Sunday, December 2, 2012


"Happy Holiday Everyone. My name is India and I am one of Vanessa friends who will showcasing the next item(s) you will have a chance to win".

"Here we have a set of bracelets that were inspired by Cat of A Doll Affinity and all the gorgeous shads of re-roots Saran she chooses. Here we have a kaleidoscope of colors that can be worn alone or paired up".

"I am wearing of  a combination of the Purple Mix bracelets so you can see how fabulous the look on your wrist. I'm sure your girls will love them too!"

"The colors are Clear, Blue/Clear mix, Orange, Orange/Gold mix, Yellowish Green, Green mix, two Purple Mix.  All items are made with 100% recycled materials and handcrafted by Brini."

A reminder of the basic rules:

You can only enter one time.

You will need to leave a comment stating you would like to participate.


India: "Good luck to everyone and yes, Vanessa your entry was submitted. I hope to see everyone soon. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday if I don't. Most important, have a great week!"

*Next giveaway will take place on DECEMBER 9, 2012*



  1. I would love to own the bracelets featured by your lovely model :O)

  2. Wow..Very nice! Good Lucky Everyone!

  3. These are lovely!! A girl can never have too many bracelets!! (^_^) I'm in!

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like these bracelets. Count me in for the draw. Keep in touch