Thursday, September 6, 2012

Catching up with Crystal


Crystal: "Hey couz, what's going on? I'm just finishing up on the last minute changes for the DNC party. Due to the weather we had to move to the Charlotte Convention Center. I spoke with Kayla and she said they are holding it down in Charlotte, snipers and all."

Cara: "She is on duty until Saturday. I decided to blow some things off. My brain has had enough. So now it time to do something else. You know refresh my brain.. I'm going to pick up Stacie this weekend. If you are not busy we should get together."

Diamond: "Hi Cara!!!"
Crystal: "That sounds like a plan. The kids should be back by then and they would love to see their cousins too. Girl, I dropped them off at my mother-in-laws. Me and Diamond have been to busy the past few weeks. I had both the press and the delegates luncheons to cater. Diamond is truly a gem, she has been wonderful being my assistant."

Diamond: "Thanks Mom, I love working with you."
Crystal: How is Aunt Ann and Uncle Nate doing?"

Cara: "Don't even get me started! They are off on the motorcycle hitting the open road."
Crystal: "Heee, heee. Now that's funny. They know they got it going on!"
Cara: "Yes she do! My mother was rushing and counting down whatever that was about. My father on the other hand had the nerve to hang up on me."

Crystal: HAA, HAHAHAH!. I can just see your face!. HAHAHAAA!"
Cara: "Not funny, girl. Hold on for a minute Stacie calling."
Crystal: Hee, heee ok, ok. HAHAHAHAA."

Cara: "Hello Stacie, what's up?" I was just talking about you."

Stacie: "Hi Aunt Cara! Can I come over!. I'm at Mrs. Clark's house."
Cara: "How about this. I'll call you mother and tell her that I'm going to pick you up this weekend and we can go hang out with Crystal."
Stacie: "Ooh, that sounds like fun. I can see  my cousins!! I like playing with the twins!"
Cara: "Ok, that's what we will do. I'm talking to cousin Crystal now. I will call your mother when I get done."
Stacie: "OK! Thanks Aunt Cara. I can't wait! I love you, bye."
Cara: "Bye Sweetie. Sorry about that Crystal."

Crystal: "Is she ok?"
Cara: "Yes she is fine. Stacie is just like her grandmother. She is always making plans. I won't keep you any longer. I'll give you a call later this week."
Crystal: "Ok, talk with you later."

Diamond: "Hey Mom, got everything loaded in the car. Did you introduce yourself to our friends."
Crystal: "No honey I didn't. I was too busy thinking about Uncle Nate handing up on Cara. She talks about Stacie being like grandmother but she is just like her father!"
Diamond.: "Yes she is. Mom please say hi so we can get going. I'm hoping to see Chad at the convention. He said he would be one of the servers if we needed him."
Crystal: "Hmm, you sound like your in love with Chad!"

Diamond: "Mom!, take care of the business at hand, please."
Crystal: "Don't leave now, please share the details. Hee, he."

Crystal: "Hello everyone and nice to meet you. As  you can see I just love my daughter Diamond who you already met."
Diamond: "They met the twins too!"
Crystal: "Really?, wow I've been busy! Anyway I am the original Crystal Barbie but on a articulate body. I wore a metallic ball gown. It had a square neckline and spaghetti straps. The bodice was fitted and it had a full ruffle skirt with ruffled netting. It included a ruffle stole that matched the dress. I wore crystal ring and dropped earring as well as a pendant necklace and sparkling shoes. My accessories included a comb, brush and necklace for a child to wear. It was nice to meet you."



  1. Hello from Spain: I worship Stacei. I like the family to meet and be together. Diamond is very cute. We keep in touch.

    1. Hi Marta, I'm soon to have a Marta of my own! Her daughtter plays with Stacie all the time!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Emma and welcome. I hope you stop by often and enjoy my doll stories.

  3. Cute story, Brini. I see Cara is still licking her wounds after her parents brushed her off.

    Stacie is charming. She's a little girl with a plan or plans.


    1. Yes Cara recovers quickly. Ny Stacie is the first grandchild so she must lead by example. She can be a busy bee at times.

  4. Enjoyed the story :) Stacie is too cute.

    1. Thanks Adrian! I almost panic when I couldn't find your blog but then I recovered. You are really encouraging me sew and create for my dolls. I'll make something yet!

  5. I really like Crystal's face mold! Her nose is awesome. Poor Cara still miffed about being hung up on, lol.

  6. Enjoyed the new story and meeting Crystal. Hope everything worked out great for them at the convention.

  7. It was a pleasure to meet Crystal. I believe she is the DeeDee head sculpt from 86-87 and the spanish sculpt. You don't see her that often and it is good to see her on your post. Great story! Teen Skipper is soo cute!