Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rachel breaks the news.

Fashionista Nikki arrives.....

Rachel: "Hello you must be Nikki."
Nikki: "Yes, how are you?"
Rachel: "I'm good. I have been waiting on you for awhile."

Nikki: "Really? Are you going to be assisting me with my relocation. Let me tell you I hated being in that box!"
Rachel: "I can tell."

Rachel: "I see you have lots of friends."
Nikki: "Yes I do and we have a lot ot fun together too."
Rachel: "I know it hard when you are relocating and you have to leave them behind. It's always hard."
Nikki: "That's true but with all technology we have today, it easy to keep in touch."

Rachel: "Sweetie you do know why you are here, right?"
Nikki: "Yes, to paint the town!"

Rachel: "I think you better sit down."
Nikki: "OK. I won't paint the town but I will let the single men know I'm here."


Sgt. Schultz: "Please calm down ma'am. This way please."

Nikki: "Rachel, Mrs. Clark check this out. Walking away."
Rachel: "Wait, you don't understand."

Sgt. Schultz: "Mrs. Clark, I knew by that dress she was going to be difficult."
Rachel: "Don't worry I got this. Her and that dress are going in THAT box."
Sgt. Schultz: "Good luck with that."

Rachel: "Chris, honey I need you help. We have a jumper."
Chris: "Mom, I don't want anything to do with that. You said you had it all worked out."
Rachel: "I do. I just didn't want it to get ugly. You know Kayla can't leave her post."
Chris: "How did I get involved."
Rachel: "Because you were here."
Chris: "Cheez."


Chris: "Wow, you look great."
Rachel: "I do don't I. Told you I had it worked out."
Chris: "I hope the young lady understood it was for the greater good."
Rachel: "She understands now. Gosh, this is a great body. I can finally give you a big hug."
Chris: "That cold Mom, really cold."

Rachel: "I know it sound cold but I do deserve a new body. Don't be a hater!"
Chris: I'm just saying."
Rachel: "OK, so you were. Look we have an audience. Let's not be rude and introduce ourselves."

Rachel; " Hello, everyone. Sometimes things happen in Dotsville only Brini can explain. My name is Rachel Clark and this is my son Christopher Clark. I was formally Avon Lemon Lime Sorbet Barbie.  I wore a lemon lime two piece gown that was adorned with lemons. I came with a pair of shoes to match, hairbrush, yellow ring, lemon shaped earrings, doll stand as well as a little girl sized necklace to match."

Chris: "I was formally Mattel's Cali Steven with a natural curly afro that has some streaks from hanging out in the sun. I wore silver Bermuda shorts and a blue logo shirt. I am NOT articulated. My accessories included a bottle of suntan lotion, blue sunglasses and a cardboard surfboard. As an added bonus I smelled like coconut scented suntan lotion. I also wanted you to know that Sgt. Schultz is my girlfriend Kayla. She is Cara sister and Stacie mother.  She was formally Mattel's Boot Camp Barbie. I'm sure you will meet her soon as well as my sister Raven Simone."

Chris: "Hey don't go anywhere Darrin. Say hello."
Darrin: "Hi Everybody."
Chris: "Man, you can say more than that. Especially with all that talking you do with Raven."
Darrin: "My apologies. My name is Darrin Mitchell. I am current attending college on a basketball scholarship majoring in Sport Medicine. I was formally Mattel's Barbie S.I.S. Rocawear Darren. I wore dark blue jean with  a black and white "layered" shirt. It had long white sleeves with the appearance of a black polo over it. It featured the signature Rocawear log.  My shoes were black with red lace and white soles. I must say I was looking quite handsome.
Chris: "Dude, OK enough."

Darrin: "Hi Mrs. Clark."
Rachel: "Hello Darrin. Did my daughter work today?"
Darrin: "Yes and she is still at work. She wanted to come with me but I told her if you found out she  worked a half day and blew off the rest you would have her head."
Rachel: "That's why I like you. You are so respectful.  I love my daughter but she knows she has to replace the money she spent on spring break. I blame my husband. He gives her carte blanche. I can't have that."
Darrin: "I understand. My parents are the same way."


  1. ROTFLOL, poor Nikki she should've known the deal. Mrs Clark looks very smart on her new body. For a moment there I thought poor Darrin was going to get the treatment too..LOL

    1. i'm gladI was able to find her a body. I have one more doll that needs her body so I have her sitting on the shelf waiting.

  2. ha ha ha I am also on the floor! This is way too funny! Yes Mrs Clark looks very sassy smart on her new body! Poor Nikki indeed LOL

    1. Thanks!, she has been waiting so long she was gathering dust! I wish I could find all the mens some bodies tool.

  3. Mrs Clark looks great on her new body!!

    1. As you can see, she gets things done! Thanks Frannie.

  4. Lol for real!! Cute story. Poor Nikki/Artsy gets axed every time. Lol! Mrs. Clark seems like she is loving her new body.

    1. Nikki really does. She just so happen to have the body Rachel was determine to have.

  5. This was hilarious! Rachel looks great!

    1. Thanks, she does and she so appreciates it.

  6. Thats was Cute and a very unforgetable way to introduce a family.

    1. The fmailies in Dotsville are very interesting. Glad you stopped by.

  7. LOL, poor Nikki, always a bridemaid, never a bride.

    1. So true, so true, lol. I'm glad you give me my info on clearance sales at Target, Ross and Big Lots. I was so happy to find her.

  8. I liked the line where Nikki says, "Walking away." Poor girl, ;-)

    1. She should of ran! I'm glad for the body but tired of the same mold.

  9. From the very beginning I was saying, "Run, Nikki, Run"! Poor thing. She should have relocated out of the States. They really like her in other parts of the world. Love the new characters! I, too, thought Darrin was going to get it. But that Darrin body is not easily swappable like the fashionista dolls. Great story as usual.

    1. I'm trying to make more time for playtime and creating. For some reason my saturday have been busy. I'm working on introducing the rest of the families.

  10. Hello from Spain: I like Schultz. The clothes she is wearing is perfect. I also am going to buy the Fashionista Nikki to use her body to another doll. Mrs. Clark is well in the new body. She is very pretty. I also like Darrin and Chris. The dialogues are very real. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta, I really lucked up on Nikki in the clearance section at Big Lots. I think Mrs. Clark has one of the sweetest face. Chris is named after my son and Darrin is named after one of my nephews. You will be seeing them two hang out from time to time.

  11. If they would just sell the body without the head, no one would get hurt! LOL! Is there somewhere to send all the Nikki heads to and get credit because that would be great! Mrs. Clark looks great. This was a very funny story!