Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hello Friends! My name is Amber and I'm also a friend of Vanessa. Today I will be showcasing the items you will have a chance to win!

Today the lucky winner will receive 2 hat and scarves set. Yes, you have an opportunity to win both sets.

As  you can see I am modeling the Purple seed stitch set so you can see how great they will look on your girls.

The second set is hand knitted in Garnet Red. Very fashionable, very cute! A reminder of the rules.

The drawing is open to everyone, you can only enter once and you must leave a comment saying you would like to participate. That's it! Good luck everyone and have a great week!

*Next giveaway will take place on DECEMBER 16, 2012


  1. I would like to participate. I love the scarf/hat sets. Nice colors!

  2. Hi Amber. I think my Royal Ladies will look great in those knits while skiing in Switzerland. Let's see if their luck is in.

  3. Hello from Spain: wow wow ... I love the hat and red scarf. Count me. Congratulations to the winner of the previous draw ... Keep in touch

  4. Oooh, I would like to participate. Beautiful items!

  5. Count me in! Hope I'm not too late.

  6. Oh please count me in- hope I'm not late! They are beautiful!