Sunday, February 10, 2013

Very Appreciative!

Frannie: "Hi Mrs. Dotson did I catch you at a bad time?"

Mrs. Dotson: " Hi Francesca. Not at all. I just stepped outside to get Beauty."

Frannie: "I just wanted to call an tell say thank you and Mr. Dotson for watching Dante. I know he can be a handful."
Mrs. Dotson; "It was a pleasure. We only had the kids for a short while and it was no problem."
Frannie: "I can tell he had a lot of fun too. All he says now is he's wants to do is go to Grandpa's house."

Mrs. Dotson: "He did keep my husband moving, hee, hee. Which is good. He needed to work off all the snacks he had started eating."
Frannie: "Hee, hee. I won't keep you any longer. Please tell Mr. Dotson thank you too. Bye."
Mrs. Dotson: "I sure well, bye."



  1. I love these shots and Frannie is very pretty!

  2. hello
    beautiful photo,
    I greet and wish you a nice day

  3. Love It! The shots are beautiful indeed.

    *Just dropping by waving and sharing some dolly hugs*

  4. Hello from Spain, mrs. Dotson is right. Older people amused look aftershave children and allows them to keep in shape. A very real dialogue. IT reminds me of my grande other. Keep in touch