Thursday, January 2, 2014

Second Anniversary Giveaway!!

Star: "Hello Everyone. My name is Star and I am hosting today blog giveaway. The  fourth and last giveaway was delayed because it needed to be very special. Instead of it centering around the dolls this time it is centered around Y-O-U! That's right, it all about YOU. You have an opportunity to win a set of hand knitted fashion scarves. With the clearing out the old and welcoming in the new, Brini wanted to finish up all her craft projects she either had on her list, started but never finished or were intended to be completed. So let stroll over to our model Scarlett."

 Scarlett: "Hi Everybody!"

Star: "Yes, you are a diva in the making. Today giveaway is a set of hand knitted scarves to add to your wardrobe. These accessories were knitted with Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn. It is a self ruffling yarn that knits up beautifully. The first one is black with a little metallic "bling" on the edges." 
Scarlett: "I look fabulous!" 
Star: " Yes, Honey we see. The second one is purple, of course! This has metallic "bling" throughout. We all know how Brini wants everyone to have a little purple in their lives. Both are 62' in length, Acrylic and Metallic Polyester. Which will require hand washing in cold water and to dry flat, both are 62' in length and can be yours!"

Scarlett: "See how fabulous I look!"

Scarlett: "Ooh, pretty, pretty."

Star: "The rules are the same as for previous giveaway which are shown below. The winner will be announced on January 12, 2014."

You can only enter one time.
You will need to leave a comment stating you would like to participate.
Any and Everyone can enter.
Winner will be selected at random.
The winner will be announced via blog and notify by email.
You will have one week to respond.
You item will be shipped out immediately
Scarlett: "Ms. Star, can Bear enter too?"
Star: "No Honey, he can't and no one from Dotsville can either. This is for all Brini's Dollie friends who take the time and read her blog. She wanted to share her blessing with them. She had a wonderful 2013 and kept her faith so this is for them."
Scarlett: "Ok, Ms. Star."
Star: "On behalf of Brini, me, and Scarlett and everyone in Dotsville thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. As Dotsville continues to expand and grow, we hope you continue to follow. Thanks everyone for all your support, suggestions and comments. To all my new friend, you are always welcome."
Scarlett: "Have a great week!"


  1. Oh yes, I would love to enter to win. These are really pretty, and purple is indeed my favourite colour. Happy New Year!

  2. Nice giveaway. Cool blog! I like barbie dolls too :) Happy new year! I wish you a great one.

  3. Okay, Brini, I am rolling the dice and hoping I win another one of your fabulous and ever so generous giveaways!


  4. Another great giveaway!!!! The Majokko Shop has its 2 year anniversary this month (I almost forgot -_-;; ) and I'll be having some giveaways too, LOL... it's kind of exciting to know we've been around in the blogosphere this long!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! Happy New Year and hope it is as great or better than 2013 for you.