stand...i bought a box of 1000 "craft" sticks and only mad a mess. it looks awesome. if you did a tutorial on the building of it, i would differently watch. the scale looked realistic and it just added the perfect touch to your photo story-good job*.*

    1. Thanks so much. Would you believe it took me all week to build it!! I was making a mess trying to do it all in a night but I regrouped myself and did section at a time. I was going to add a sand box but didn't want to clean up afterwords so I put a bench under it. My "inspiration" came from Froggy Stuff on YouTube but I wanted two swings.