Sunday, November 3, 2013

Introducing Mrs. Akira Lee Cheong

Rita: "Look Ann,  it's Akira."
Ann: "Hi Akira."

Akira: "Hello, so glad to see you two."
Paris: "ddaaa, mmm, dddDA."


Ann: "How was your trip? I hope you had time to rest."
Rita: "Yes, I hope you did get some rest."
Paris: "mmmmm, ddaasddda, hhaahaahah."

Akira: "Yes, I got plenty of rest. Oh, Ann can I hold her?"
Ann: "Sure, since she all in the conversation anyway."
Rita: "Hee, hee. She really is."

Ann: "She just woke up from one of her cat naps so she is ready to go. Trust me she going to be talking up a storm. She's definitely a people person."
Akira: "She is such a cutie. She just happy to hang out with her grandma and sharing her joy, hee, hee."
Paris: "mmmeeemememeemee"
Rita: "Paris is always happy."

Akira: "Me and my husband got home two days ago. Trust me I have been taking it easy. I meeting Rei for lunch so I got here a little early to do some window shopping."
Ann: "How is Raquelle and the kids doing?  I haven't seem them in awhile either."
Akira: "They are doing great. School has been keeping them very busy and you know their studies are important to Rei."
Paris: "ddaaaa,sssaaa, daaddaaa."

Rita: "That's nice, I hope we don't make you late."
Ann: "She right, don't let us make you late. Come on Baby Goo Goo!"
Akira: "Oh I won't be late."

Rita: "You just might. Take a few minutes and say hi to our friends."
Ann: "Yes, they will be glad to meet you."
Akira: "Oh yes, I have time to do that."

Akira: "Hello Everyone! My name is Akira Lee Cheong. I was formally Mattel Dolls of the World Thai Barbie (1998). I wore a traditional ceremonial custom that is worn performing the dance Lacon. It consist of a headdress shaped like a Thai Wat, which means temple. My dress was embroidered with traditional Thai designs which was tied with a sash and fasten with a gold belt. My jewelry consisted of yellow diamond earrings, matching yellow ring as well as gold bracelets. The bracelet were made out of gold metallic cloth. I was an Ebay find so I arrived in Dotsville with no clothes. My family consist of my husband Koji, daughter Rei (Raquelle) and Michiko. My two son in laws, Eiji and David and my grandchildren Hatsuko, who you know as Skipper, Ichino who goes by his dad's middle name Todd and my youngest Emi. I'm so happy me and my family are here in Dotsville."



  1. Replies
    1. She is a very beautiful doll when you see her in person.

  2. Seems Paris was taking over! Glad to meetg Akira! :-)

    1. Paris is one of those "inquisitive" babies. She sticks like glue to her grandmother when she around. Other than that, you know Mrs. Dotson would of left her at home!

  3. Akira is beautiful! I have her sitting on my shelf, still boxed. Who knew she was so pretty. Pleasure to meet her. Looking forward to seeing the rest of her family.

    1. She is G+O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! I just had to rescue her! I just could not let her sit on Ebay wondering who would play and love her. I am so glad I won her. She has a family now and she is important advocate in the community.