Sunday, February 2, 2014

The nerve of her...

Beep, beep, beep...

Mrs. Dotson: "Honey your daughter is calling."
Mr. Dotson: "Ignore it, we don't have time to talk to her."

Beep, beep.....

Mrs. Dotson: "Hey Honey, how are you?"
Cara: "Hey, I'm good, what took you so long to answer?"
Mr. Dotson: "Hmm, make it quick. We don't have time to talk to you?"

Cara: "Really Dad. You and I both know you and Mom are suppose to be here in Virginia with me. En...."
Mr. Dotson: "Get to the point Gurl. We are on our way home and you know what that means."
Mrs. Dotson: "hee, heee."

Cara: "Why would you want to miss out on all expense paid trip. You know Dad, free? Your favorite word."
Mr. Dotson: "Any other weekend would of worked but this one."
Mrs. Dotson: "I second that!"
Cara: "You know I am here at the Lego display. I mean I am looking at Buckingham Palace, all in Legos. You should be here."
Mr. Dotson: "Do you hear this nonsense Ann?"

Mr. Dotson: "Your daughter has lost her mind. Miss the Superbowl."
Mrs. Dotson: "Clearly!!"

Cara: "Hellooo,  you know I can hear you. Hello?"

Mrs. Dotson: "What in the world is wrong with your daughter. She was talking crazy. I'm sorry Honey, I just had to hang up."
Mr. Dotson: "Yes, she needs to go see a doctor."
Mrs. Dotson: "She can go see whoever, she won't be seeing us."

Have a great week every one. Enjoy Superbowl XLVII!!


  1. Have fun :-). The Superbowl was even a news item here on television!

  2. LOL!!! The Superbowl is serious business for the Dotsons!

    1. For Mr. Dotson it is, he still can't digest what was going on.

  3. Hilarious! Poor Cara. Hope she doesn't try to call back. She may get an ear full. I hope the Dotsons enjoyed the Superbowl.

    1. Cara knows how her parent are, she should of never called, lol. I can't speak for Mr. Dotson.

  4. Hello from Spain: I see on TV that the Superbowl is famous in your country. The story is very funny. Nice pictures. Keep in touch.

    1. Yes it it. For the who like to bet on the game, it is big business. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. Hola, te quedaron muy bien las fotos, esta pareja se divirtio sanamente.
    Gracias por lo que me enviaste, no te hubieras molestado, yo pense que me enviarias una bufanda para Barbie, gracias de nuevo, en breve presentare tu regalo en mi blog, hasta pronto.

    1. Thanks, I always try and make my photos convey the story. I'm glad you enjoy your giveaway prize. I wanted to be something fun that you can share with your family.

  6. I'd have been a pain and called back again, lol. Never understood the Super Bowl. Glad I read this post - thanks for sharing how some people are into that event. I'd love to do a parody post ;-)

    No, I'm kidding. Really wouldn't want to spoil my folks' fun. I bet Cara just forgot the time or that the Super Bowl. That's sweet how she wanted her folks there with her at the Lego Exhibit.